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When your garden needs the best kindseed seeds trust our growers to deliver you the top feminized weeds seeds for your auto-flowering garden. We can help you choose a strain that will maximize yield and potency. You can choose from high CBD strains to high THC strains and sativa weed seeds or indica weed seed varieties. We even have hybrid strains from the best Kindseed seeds on the market.

Weed Seeds
If you are a grower looking for the best weed seeds for your garden, then our seedbank is perfect for you. Did you know that we have auto-flowering varieties as well as regular seeds and feminized weed seeds too. If you are growing outdoors, we have an affordable weed seed for you and if you are growing in a hydroponic environment we have the best weed seeds for your garden too.

Sensi Seeds
For the best Sensi Seeds trust our weed seed company to deliver them. We have cannabis seeds that are auto-flowering seeds, feminized and ready for planting. We also have regular seeds that will be perfect for any grower with any size budget. Our gardens are fertile and organic and are industry leading for producing quality strains.

Attitude Seeds –
Attitude Seeds With years of satisfied weed seeds customers our Attitude Seeds from Suffolk is a seedbank that simply has the best seeds available. Our strains include Barneys Farm Critical Kush, Holy Grail Kush, G13 Pineapple Express, Ghost Train Haze and Super Lemon Haze. We guarantee our feminized seeds to be the best quality available.


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44 thoughts on “Seed Banks”


      1. Me as well I’ve left a msg on your phonethey dropped off a notice but then when I went to go pick up the package they said it was missing. Said they wouldn’t do anything until the shipper contacted them

  2. Same here , Canada list said it could take up to 3+ months to find my order 🤮 so Ordered more that arrive in time … what to do when one of my seeds won’t crack ?

    1. Hi Charlie. Thanks for messaging. We are online only and telephone only. You can reach us 7 days a week from 5am PST to 9pm PST. 1-855-888-6452

  3. I ordered a few days ago and paid with BTC. Got confirmation for payment processor, will my order just show up or are the orders tracked?

    1. Hi Fishbulb3,

      Thanks for messaging us. Yes, we normally provide tracking within 2-3 days of placing your order. We are going to upgrade your shipping to Express Post via Canada Post and will throw in some bonus seeds for the delay. Thanks for paying bitcoin and being our customer.



      1. Thanks a lot for the reply! I am looking forward to my first grow and your selection of seeds is great. Paying with BTC as an option is just awesome!

        Looking forward to getting my seeds and to trying some other strains for future grows.

      2. Hi…just wanna say that first time purchasers we are pleased…ordered 4 got two bonus seeds….however our gorilla glue”4 germinated but its not growing…all are in roxul cubes under 24 hour light…and kept warm n moist…this was our first choice of strain to grow…kinda disappointed…

  4. Good morning
    I placed an order and I received the confirmation email. And the confirmation of payment. I paid $30.00 via Express Canada Post- With tracking, and no tracking number yet . Please let me know what’s going on . Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Marco,

      Thanks for messaging. Your order is complete in the system and we have sent you tracking. We do recommend a little patience when ordering on a weekend, as our operation teams only work during business hours. Thanks for your order.

  5. i received my seeds jan 18 , soaked my blueberry seeds feb 6 . then put in wet paper towel and nothing has sprouted out of 3 seeds and today is feb 20 th , no luck .

    1. Hi John,
      We have processed a Germination Re-ship with regards to this order!
      We hope these new seeds will provide you with better results.
      Thank you for choosing I49.

  6. Hello. I bought 5 blueberry auto seeds and 1 of 5 germinated. I soaked them for 12hrs in water then transferred them to the moist paper towel in a warm dark room. One of 5 germinated in 36hrs. The rest sat for another 4 days and never opened.

    1. Hi Doug,
      We have processed a Germination Re-ship with regards to this order!
      We hope these new seeds will provide you with better results.
      Thank you for choosing I49.

  7. I purchased 5 Blue Dream seeds, and received 2 bonus seeds.

    We sprouted these seeds on a paper towel successfully, and then transplanted them to new, organic soil in a very small green house, using indoor grow lights. We had the lights on about 20 hours / day and then covered the sprouts with a towel in darkness for a few hours / day. We spritzed them before becoming dry. Within a week, they’ve all died! We grow herbs regularly, in a similar manner, without issues. Help!

    1. Hi Leslie,
      I will be reaching out to you directly this afternoon to discuss these issues with the Blue Dream.
      Thank you for choosing I49!

