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3x California Orange Feminized Seeds

3x Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

3x Candy Cream Feminized Seeds 

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This Sample Pack is perfect for growers of any skill level.

3x California Orange Feminized Seeds

This zesty classic hybrid runs with many monikers such as Cali-O, Cali Orange Bud, and C.O.B, to name a few. A decidedly balanced 50% Indica / 50% Sativa split, one can expect a sweet and citrusy flavor synchronized with cerebral stimulation and body relaxation. Easy to grow indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses—beginners and connoisseurs alike can lean back and watch the 14% THC Limonene-rich flowers grow into emerald green jewels.

3x Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Blue Dream Fem is an excellent strain for beginning growers who love moderate THC Sativa strains that smell like blueberry pie. After harvest season in October, or after 8 to 10 weeks of flowering indoors, growers can expect to see 400 to 600 grams of sweet-smelling flower per plant. The typical effects include cerebral stimulation, euphoria, and uplifted focus while the body sinks into mild sedation. Sweet notes of vanilla, blueberries, and tropical fruit fill the air as symptoms of anxiety and stress melt away.

3x Candy Cream Feminized Seeds 

The sweet tasting offspring of Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino— Candy Cream Fem presents 35% Sativa traits and 65% Indica traits along with 15 to 23% THC. Both the smell and taste are reminiscent of caramel drizzle on hard clay. Reaching 150 cm tall with bold myrtle-green flowers, Candy Cream Fem delivers 400 to 600 grams of juicy flowers per square meter. The medical applications are many with Candy Cream because of the high levels of CBT detected in her cannabinoid profile, providing relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, and attention deficit disorders.

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