The Best Cannabis Seeds in Yukon 2022

Weed Seeds Canada has the highest selection of cannabis seeds Yukon residents have ever seen! You can get the kind of sticky, potent, fragrant, and delicious ganja sold for top price at the dispensary when you plant our seeds. You might need a knockout indica that eases chronic pain and stress, or perhaps you would like an energizing and uplifting sativa that destroys depression. Maybe you’re the type who delights in resinous and delicious hybrids from elite boutique breeders. Whatever strain you desire, we’ve got them all and you can order them from the comfort of your own home! Pot Seeds Canada isn’t a jack of all trades. We only do seeds, and we do them better than anyone else. With over five hundred strains and styles, our selection is vast.

To create a quality crop, you must start with quality seeds. When you plant seeds that have been treated with the utmost care, chances are good you will achieve greatness in the garden. Our seeds are stored between eight and ten percent humidity in cool dark spaces. Our stock is dated and rotated to ensure freshness, and our facilities are routinely inspected for pests, mold, inefficiencies, and possible threats to the integrity of our products. We only handle seeds with gloves or tweezers, and never expose them to moisture. Each seed is grown from the highest quality breeding stock from verified strain lines so you receive top-of-the-line genetics. When you know marijuana seeds as we do, you don’t mess around with inferior products.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Yukon

It can be tricky to find a seed bank that knows all of the nuances of Mary Jane. Some will focus on providing a massive selection that can suit everyone’s needs, or they will only carry a small collection of their own boutique strains. Pot Seeds Canada is one of the best seed banks for marijuana lovers in the Yukon because we have a huge selection and excellent customer service. With more than five hundred captivating strains to choose from, you can grow a garden of earthly delights. Our goal is to provide several types of auto-flowering, feminized, unsexed regular, photoperiod sativas, indicas, and hybrids in high THC, low THC, high CBD, high CBG, and high CBN styles. Trustworthy seed banks also give you as much information as possible about their products. They want you to have the most up-to-date information you need to make the best choices for your growing situation, skill level, and requirements from a cannabis crop.

Some sketchy seed banks will make outlandish claims. It is a red flag if they state that every single seed will germinate, or that all of their strains are the easiest to grow. Look instead for realistic and specific guarantees, like our ninety percent germination rate, guaranteed when customers use the paper towel method. Untrustworthy seed banks also make it hard to get a hold of them or read reviews of their product. Weed Seeds is devoted to seeds and customer care. You can reach out by phone during business hours, or send us an email, and we will get back to you.

Yukon’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There are currently seven stores in the Yukon that sell cannabis and seeds. Most of them are in Whitehorse, Dawson City, and other major centres of population and none of them offer deliveries. Selling online is restricted to the one Yukon Liquor Commission site that has about a dozen products on it, and they frequently don’t have seeds available for online orders. To purchase seeds in the Yukon you’ve got to drive to one of these places and get them.

A lot of hazards are associated with buying marijuana seeds from places that aren’t specialized seed banks. Dispensaries will sometimes keep their seeds in display cases and drawers, and these storage conditions do not support the precious and delicate genetic packages that seeds represent. If pot seeds are kept in warm, bright spaces they can prematurely try to hatch and, finding no food or water upon awakening, will promptly die. If they aren’t kept in optimal environmental conditions between eight and ten percent relative humidity, they also risk rotting. Improper handling by people who are not educated on the science of seeds can also threaten the viability of genetic materials. Most budtenders are trained to sell pre-packaged buds, not seeds. Pot Seeds Canada is the fastest and most secure online seed bank in the country. We provide twenty-four-hour access to a library of cannabis knowledge and over five hundred different strains of primo dank. From auto-flowering high CBD varieties for medicinal users to high THC hybrids best pressed into concentrates, we’ve got the market cornered at Weed Seeds Canada.

Yukon’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD is a wonderful option for folks looking to ease the pain and stress of everyday life without getting high. It can be used topically as a lotion or gel, sublingually as an oil or tincture, ingested in drinks and edibles, and smoked as pot flower nuggets. CBD is not psychoactive the way THC is, meaning it won’t get you feeling psychedelic, dopey, forgetful, or impaired. Instead, CBD helps your body feel relaxed, sleepy, pleased, pain-free, and hungry. It’s particularly useful in minimizing seizures in people with epilepsy but it’s also used for a host of other conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain due to inflammation like arthritis and migraines, and chronic nerve pain.

