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This fantastic strain is a cross between Blueback x Maple Leaf x White Rhino and is a typical Indica.

It offers dense buds with substantial side branches and grows both indoors in 9 weeks and outdoors it harvests in October.
You can expect 400 to 600 grams per meter squared with a plant height of 150cm.
We recommend this product for medical use as it does have a nice CBD content mixed into its moderate THC levels.

*All prices in CANADIAN [ CAD ] funds.

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This Indica Dominant hybrid offers dense buds and an intense caramel taste with earthy undertones.

This also has a decent percent of CBD and can be used a medical marijuana strain.

Dominant Origins:

Indica Dominant Hybrid

90% Indica

Medicinal Application:

Strong Relaxing Body High, Mentally and Physically Disconnecting. This strain is perfect for insomnia, lack of appetite, and pain. Its sedative effects help users to overcome a wide variety of ailments such as ADD, and Anorexia.


Caramel, Earthy Undertones




Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes

CBD Range:

1% Higher than ususal

THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Indica Structured plant which develops dense buds along many side branches. Crystal Covered beautiful plant.


Can do well outdoors but recommended indoors for optimal results.



Best results if grown indoors.


9-10 Weeks

100 & 500 Seed packs DO NOT qualify for germination guarantee!

100 & 500 Seed packs ARE ELIGIBLE for bonus!

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  • '5' '3043'
    I have quite alot of great things to say about this company. Not only did they fix my mistake, they were also very speedy , when it came to the shipment. I felt like i was very well looked after by weed-seeds. Thanks so much for the best experience. My seeds have sprouted, im so stoked!
  • '4' '3043'
    What thc and cbd % is this flower??
  • '1' '3043'
    Thanks for taking the time to share with us. We are glad to be a part of your success. Let us know when we can help again.
  • '5' '3043'
    Another 100% germination with these seeds, 9 out of 9. I won't be buying my beans anywhere else, and Rick is both very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable which makes my experience with this bean supplier all that much more enjoyable.
  • '5' '3043'
    Decent strain. The caramel is a bit faint but its there. I got 5/5 to germinate.
  • '5' '3043'
    I got this strain in a sampler pack and I wasnt that excited about it initally and tried to subb it out. But, I’m glad I kept it. The buds are dense with lots of resin and crystals and the smell is sweet. I’d recommend this hidden gem.
  • '5' '3043'
    That caramel though?? Sicccc strain and good service from Kay.
  • '4' '3043'
    Took 8 days to get to be me, which is a bit long. Might have been because I ordered on a Saturday? Anyways, got 3/3 to germ so decent service. I would consider using them again and maybe paying for rush shipping.
  • '5' '3043'
    Five out of five customer service
  • '5' '3043'
    The taste of this strain is incredible. 5 star strain for sure.
  • '5' '3043'
    I am a telephone person and these guys actually answer their phones so I ordered some seeds. I just received this package and had 9/10 seeds pass the germination stage. Just transplanted to grow bags and all looks good. I would say to give these guys a try if you are looking for a real person to deal with and good strains.
  • '5' '3043'
    Best smelling strain I have ever grown. The caramel is something to talk about when you pull out a bag to show your friends.