Weed Seed Bank Canada


Weed Seed Bank Canada

Weed Seed Bank CanadaShop online at the only weed seed bank in Canada that is committed to your 100% satisfaction. i49 is here to assist you in choosing the right seeds for the upcoming growing season while offering secure shipping on your entire order. If you’re worried about buying cannabis seeds online, give us a call, and we’ll alleviate your concerns.

CBD and THC Seeds

We carry seeds from cannabis strains that are high in THC content and CBD content. If you’re looking for a particular type of seed, let us know when you call us. Feel free to read through strain descriptions as well to learn more about the effects of each. While some strains are more sought-out for their Sativa qualities, others are favored for their Indica qualities. You can learn more about the benefits of each type of strain in our FAQ section where many of our customers’ questions have already been answered.

Growing Indoors

Keeping marijuana plants inside was once a considerable amount of labor and hassle due to the cannabis plant requiring a controlled amount of daylight at certain times of growth. Our autoflower seeds have eliminated the need for growers to move plants around or manipulate their environment to cause flowering and bud production. If you’ve grown in the past and found it to be more trouble than it was worth, consider taking a closer look at our autoflower section.

Growing Outdoors

We’re not the only weed seed bank in Canada- but we are one of the only dispensaries that sell feminized, autoflower seeds that are conducive to growing an excellent harvest season after season. In just 8-9 weeks, you can go from seed to plant harvest! We’ve found that most locations with a typical summer are able to grow two crops per year. Our seeds are a game changer in the cannabis plant growing industry.

Easy-to-Grow Seeds

Click the ‘Cannabis Seeds’ link and select ‘Easy to Grow’ from the menu to see our amazing selection of no-fail cannabis seeds that include Blue Ice, Island Dream High CBD, Auto Blueberry Feminized, Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer, and numerous others. We have two sample packs located in our easy-to-grow section as well, our Autoflower Sampler Pack, and our Fast Sampler Pack, each with a terrific selection that is 100% guaranteed for germination.

We Strive For Five

Our customers consistently leave us 5-star reviews for excellence in production and simplicity to grow. Whether you’re new to the game or have been growing cannabis for some time, we are confident you’ll be back to place a repeat order in the future. Feel free to reach through our website-submitted ratings or visit your preferred directory and see why we are the most trusted weed seed bank in Canada.

We don’t just want to make the sale; we want to deliver the highest quality of authentic strain cannabis seeds to your door- in discreet packaging to protect your privacy.

Weed Seed Bank Canada

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