Where To Buy Weed Seeds In Canada


Where To Buy Weed Seeds In Canada

Where To Buy Weed Seeds In CanadaWhere to Buy Weed Seeds in Canada

Cannabis or weed use in Canada is legal. It is governed under the Cannabis Act that controls production, selling, distribution and possession of weeds across the country. The act wanted to accomplish 3 things; to keep weeds from the hands of the youth, keep criminals from profited weeds, and public health and safety by giving adults access to legal cannabis.

People can legally plant up to four weeds in their homes for personal use. Get your cannabis seeds from a trusted seller, we at i49 offer premium seeds for you to grow.

Common Mistakes in Growing Weeds

The legality of cannabis in Canada makes people consider planting their own weeds. The most common questions asked are, “where to buy weed seeds in Canada?” and “how to grow weeds successfully?”. Having a plan and choosing a method in growing your seeds goes hand in hand with seed collection.

Learning from the mistakes of qualified growers is definitely a go-to guide before starting out your own weed growing journey.

Below are some common mistakes you can avoid:

Not enough space – If you grow your weed seeds indoor, you need adequate space for lighting, air circulation, and temperature control. Knowing the type of seeds you are planting should give you an idea of how tall it can grow, how wide its branches can be, and the lighting it requires.

Experimenting – It is next to human nature to experiment and discover new ways, however, it is better to stick to the known method of growing if you want a better success rate. As a new grower, you will be introduced to a method you have never done before and “spur of the moments” experiment will play tricks on your mind. So keep your focus and stick to your known method, unless you are open to sacrificing your plant’s growth and health.

Skipping schedules – Growing your weeds requires proper scheduling to follow, even if it is grown outdoors. It is unavoidable to forget schedules due to other engagements that we may have, however, understanding light schedules, ph level testing, nutrient deficiencies, and temperature settings are just a few that should not be skipped. Harvesting your own quality bud is the reward you will get after all your hard work.

Re-inventing – Do not come up with your own method, ask another grower or do your own research. Learning from the mistakes and success of others will benefit you by not repeating the same mistakes and following their success path.

Where to Buy Weed Seeds in Canada

Growing weeds definitely requires a bit of patience and focus, and growing weeds for personal use has been very appealing to cannabis users in Canada. Sourcing for quality seeds is not that difficult nowadays. If you have not decided which seed to collect yet, get yourself a starter pack, i49 has starter packs with premium selections of seeds to choose from. We safely process your orders and delivers discreetly and securely to your homes.


Where To Buy Weed Seeds In Canada

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