The Best Cannabis Seeds in Quebec 2022

With Weeds Seeds Canada, you can be rest assured you are getting the absolute choicest, cream of the crop seeds every time. Our products are the highest quality, most superior cannabis beans on the market today and we confidently say that no other seed banks offer what we offer as far as quality, excellence or selection. At the apex of the cannabis game, it’s our passion to deliver top notch seeds, at affordable prices. We boast an inventory beyond compare, with over 500 first rate seed varieties available at great prices, and of course our usual peak quality, we are at the absolute pinnacle of the Quebec cannabis seeds industry. You know you are always getting a premium product with Marijuana Seeds Canada. We carry the utmost in unparalleled, outstanding seeds on the market, the finest dank, superlative smoking, tantalizing strains that will blow your mind at 30%+ THC levels, unmatched by even the strongest indicas. We are second to none. If it’s medicinal marijuana you are looking for, our unrivaled CBD and CBG strains are geared specifically to our clients that are desiring relief from a multitude of ailments. Use our seeds to grow a supreme, top of the line cannabis product. With seeds guaranteed to be 100% feminized, unequaled germination rates, matchless resiliency and optimum yields, Weed Seeds Canada is your number one, most preferred seed bank. From our unsurpassed, premium, peak THC hybrids, irresistible Autoflower easy growing strains, and the latest in our superlative, specialised cannabinoid hybrid combinations, Pot Seeds Canada’s outstanding seed products are incomparable and guaranteed.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Quebec

With Weed Seeds Canada being the go to seed bank in the province of Quebec, we are devoted to keeping our Quebecois clients happy and satisfied in order to remain your number one choice when it comes to quality. Our consistent award-winning strains, 5 star customer reviews and thousands of satisfied repeat customers do not lie. Everyone has heard of that famous Canadian dank chronic, and we at Weeds Seeds Canada are a part of that legacy. With our top of the line products, being at the forefront of industry innovation, our cutting edge research and development team has developed some of the most diverse genetic profiles in the industry. Breeding and crossbreeding some of the top hybrids and strains from around the world until we reach peak levels of THC, CBD and terpenes profiles. Our high tech, climate-controlled seed bank storage facilities keep our products within perfect temperature, light and humidity levels to guarantee freshness and germination rates every time. With over 500 premium, brand name and most popular cannabis seed strains available to choose from, Pot Seeds Canada has the best selection on the market today. Our reputability is reflected in the many repeat growers that purchase our premium seeds. Our easy to navigate website, plethora of payment options, among them crypto, paypal, etc. Along with the most qualified customer service experts in the field available at all business hours to answer any questions you may have and fast, efficient, professionally packaged, discreet delivery service. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a reliable source of genuine genetics and viability.

Quebec’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

As far as buying marijuana seeds in Quebec, ordering direct online from Weed Seeds Canada is by far the easiest, most hassle free, guaranteed quality way to go. In a few easy steps, without the need to leave the comfort of your own home and you are in business. Our simply laid out website, spectacular selection of over 500 cannabis strains, extensive industry information and fast, efficient doorstep delivery, we beat the limited retail options hands down. Your local seed bank just cannot compete with the level of expertise and years of experience Marijuana Seeds Canada has invested in this business. Our exemplary service standards ensure each and every client is treated as an individual with their own unique and specific needs. Unlike retail outlets, we are right there in your living room with you. Pot Seeds Canada’s top technological innovations in temperature, humidity and light controlled environments cannot be replicated in retail shops without our level of high tech geo thermal controls, often resulting in a retail products’ lower quality and germination rate. Not only are you guaranteed our best quality seeds, but your local retail seed banks, with their high overhead, cannot beat out our competitive pricing. Using your Quebec cannabis seeds coupon you can purchase our premium products at rock bottom pricing, saving you even more money. Unmatched service, payment options, simple processing and secure servers that guarantee your information is safe and protected. Retail outlets are unable to match our new crypto payment options and other modern web-based technologies.

