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Can You Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Saskatchewan?


Now that Canada has legalized marijuana, it’s up to individual provinces to determine the rules surrounding possession, growing, and sales. Saskatchewan has opened legal avenues for adults to obtain and consume marijuana, as well as given the option for most residents to grow their own plants. If you’re looking for marijuana seeds, browse our website to find some of your options or read the information below to learn what you should know before buying for the first time.

Is Marijuana Legal to Possess or Grow?

Saskatchewan has created laws surrounding the legalization of marijuana that are important to understand before purchasing or growing. The province requires adults to be at least 19 years old to purchase or consume marijuana, though marijuana cannot be consumed at all in public unless it is medically necessary. Driving while intoxicated has a zero-tolerance policy, and consumption is not legal for drivers or passengers in a vehicle.

Marijuana can only be purchased through stores that are regulated under the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. Today, cannabis is limited to 30 grams per person in a public space, but it is legal to have more at home. It is also legal to grow cannabis, though there are limits. Those who own their own single-family home can have up to four plants per household. Those who own a condo or rent can grow cannabis as long it is explicitly allowed by the landlord or condo board.

The Legalities of Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

Adults are able to legally purchase cannabis seeds in Saskatchewan, though they may only grow plants if they own the home or if they are approved by the landlord or condo board. Those who cannot legally grow plants may still purchase the seeds as souvenir seeds to add to a collection. When they are legally allowed to start growing plants, through a new approval or after moving, they can then start growing with the seeds they have already purchased. This makes it easy to start collecting a few seeds at a time and have enough to pick out the best ones to start growing once they’re able to.

Buying Souvenir Seeds to Create a Collection

Though many adults are able to grow up to four plants under the new laws, there are still those who cannot grow marijuana yet. In these cases, they can still purchase souvenir seeds and keep them in a collection until such time they’re able to start growing plants. When they’re considering what to purchase, they’ll want to look into the different types of marijuana plants as well as the different strains. This way, they’ll have the right seeds to start growing immediately once their situation changes.

Figuring Out Which Seeds to Buy

There are three main types of seeds to consider and three types of strains. The main types of seeds include regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. Regular seeds can produce male or female plants, but they’re the least expensive most of the time and are a great option for beginners. Feminized seeds will only produce female plants, so there’s no worry about detecting and removing male plants prior to pollination. Auto-flowering seeds are designed to start flowering automatically at the right point in the plant’s lifecycle, which means they’re easier to care for and don’t require as much attention.

The three main types of strains are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Sativa strains are known for providing a more energetic feeling and offering a boost of creativity. Indica strains, on the other hand, provide a more mellow feeling and tend to be great for relaxation. Hybrid strains contain a mixture of Sativa and Indica, providing the best of both options.

A Few Options to Try Today

If you’re ready to purchase cannabis seeds, no matter if you’re planning to start growing right away or you’re creating a collection to grow later, finding the right seeds is crucial. We offer a huge selection of different seeds, so there’s something you’re going to enjoy. Browse our entire selection now or check out some recommendations here.

If you’re looking for seeds that are easy to grow and perfect for beginners, you might want to try the Auto Super Skunk feminized seeds. Another great option is the Auto Blue Cheese feminized seeds. Both are auto-flowering, so they’re easier for beginners to grow.

Would you rather purchase medical marijuana seeds? We offer a 100-pack of CBD seeds where you can pick up to four strains to be included in your package. If you’d like to start smaller, try out the Auto Bubblegum feminized seeds or the Northern Lights regular seeds.

If you’re planning on growing indoors, you’ll want to have seeds that are going to produce well. Try out the Somango feminized seeds or the Gold Leaf feminized seeds. Both are new options we have available but are perfect for growing indoors so you can extend the growing season.

Buying Cannabis Seeds from

When you’re ready to purchase cannabis seeds, buying them from the right seed bank is important. We understand how essential it is for you to be able to find what you’re looking for and have it shipped to your home fast. Whether you’re interested in seeds to grow now or souvenir seeds, we have exactly what you need. We also offer amazing customer service and are available to answer any questions you might have. Our support staff is ready to help you find the right seeds or help with any questions you might have after the seeds arrive at your home.

Now that Saskatchewan has legalized marijuana, and some adults are able to grow it in their home, you may be thinking of buying cannabis seeds in SK. If you’re ready to start growing today or you’re looking to start a collection for when you are able to grow, we have the perfect marijuana seeds and can get them to you fast. Browse our collection today to learn more about the many strains we have available or contact us with any questions you might have.

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