Weed Seeds For Sale


Weed Seeds For Sale

Weed Seeds For SaleYou’ll always find the lowest prices on weed seeds for sale at i49 online seed bank. We don’t believe in over-charging our customers for quality cannabis seeds when we would much rather earn your trust and your repeat business by offering affordable prices. If you’re not satisfied with your current supplier or you’re simply looking for a new source for cannabis seeds, browse our inventory of strains and see why we are one of the biggest suppliers to the growing industry.

Top Quality Weed Seeds For Sale

If you thought cannabis seeds were all alike, we invite you to take a closer look at our inventory at i49. All weed seeds are not created equal- and the proof is in our triple guarantee. let’s start by asking a few questions:

  • Are your cannabis seeds guaranteed to germinate?
  • Are your cannabis seeds guaranteed for strain authenticity?
  • Does your current supplier guarantee delivery of your seeds?

i49 seed bank backs up our seeds with an industry-leading promise that covers a wide range of issues most-often neglected by other sources. You’ll notice right away that we do business much differently than other places offering weed seeds for sale. Our feminized, easy-to-grow, autoflower seeds guarantee success in growing, whether you’re new to the scene or have been growing cannabis for some time. Our seeds grow into plants that provide higher yields with less effort on your part. Can your seeds make the same claim?

Wholesale Prices

Our quality seeds cost about the same as inferior quality seeds you may be used to using. We keep prices down for one reason only- to improve your shopping experience with us. We’re confident that you’ll look to us again when planning your garden, knowing you’ll find the strains you’re looking for as well as unbeatable prices on our seeds. If you’ve been overpaying for seeds, we invite you to check out our inventory.

Your Success is Our Success

What if you could spend less time taking care of your plants and more time enjoying the benefits of your labor? Autoflower, feminized seeds are the solution you’ve been looking for. Our seeds eliminate the need to alter lighting hours to force plants to flower, shortening the amount of time from seed to harvest. Our feminized seeds are not only guaranteed for 100% germination, they also eliminate the need for male plants that fertilize female plants and take up unwanted space in the garden. Every plant you spend time and effort nurturing will contribute to the harvest.

Guaranteed Strains

Have you ever shopped at a seed bank only to experience the disappointment that comes when plants fail to produce the correct strains? That’s not going to happen when you shop on our website. We guarantee the authenticity of our weed seeds for sale and we back up every portion of your order with our promise that your seeds will arrive on time, they’ll all germinate, and they’ll grow into the strain you ordered, faster and easier than any seeds you’ve planted in the past.

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