  8. I just received my seeds. Thet seed is wrapped in some kind of cotton batten, with a little stick attached. The question is do I just drop the whole thing as is into a glass of water, or do I have to remove the cotton batten.

    Thanks from a newby

    1. Good Afternoon,
      Thank you for reaching out!
      Our customer service department will be reaching out directly to you to discuss germination!
      Thank you,

  9. Ordered mine recently and received them in a short time. Happy with delivery and product so far. Now the next step soon 🙂 👍

    1. Good Morning,
      Cannabis plants prefer a PH Level of 5.5 to 6.5.
      The Auto Gorilla and Auto Northern Lights are both seed to harvest in 8-10 weeks.
      If you have any other questions or concerns please email
      Thank you,

  10. I placed my order on March 11 at 10 30 am. On the 15th I received a tracking number and my arrival date is the 19th. I paid $30 for express shipping. How is this express?

    1. Hello Lily! Thanks for your message. When we look at what happened, you placed your order on March 11 but didn’t pay until 310pm on March 14th. So we got your package picked and shipped within 24 hours! That’s awesome service isnt it? Next time, we have more expensive shipping options via FEDEX if your order is time sensitive. Thanks for your order!

      1. I apologize for that. I assumed the money came right out since I paid via credit card. You shipped it within 24 hours and YES that’s awesome service. Thank you very much for clearing this up for me.

        1. I looked at my bank statement and it says you received my money on March 11 at 10:34. am. I can send you or forward you the confirmation email sent when you accepted the money transfer on March 11 10:34 am 2019.

  11. All seeds came up but 4, both trainwreck and dieselxblueberry x2 didn’t. Trainwreck was my bonus seeds. But the other seeds I bought all come up within 24 hours. They are looking good also.

  12. Seeds arrived within a couple of days. Bought 3 hemp and received 2 ak47 free for paying via eft. All seeds germinated in 2 or 3 days in a paper towel as suggested. All planted now /fingers crossed . Thanks for the good service !

  13. Hi Ordered about two weeks ago. They delivered immediately and the seeds arrived in less than a week. Used their germination technique and all 5 of the blue dreams that I got germinated! Unfortunately, both the OG Kush bonus beans did not. I was sad because I was really happy to have gotten those as bonus seeds because I seriously considered picking them as my first choice! Would have been nice to have had at least one germinate for comparison purposes. Thanks again!

    1. Good Morning,
      We offer our customers an 80% germination success rate guarantee on our seeds.
      Our customer service department will be reaching out directly to further discuss.
      Thank you,

  14. Hi There…..I planted 3 OG Kush seeds and 2 Blue Dream….the 2 Blue Dream sprouted great but only 1 OG Kush sprouted.

  15. Ordered 3 gg x skittles, 3 c99 x blueberry, and recieved 2 blue dream bonus. I germinated in wet paper towel in a ziplock bag blown up and put it on my ps4 .lol. open the ziplock once every 12 hours and have never had a problem germinating seeds. 100 percent success rate.Plants look great after having been overwatered at a young age by my Cant wait for flowering

  16. I ordered 11 seeds only 4 germinated and all have died within a week .soil and water both are balanced correctly. Idk what happened 😥😥😥so .also my bonus seeds were sent and now I placed another order on 7/31and they still haven’t took funds.was told 2 days ago order would b processed that day but still hast.Idk what’s going on ,hasnt been best experience

    1. Hi Troy

      We are reaching out with regards to your review.
      We offer our customers an 80% germination success rate guarantee on our seeds.
      Let us know and we would be happy to work with you to discuss replacement of your seeds.

      All the best,

  17. Hi, I bought 3 high (20%) CBD seeds from you this spring (Glen) … maybe you can look up my file? I also bought three “blueberry” high TCH seeds. You also threw in 3 free THC seeds for paying by Interac. The results are that one of the 6 THC seeds germinated and that one plant has done very well, however, of the CBD seeds … they all came up but two of three plants are growing now at 5 feet tall BUT have absolutely no buds … just leaves. The other CBD plant has lots of bud. So …. me not happy … the genetics of the CBD seeds are suspect if they don’t flower or produce buds. The germination rate of the TCH plants was like 17%. SO, what can I say … is there someway i49 could help me not feel short changed (seed credit or something?). I can send photos via email of the plants that did grow and you can see that two are only leaf … if you send me an email address to send to.

    1. Good Afternoon Glen,
      We offer our customers an 80% Germination success rate guarantee on our seeds.
      Our customer service department will be reaching out directly to ensure you are completely satisfied with the products you have purchased from us.
      Thank you,
      i49 Customer Service

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