CBD works in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This is a series of receptors and enzymes that regulate when we feel pleasure, pain, arousal, comfort, stress, and tiredness. The enzymes in this system are called endocannabinoids, and our bodies produce them naturally with or without weed. THC gets us high because it acts enough like these enzymes to bind to our cannabinoid receptors. CBD, on the other hand, supports the health of our body’s endocannabinoids so they can do their jobs better and for longer. Scientists are still discovering all the helpful cannabinoids that plants hold, and what each one is best for. Research also suggests that CBD can help combat the opioid crisis. More people are growing their own plant medicine and using cannabis as a replacement for prescription pain medicine.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Yukon

Legal weed is bringing whole new worlds of healthier pot ingestion to the Yukon. Here’s a primer on some of the most popular ones. Both vape cartridges and PAX pods are available at Yukon dispensaries. Flavours like Pineapple Express and Lemon Haze are easy to parse, while others such as Trainwreck will attract users who already have a favourite strain. Vapes with adjustable temperatures are a great way to experience the trendy new world of terpene profiles, with different temperatures bringing out totally new sides of familiar strains.

Gummies are some of the most popular edibles on the market right now. They usually only taste a little bit like ganja and come in a wide variety of flavours and potencies. Legally, gummies have to be sold with no more than ten milligrams of THC per pack, though the grey market sells larger ones with up to one thousand milligrams. For daytime use by seasoned weed fans, a ten milligram gummy will take the edge off an afternoon, whereas a ten-milligram indica gummy might put a beginner user to sleep for up to fourteen hours!

Pot oils that are taken sublingually contain cannabinoid isolates. THC, CBD, or both, have been put into a carrier oil for precise dosage. Peppermint has been added to some of them, but most products are unflavoured and don’t have any added sugar. Ratios like one to fifteen mean that for every one milligram of THC in the bottle, there are fifteen CBD milligrams.

Yukon’s Best Cannabis Accessories

Smoking dank is still the fastest and most popular way to ingest cannabis, and at a certain point, regular smokers figure out what their favourite tools are. Grinders, papers, and lighters all have their high and low-end versions. Acrylic and wood grinders are useful and will suit occasional users just fine. Folks looking to optimize their experience choose three-chamber metal grinders that store kief and pre-busted flowers. Cleaning metal grinders can be done using a combination of heat, water, and isopropyl, though the screen level should not touch the water. Alternately, grinding sage and mullein are ideal for regular maintenance without affecting the taste of your buds.

Papers come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours now. If you are smoking regularly, using quality papers can mean the difference between a smoker’s cough and a light singe in the throat. Unbleached hemp papers made with Arabic gum glue are considered the least impactful joint casings, health-wise. Blunts and flavoured papers have their place, but the rule is generally the thinner and less processed, the better.

Lighters and torches may seem like the same thing to novices but the temperature for combusting or vaping weed can change the experience entirely. Torches are used for vaporizing, and they heat the pot to a higher temperature than simple combustion. Those four flame torches you see aren’t just for show-offs. It’s not as safe or precise to use a lighter to dab, and the effects vary a lot.

Best Canadian Sativas in Yukon 2022

What are the best sativas to grow in the Yukon this year for discerning cultivators? We’re glad you asked! Harlequin Sativa seeds are a funny mix of Columbian Gold, Thai and Swiss sativas with Nepali indicas. The result is a twelve to fifteen percent THC psychedelic but relaxing crop. HQ is used for a mix of inflammation and mental health woes. Its mango and citrus flavour is created by the terpenes nerol, pinene, limonene, and humulene. This one can make up to four hundred grams per plant or square metre in eight to ten weeks.

Super Silver Haze seeds combine Northern Lights with Haze and Skunk. These sticky, enormous plants take nine to eleven weeks to grow up to half a kilo of weed with an eighteen percent THC content. Its flavours are a mix of spices, citruses, herbs, and funky fuel, with caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene as its major terpenes. SSS has a trippy, uplifting, and excitable high suitable for folks suffering from ADD, fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds take the heavy-hitting attributes of its predecessor and doubles them. The zombifying, cerebral high is thanks to a thirty percent THC content. Myrcene makes this strain both earthy and sweet with notes of citrus and diesel. It’s perfect for anxiety, fatigue, migraines, nausea, arthritis, depression, and stress. This green giant can make half a kilogram of buds in nine to eleven weeks. All of these sativa superheroes and more can be yours thanks to Weed Seeds Canada!

