Gorilla Glue x Skittles Fem

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  • '5' '21125'
    Quick delivery and the plants are going strong while in thw 3rd week of veg and look beautiful but then again all 3 strains i got all are uniform and beatiful. Hopefully they geow some nice flowers
  • '5' '21125'
    5 of 5 germinated in paper towel in 2 days. I was impressed. Still in early stages. Looking forward to moving them outside.
  • '5' '21125'
    As first time customer, i was very satisfied by easy tracking and swift delivery . I’m still in the vegative stage, but the seed germinated flawlessly and not an issue since.
  • '5' '21125'
    weed-seeds website is very well constrcuted: A1. Personal support also proved to be good. INternational delivery was much faster than I expected and carefully undertaken. This is the first time I have purchased seeds. Though had experience periodically growing this and each of the previous three decades. I am not an expert but seeds looked good except for one lighter seed that I would have considered borderline with a 30% chance but after taking twice as long the seeds fully germinated.
  • '5' '21125'
    Ordered this seed plus many more and so far seem to be quality had one strain only one germinated and they gave me three seeds to replace so far this is my number one seed bank