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Looking for some HIGH CBD seeds? These regular Island Dream seeds are perfect for your CBD garden. $39 for 5 seeds.

This strain has about 6-10% CBD and 6-8% THC.

These seeds will produce both male and female plants.

Buy Island Dream High CBD Strain.

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Island Dream seeds are an easy to grow regular cannabis seed with HIGH CBD content up to 10% or more.

This strain has about 8-10% CBD and 8-10% THC.

These plants grow easily indoors or outdoors and can get quite big.

These seeds will produce both male and female plants which means that you can create your own seeds with these plants.


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  • '5' '3731'
    Cannot complain on the shipping or quality. The ordering process is much smoother.
  • '5' '3731'
    I’m a new grower and these were easy enough to germinate, veg and flower. I had a good yield of 12oz per plant. I used 4x4 planter boxes in a greenhouse. Id buy this strain from I49 again.
  • '5' '3731'
    I bought these seeds looking for high cbd to cure some of my chronic health issues. The plants were easy to grow and the effects of the bud are great for relaxing. 5 stars so far.
  • '5' '3731'
    This strain is perfect for the soccer mom or professional on the go. Relaxes your body, eases pain (amazingly well), and gives your spirit a slight lift. Very nice