Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada


Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In CanadaWhere to buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Marijuana or cannabis is legal in Canada and is subject to provincial and territorial rules and restrictions. Generally, people can grow up to 4 cannabis plants in their homes for personal use.

The demand for cannabis seeds have grown rapidly and it is important to get your seeds from a trusted seller. We at i49 are an online seed bank that offers high-quality marijuana seeds. Look no further where to buy marijuana seeds in Canada, we will securely deliver premium seeds to your home.

Growing Marijuana Seeds

Growing cannabis may seem complicated to some, but knowing the right information is all you need to get started. There is no need to worry as most pieces of information are available online and the process is pretty straightforward.

Marijuana Plants Needs the Following to Grow Healthily

Environment or habitat – Create a good space for your plants to grow, set the needed light or using sunlight depends on the seeds you are planting. Auto flowering seeds can thrive even with less sun and can start flowering in less than 10 weeks. Some cannabis seeds, however, requires 12 hours of light that equals to darkness. It is also important to have a well-ventilated space, slight breeze, and good air exchange for the plant to be healthy.

Temperature – If you plan to plant outdoors, remember that you cannot control the natural factors that will affect your plants. Planning carefully where to plant and what kinds of cannabis seeds you plant is important. Growing them indoors will give you more control in setting the right temperature.

Growing method- Do you plan on using soil to grow your plants or are you considering another method? There’s a method called hydroponics where the soil is replaced with nutrient-rich water mixture, the plant’s roots grow in this mixture instead of soil. This method has proven to give a high yield and healthier marijuana plants.

Nutrients – There are pre-formulated nutrients that you can buy and mix with water for hydroponic method. You can also create your own by mixing compost to your soil, a highly rich in nutrients soil to grow your plants. Watering your plants is as essential as humans’ drinking water; make sure to water them regularly.

Common Mistakes in Growing Cannabis Plants

Some common mistakes most new growers do is starting to experiment based on “gut feel” that can possibly kill or harm their plants. It is important to consider the methods that have been tested and proven by experienced growers.

Another common mistake is when a grower skips a certain method, such as sticking to light schedules, setting the temperature, watering schedules, and nutrient deficiencies. Sticking to your planned method and schedule is important to growing a healthy cannabis plant.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Marijuana seeds can be bought in physical shops and through an online seed bank. If you opt to buy online, buy from a trusted seller or website. We at i49 has dedicated to selling high-quality cannabis seeds with a variety of premium seeds you can choose from that may not be available at your local store. We also process your orders securely and deliver it safely to your home.


Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Canada

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