Quebec’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD products and the many CBD/THC dominant strains contain only trace amounts of the psychoactive THC cannabinoids. These strains offer the benefits without the high. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent active compound present in the genus cannabis marijuana plant after THC, and the highest in the hemp plant. One of 113 cannabinoids it is mostly responsible for the many medicinal and curative benefits of marijuana. A colorless crystalline solid, cannabidiols oxidize under certain conditions into THC, and also produce CBD through the same metabolic pathway until the last step where CBDA synthase catalyzes into CBD instead of THC. For those suffering from chronic pain, illnesses or disabilities where allopathic medicines have failed, CBD has been a Godsend for many. Said to be a powerful antidepressant, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, and all-around natural treatment, it is even known for helping cancer patients. In addition, those suffering from severe neurological disorders such as PTSD have found that CBD has far out surpassed all expectations in the medicinal marijuana industry. The industry has also been experiencing recently reported success with control of epileptic seizures, relief from ALS symptoms, severe arthritis and even mood disorders. Available in many forms such as tinctures, gummies, oils, edibles and more, there is something for every situation. Marijuana Seeds Canada supplies a large selection of CBD dominant hybrid strains and CBD Autoflowers ranging from 100% CBD to every combination of THC to CBD cannabinoid content for those that still prefer a mild buzz but are looking for a more medicinal product. We’ve got them all.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Quebec

With seemingly never-ending options of cannabis related products available in Quebec and around the world, there are so many new and interesting ways to consume marijuana. Among the many weed related products available on the market that can be found in Quebec today are gummies, vape concentrates, oils, tinctures, shatter and capsules and there are more being developed by the minute to satisfy this demanding and insatiable market. There is so much to choose from, everything for the medicinal user, to the hyper particular, recreational connoisseur, and of course your average Joes that just want to get straight baked out of their brains on the most potent THC products available, it’s all out there. For the smokers, vapes are taking over the industry, purified oils and concentrates specifically tailored to this market are being developed, with new flavours, cannabinoid and terpene profiles and concentrations arriving on the scene daily. Another quick, easy solution with many options and potencies to choose from are the candies, gummies and edibles. Healthier and more convenient for the non-smokers, these new products offer medicinal benefits along with stronger or milder highs depending on one’s preference. There is also butter, shatter, diamond, and other such super concentrated cannabis products for every taste. It’s incredible what has happened in this industry in just a few years time. Having had an especially massive impact on the medicinal marijuana industry, edibles, oils and tinctures offer many new options where previously there were none. This industry has no chance of slowing down anytime soon!

Quebec’s Best Cannabis Accessories

We’ve all been to those head shops in downtown Montreal, full to bursting with pot paraphernalia, selling every type of pipe, bong, grinder, poker, trays and accessories the world has on offer. It’s hard to even focus on one thing at a time. Wandering through the shop, perusing the goodies, imagining setting up your own glam ganja smoking den with the best of the best hand-blown, high-end glass bongs, some cushy pillows, low, liquid lighting and the swankiest cannabis paraphernalia one can buy. Your very own old school hideaway, a peaceful, heavenly escape from the world, where one can drift off into that lazy, hazy cloud of sweet, dank ganja bliss. The Quebec marijuana accessories market is booming, and now with vaping added to the mix, there are even more products at our fingertips to tempt us. With endless styles and options of vapes and pipes available for smoking those favourite oils, concentrates and frosty, resinous buds, it’s difficult to decide which direction to take. You could just try them all, it’s a ganga shopper’s dream! There are options for the health-conscious smoker, natural rolling papers using non-toxic glues, some with fancy patterns and colors. All kinds of fun can be had in the wacky world of weed. Aficionados and connoisseurs have even been known to have their own glass bongs hand blown to order and kept in a special humidor like box. There really are no boundaries when it comes to how much or how little you can spend.

Best Canadian Sativas in Quebec 2022

Here are a few of the sativas to salivate over in Quebec 2022. These seductive beauties are the ones to watch for when you are seeking those next level brain blasting nugs. A bountiful bud banquet of energizing highs with the sublime fruity, limonene tartness sativa terpenes are known for.

Starting out with our Grapefruit sativa seeds, this hybrid is named for its citrusy grapefruit flavours and aroma. With consistent five star ratings, it’s one of our top sellers, the tastiest, tartiest strain around. Just 8 to 10 weeks in flower and you have a potent 23% THC, high yielding product with fantastic energizing and mood enhancing effects, great for depression and pain.

