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Parents of Girl Scout Cookies
Durban Poison
OG Kush

Medicinal Application
Often prescribed for insomnia, Girl Scout Cookies also relieves chronic aches and pains. Its mood-elevating properties help treat stress, anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of PTSD. Girl Scout Cookies is prescribed for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, nausea, poor appetite, and mild inflammation.

Smooth, with a hint of cotton candy and mint.

Earthy and pungent, Girl Scout Cookies is spicy, with peppery notes of brown sugar and nutmeg.

Side-effects may include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety and mild paranoia.

CBD Range (grown under optimum conditions)

THC Range (grown under optimum conditions)
18% – 23%.

Physical Characteristics
Girl Scout Cookies is simply put, stunning. Shades of light green highlighted by purple leaves and brilliant orange hairs puts this plant in a category of its own.

Growing Tips
Girl Scout Cookies thrives in a “sea of green” or hydroponic set-up.

Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks
Yield: 2 oz/plant

Soil or Hydroponic

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  • '5' '4295'
    Ordered 3 girl scout cookies, delivered descritly within a week, nice packaging inside. Put all 6 in 11ltr pots outside in my back garden in may just after the last frost. Went dead simple, got 2 50ltr bags of bio buzz all mix and filled all 6 pots with it, then soaked with tap water till it drained out of the bottom and left them to stand for 24 hours. I then put seeds straight into pots with cling film over the top of pots. 5 to 7 days latter they was all showing, so took film off and left them to grow. Only watered them with tap water when they started to wilt a little ( always left my water to stand for 24 hrs b4 use ). Got 5oz of cracking smoke about 13 weeks later. Simple. Had to dry it out hung in the shed after trimming it for 2 weeks, then cured it in mason jars for a couple of weeks. So its about 17 weeks till smoke but well worth it
  • '5' '4295'
    Ya Good stuff