Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Canada


Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Canada

Where To Buy Pot Seeds In CanadaThinking Where to Buy Pot Seeds in Canada? Go to I49!

Are you thinking where to buy pot seeds in Canada? At i49 Seed Bank of course! We are a reputable seed bank that ships authentic genetics in discreetly-labeled packaging only in Canada. If you are shopping from the United States or anywhere abroad, you can use I49’s other website which is found at www.weed-seeds.ca.

We source our seeds directly from growers who are highly-regarded. Our goal is to help people attain quality medicinal cannabis at prices that are reasonable. We pride ourselves by the breeding skills we have and by certainly providing our customers exactly the seeds that we have advertised. We have a reputation to maintain, so providing you anything less would only hurt our image.

Germinating Your Pot Seeds

Making your cannabis seeds germinate is one of the most exciting and thus intimidating stages for people who are just new to growing. You can germinate the seeds using a wet paper towel (cup method) or planting them directly to the soil. These options truly test the seed’s genetic potential, and the results won’t take long for you to see. These methods are best for growers who find it a hobby to grow some pot seeds in their home.

Seeds germinate at all times since that is their nature. But due to occasional quick changes in temperature and air pressure from airmail shipping or broke storage conditions, the seeds can be damaged and may cause germination problems. However, if after following the cup method or paper towel the seeds do not germinate, we will ship you a pack of replacement cannabis seeds. This is to make up the germination rate difference of 80% if you pay the $22 fee for shipping.

On Storing Them

If your question is where to buy pot seeds in Canada and you have purchased from I49, we recommend that you store your seeds in a sealed and moisture-free container. They should also be kept in a dry, dark, and cool area with temperatures near to 390F or 40C. Seeds start to germinate when there is moisture and they are simply damaged when there is light. Put them in a refrigerator or in a closet that is dark and cool in something like a jar or canister that is blacked out.

Interested in Knowing How Long the Seeds will last?

Visit us at www.weed-seeds.ca for more of specific details regarding i49 Seed Bank and our products. We are a company that caters to our good reputation. Give us a ring if you have questions and we will attend to it immediately. Just be careful when placing your orders as we neither do refunds nor accept returns. We also do not make exchanges or substitutions.

We suggest that you use e-transfer for payment so you can have a bonus of 2 seeds. We agree to credit cards if you call us at 1-888-544-4949. We are open to your comments and suggestions so just send us your message together with your name, email address, and phone number. It would be pleasing to hear from you.

Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Canada

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