This sweet tropical pineapple beauty is a pleasure to work with. Autoflowering Pineapple Seeds are fast growing, easy and flip automatically into their flowering cycle, no complicated photoflip light systems needed. At 21% THC content she offers a euphoric, relaxing buzz and a plethora of medicinal benefits and can produce up to 500g/sqm indoors.

Orange Bud feminized seeds are a more indica dominant sativa hybrid offering that hard hitting indica, instant happiness inducing rush. Quickly relieving any aches, pains or worries, this big bud, heavy weight producer is an all-around winner. At a solid 23% THC with tantalizing orange, skunky sweet flavours, it’s a great medicinal for both stress and anxiety.

Offering the best selection and widest range of award winning sativas available on the market in Quebec today, Weeds Seeds Canada is your one stop shop.

Best Canadian Indicas in Quebec 2022

Ah the Indicas, those amazingly tantalising, body melting, euphoria-inducing highs that take one out of this dimension into an entirely new pain free, stress-free universe. Sound over the top, well it isn’t, not once you’ve experienced Weed Seeds Canada’s top indica strains of 2022.

They are called Alien Technology Feminized Seeds because they are clearly from out of this world. Hailing from the ancient lineage of OG Hindu Kush, the king of cannabis

strains, this 100% feminised pure indica boasts a 20%+ THC profile, imparts a calming euphoric almost giggly feeling of bliss with its earthy, sweet, spicy goodness. It’s known to melt away anxiety, depression and stress.

One of our top award-winning strains, 24K Gold Feminized Seeds are a psychonauts dream, taking you to dimensions yet undiscovered. Said to have an almost psychedelic high, she definitely packs a punch. Sitting at a whopping 24% THC with a terpene profile dripping in fruity, peppery, citrus flavours, great for inflammation, stress, and among its many other benefits, can boost ones’ creativity to the next level.

The name doesn’t lie, Autoflowering Big Bud Seeds are exactly that, massive yields of the biggest brain blasting beauties you’ve ever seen. Also easy to grow and automatically flowering, there’s no need for a photoflip. Huge yields topping out at 500g/m2, this one is popular. A combination of some of the best strains on the market including Northern Lights and Afghani, this hybrid’s 21% THC content and relaxing, sleepy highs make it a top seller.

Quebec’s Best THC Seeds

Have a look at some of our top selling THC strains in Quebec right now. These are the ones to watch, definitely the best on the market as far as the high THC, resin drenched, super dank, bad boys go.

White Widow Feminized Seeds may sound intimidating, but don’t be fooled, this one is a crowd pleaser. Giving off an energetic chatty vibe, she’s great for getting that party started. Not only a fun, flirty buzz but this hybrid is also known to be a massive producer, with some indoor harvests hitting an unheard of 800g m/2. Reaching up to 24% THC and only 8 to 10 weeks from flip, you can’t go wrong.

One of our THC greats at a killer 28%, Grandaddy Banner feminized seeds are the perfect hybrid blend of sativa and indica dominant. Giving you both those heady, euphoric, mind-blowing highs that slowly melt into a deep and relaxing, pain free body stone. An interesting mix of fruity, earthy, flowery and spicy flavours while also being a great all round medicinal, puts it at the top of the list as one of Quebec’s best.

Gorilla Glue Lemon Feminized Seeds have certainly made a name for themselves. For those that love those rich, earthy, lemon and pine flavours, this is the one. The citrusy limonene terpenes definitely make themselves known, along with the crazy King Kong level 26% THC cannabinoids, this is a monkey to be reckoned with.

Pot Seeds Canada carries all Quebec’s favourites and more, don’t miss out!

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In QC, Canada

There are so many reasons to grow your own seeds. Weed Seeds Canada’s extensive and unmatched selection of quality, 100% feminized strains of every phenotype and hybrid such as our Quebec Gold 2.0 seeds makes it simple, easy and the best option as far as growing cannabis in Quebec is concerned. Starting with seeds purchased from a reputable seed bank guarantees you are getting quality every time. Many people think they can save time and hassle buying clones off the black market. Not only does this not guarantee you are getting what you paid for, but it is expensive and could cost you your entire crop in the event of unknown diseases or pest infestations. Clones are the most common way that pests get introduced into a grow space and infect your plants. Some of these pests are nearly undetectable with the naked eye. With insects such as spider mites or broad mites, you may not notice an infestation until it’s far too late and by then the crop has been damaged to the point of no return. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are many pests and diseases besides only mites that may be brought in on infected clones with which there is little, if any, quality control. Growing your own seeds, from seeds that you’ve purchased from a reputable source, will ensure that you are aware of the genetics, quality, and viability of the seeds you produce. To start the process, stick with quality seed products from Pot Seeds Canada.

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Plan Your Quebec Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Many people in Quebec have thought about growing their own green. Just to be forewarned, unlike other Canadian provinces, it is still illegal in Québec to grow cannabis in your home. Only companies or persons with a cultivation permit issued by Health Canada may legally grow cannabis. All legalities aside, let’s assume you have your permits and are ready to go. Firstly, you will need to determine the size and type of operation you are interested in, this will mainly depend on the purpose you are growing for, be it commercial, medical or personal use. Once you know your end goal, then is the time to start doing some thorough research on that specific size and type of operation. For example, let’s assume one wants to start a small scale, commercial operation. Taking space into consideration, generally this would be a smaller area best suited to the Sea of Green (SOG) method of growing. This entails many smaller plants grown to a shorter stature in a compacted area. You will want to purchase seeds for a strain bred to fit this type of growing method, along with other attributes such as high yield and desirable market characteristics. Next to consider is the equipment, which growing medium you will use, whether to grow using LED lighting technology or HPS lighting. LED is leading the industry, requiring less power or high-tech cooling systems. There is a lot that goes into a grow operation, research is your best friend, better to be over prepared than underprepared.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Quebec

When sprouting seeds in Quebec, the timing will depend on the type of operation and the time of year if you are growing outdoors. For an outdoor crop when starting seeds from scratch, one should give them enough time to root and get to the seedling stage so they are large and hardy enough to acclimatize to the early, cool spring weather. Similar to planting a vegetable garden, the growing season starts around mid-May in more northern climates. Some swear by planting with the moon cycles, but that’s an entirely different topic for another day. Our hardier outdoor strains can handle earlier, cooler April temps, but take that into account with the timing and germination of each individual strain and go from there. With indoor operations one will want to give it two weeks or so before the last crop comes down, so those little seedlings are ready to go once the room has been vacated and sanitized for the next crop. Germinating seeds is quite simple, they need a little moisture, a growing medium such as planting pucks, moist paper towel or perlite, and maybe some rooting powder to give them a boost. It’s that simple. Take care to never handle seeds with your bare hands though, as that may contaminate them and prevent germination. Always use sterilized tools such as tweezers or scoops or just sprinkle them from the original packaging straight into the growing medium. Always be sure they remain slightly moist but not drenched, and those little seeds will come alive!

Growing Marijuana in Quebec

Growing marijuana in Quebec can be done legally, however, homegrown, as of now, is not legal within the province. If one were to try their hand at growing their own, there would need to be some precautions taken. Keeping things on the downlow is important and there are ways to set up a stealth cannabis garden in your basement or garage without drawing too much attention. If you are new to growing, Pot Seeds Canada’s Autoflower hybrid strains are the perfect place to start. Crossbred with the Russian ruderalis phenotype, these new seed strains are easy to grow, very robust and forgiving, and best of all, they flip into their flowering cycle within approximately two weeks all on their own. No need for complicated photoflip light cycles, high tech lighting and cooling systems or separate veg/flower rooms. This saves you time, money and stress. No matter the level of experience or technical knowledge of the grower, autoflowering hybrids have been an incredibly impressive industry changing innovation. Using a technique such as Sea of Green (SOG) is generally the best growing method for smaller scale growers working within a limited space. Packing a large amount of smaller stature plants into a condensed area, grown generally in soil, is an easy and efficient method for most homegrown operations. High tech carbon filtering systems and intake fans will take care of any suspicious scents, and with new LED lighting technology, the need for expensive, conspicuous, loud A/C or cooling systems would not be needed.

Harvesting in Quebec

Harvest time depends entirely on the type of growing operation. If it is an indoor operation then harvest will be at the end of the strains growing cycle, which is generally part of the information that comes with each Weed Seeds Canada seed product description. Some strains flower in just 9 to10 weeks, others take a little longer at 11 or 12 weeks. The plant will show obvious signs of when it is ready for harvest, such as dropping, yellowing leaves, heavy, dense buds. When you see those sticky, resinous trichomes start turning from a clear/white to an orangey, amber golden color, get ready. Each strain has its own signals when it reaches its ideal harvest point. Wait too long, and it can dry out, lose potency and degrade under the lights, too soon, and that rich resinous THC laden cannabinoid profile will not have matured and ripened to its peak potency and richness. It’s imperative to get the timing just right. If growing outdoors in Quebec’s climate and shorter northern growing season, harvest time will be the fall season around mid-September, depending on weather and strain. Always watching for signs of harvest ready buds, just as one would with an indoor crop, is important. Leaving a crop to go too long could result in cold snaps, frost, and loss of the entire crop. Some of our specific outdoor indica dominant strains are bred for hardiness, cold resistance and are much more forgiving with the Canadian cold and weather extremes.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Quebec

Come harvest time, the trimming, drying, curing, preserving and storing portion of cannabis cultivation comes into effect. This process is very important to the quality of the end product. Delicately handling the buds during harvest and trimming is important so as to not disturb the trichomes and all that gooey resinous goodness. Once trimmed the most common drying method is the screen method, laying out the buds to dry on a fine mesh screen until it is crispy to the touch, then transferring it into bags to sweat out the moisture from the interior and stems. This process is repeated again and again until the desired level of moisture is reached, the stem is dry enough to snap with your fingers, and the bud is not so dry as to lose its texture, aroma, weight and flavour. A very fine balance, this is called curing the buds. It takes time and patience to do it right and may make or break the quality and smoothness of the final smoke. After the bud has been properly cured, you want to keep it contained in a way so as to retain its freshness and potency. For long term freshness, colored glass mason jars are quite ideal to block UV light and oxygen which will degrade the cannabis over time. Ehen exposed too long, THC breaks down into a less potent cannabinoid, CBN. CBN has no psychoactive properties and will not get you high. Bud will also lose its flavour and smokability unless properly cared for and stored.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Marijuana in Quebec

We all know how much the Quebequois love their weed. Smoking those chronic blunts has become as synonymous to Canadian culture as hockey and maple syrup. Weed culture goes back a long way, always at the forefront of the industry, and it’s no different when it comes to partaking in that green ganja in all its glorious forms. There are so many different ways to consume marijuana, from smoking, edibles, to cannabis coffee and juicing, the options have gotten to the point that we wonder if there are any new ways left to enjoy this wonder drug! Latest on the scene are juice bars and weed drinks. Shots of wheatgrass is so 2002, shots of freshly juiced weedgrass is where it’s at with the cannabis kids these days. Infused into health potions such as kombucha, smoothies, and even protein shakes for that extra boost before a workout to get one into the zone, marijuana drinks are all the rage. Vapes have become an industry staple, with endless options of concentrates, oils, flavours and infusions, vaping is starting to overtake smoking as the go to for inhaling some of that great ganja green. Not only is vaping considered to be easier on the lungs but is also a much more stealthy, less conspicuous way to publicly enjoy a puff at the park. Edibles are also a big hit in Quebec, with candies such as gummies, sugar shatter, baked goods and, more than likely, even some marijuana infused maple syrup. It’s all delicious ganja goodness, so choose your potion and enjoy!

Quebec’s Cannabis Culture

Reggae, rap, rock, hippie drums and a purple haze of smoke, so much smoke, were all there at the free form festival in Mount Royal Park at Montreal’s latest 4/20 celebration. At least 1,000 people were present to pay homage to the gods of grass and enjoy 4/20, the annual cannabis occasion du jour for marijuana lovers worldwide. Taking in the huge mass of ganja lovers awash in that dank cloud of super potent Canadian cheech was a sight to see. The vibe was fun, innocent and irie, and of course, super stoned. With Canada’s lax and ever evolving Cannabis laws, grass roots festivals such as these are popping up across the country, Quebec is no different. Legal or not legal, the province tends to look the other way on days such as these. It’s the peoples time to gather, celebrate and pay reverence to this glorious gift from nature, the marijuana plant, and of course blaze to their heart’s content. Weed has always been a big part of Canadian culture, from the 1970’s glory days of our parents and grandparent’s generations to the massive industry and influential scene it has become today. It has inspired musicians, artists, revolutionaries and more. The connection between counterculture and cannabis is as tied together as apples and apple pie, just maybe not quite so innocent. From weed infused foods of Le Burger Week to Jokes and Tokes comedy festival and even Ganja Yoga Teacher Training, there is so much to see and enjoy.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in QC, Canada

The purchase, sale and possession of marijuana seeds is legal in Quebec. One needn’t worry about ordering online from a reputable seed bank such as Weed Seeds Canada. Perfectly within the law, professional, discreet and safe, we are the most logical and practical way to go as far as quality, selection, pricing and product guarantee. Neither hemp nor marijuana seeds contain any psychoactive substances or cause mind altering effects. As such, they are not controlled under the same provincial drug laws as other THC laden cannabis products. Often considered a superfood health supplement, hemp seeds are sold in regular retail health food stores for their extremely beneficial and nutritional properties. Until actually germinated into a marijuana plant, pot seeds are also legal to purchase and own. So feel free to peruse our incredible selection of over 500 seed strains of some of the best Quebec has to offer. With many award-winning, innovative, premium hybrids and phenotypes, our selection and quality cannot be matched. Not only are we the best in the business today but our safe, secure servers and many payment options, along with professional discreet packaging, lets you keep your peace of mind. When it comes to an industry full of retailers who, unlike Weed Seed, may not have your best interests at heart, we are the only wise choice. If you want to remain within legal bounds, deal only with professionals and know exactly what you are getting every time, you’re in the right place.

Buy Medical Marijuana in Quebec

Medical, recreational and CBD products are legal in Quebec. However, Quebec’s recent legal history around growing cannabis in one’s own home has gone from being illegal, to legal, to becoming illegal again, all within the last four years, and may be up for future debate. As it stands now, in order to legally grow cannabis in the province of Quebec one must obtain a permit from Société Québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) to grow and produce cannabis legally or to transport for commercial purposes. Only the SQDC may sell medical retail cannabis in Quebec, and only those over the age of 21 are permitted in such establishments. One must also be 21 years of age to possess or consume marijuana. For those over the legal limit, the possession of 150 grams of dried cannabis, or its equivalent, is legal within a private residence. In public, it is possible to possess 30 grams of the same, except in public establishments such as schools or where people under the age of 21 are present. Smoking or vaping cannabis products is legal but only in specified smoking rooms where it is permitted in enclosed private spaces considered living environments. Only the persons lodged in such places may smoke in these rooms. For cannabis products to be considered legal for consumption or sale they may contain no other additives and must remain under a 30% THC limit. Also, no promotional or advertising of cannabis products is allowed. Anyone breaking these laws will be subject to fines, so keep it discreet within the guidelines for best results.

Quebec’s History of Marijuana Legalization

Change constantly over the last few years, Quebec doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind around marijuana laws. Going from legal to illegal to legal and back again is the norm these days around the cultivation and consumption of cannabis products in Quebec. Generally dependent on the ever-changing guard of the political arena, some governments being more liberal towards marijuana laws and others more strict, the laws tend to be rewritten every election cycle or even more often. Also, sometimes at odds with Federal regulations around Cannabis use and production, things have at times become quite the quagmire. As it stands, the use of cannabis, its cultivation and sale, are legal under certain strict and specific guidelines. It wasn’t always like this. The history around the legalities of marijuana in Canada as a whole have also changed drastically over the years. Just a few generations ago it was highly illegal to use or possess cannabis and being caught with it on your person could mean severe legal trouble. Over 100 years ago when prohibition first came into effect and drug laws became a serious issue there has been consistent and slow progress towards the much more liberal and forgiving attitudes around marijuana that we have today. Still ever evolving, and not quite where we want to be, Canada is definitely a major influencer of the evolving and more positive attitudes around the world. Canada is a known destination for many cannabis users for that reason alone.

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