Best Canadian Indicas in Yukon 2022

The most rewarding indicas to grow in the Yukon are little feminized and auto-flowering gems that pack a punch. For a strain that combats anxiety, stress, insomnia, and migraines, try growing Taskenti Feminized seeds. This all-female lineup brings a tingly and euphoric high and tastes like a sour lemon thanks to the terpenes limonene and myrcene. It makes six or seven hundred grams of bud per plant in eight to ten weeks with up to eighteen percent THC. Its genetics are a mix between Northern Lights and a mysterious indica landrace.

An intense and uplifting strain, Candyland Peyote Feminized seeds produce up to eight hundred grams per plant outdoors in eight to ten weeks of production. Buds can have up to twenty-four percent THC in their berry, coffee, and vanilla bouquet. It’s a creative and relaxing strain that is used for everything from Crohn’s disease to anxiety. This is another psychedelic ganja with a THC content of up to twenty-four percent. For folks who want to be sure that they can get a crop outdoors in the Yukon’s unpredictable summer climates, Autoflowering Runtz seeds are an easy and trendy choice. Runtz is one of the most popular and potent strains of the last few years. This lemon and skunk superstar can make up to six hundred grams per plant of weed that boasts a twenty-eight percent THC content in only nine to ten weeks! With seeds like this, it’s no wonder all the professionals come to Pot Seeds Canada!

Yukon’s Best THC Seeds

The strongest THC strains can be the most rewarding to grow. For a unique and euphoric high, Star Killer feminized seeds are a great place to start. With a THC inclusion of up to twenty-eight percent and less than two percent CBD, SK can produce up to six hundred grams per plant in nine to ten weeks. Its pungent, skunky pine flavours come from this strain’s caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. It’s suitable for use by folks who need help with insomnia, fatigue, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and depression. Star Killer Regular seeds give you the option of growing males as well if you are looking to breed some plants and make your own seeds. It has the same THC and CBD inclusion, plus the same yield as its feminized siblings. Sometimes it blooms a little earlier than the feminized version, with eight to ten weeks quoted as its flowering time.

With anywhere from twenty-seven to thirty percent THC, Critical Widow Feminized seeds can grow up to half a kilogram of citrus-smelling buds in eight to ten weeks. This plant is the result of combining Critical Mass and White Widow. It’s used for hypertension, glaucoma, migraines, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and stress. The high is euphoric and tingly, with a giggly talkative vibe, especially at first. This isn’t the easiest strain in the world to grow but with a little patience and care, it can do wonders. When you need to get super high, super-fast, Marijuana Seeds Canada has the goods!

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In YT, Canada

The benefits of growing weed compounds over time. When you first start cultivating your own seeds, you’re learning a new hobby that engages you with living things. Once you’ve harvested and cured your first batch the rewards are epic. The money you save by not purchasing ganja from dispensaries with those sky-high northern prices is worth bragging about. After a little bit of practice and research, recreational growers can figure out how to get big yields of dank and potent strains. Medicinal users will get a sense of self-sufficiency when they begin growing their very own medicine. Both these groups benefit at the breeding stage when they know enough to engineer their own strains specially formulated to meet their individual needs. As a potential endgame, once you’re a real green thumb, countless chronic pain sufferers and lifelong stoners have gotten themselves back into the job market thanks to their cannabis-growing abilities.

As for why you should grow seeds specifically, that’s about the stability and robustness of the crop. Clones might populate a hydroponic table quickly and pump out a uniform product but only seeds can get the massive yields and fabulous flavours of primo chronic. Seed populations have more genetic diversity than clone populations, which can safeguard against pests and mould wiping out your entire crop due to similar tolerances and weaknesses. Plants with fully developed root systems are the only ones that can grow to maximum height, which can maximize the yield of any given crop.
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Plan Your Yukon Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Before buying seeds, decide if you are growing indoors or outdoors. Most Yukon growers choose indoors since environmental conditions are easier to control. Plants inside can be grown year-round regardless of what the sun is doing. Indoor cultivation also protects plants from random thieves of the human and animal variety. To prepare your space for indoor cultivation, you may need to seal up the cracks and floors of an entire warehouse or a room, depending on the size of your growing operation. Most personal use growers rely on a growing tent, which can contain a two-plant set up, plus lights, and a fan in a space the size of a closet.

Outdoors in the Yukon, you’ll need to prep the soil. It must be between a pH of five and seven and might need up to a week to mature. There are blog posts on this site with information on how to make the best soil for your growing situation. Your outdoor space will need to get ample direct sunlight and be shielded from the wind and rain but provide a lot of air circulation. We suggest using a greenhouse for maximum protection. Remember that weed needs to be grown out of sight of people passing by and ne’er do wells who might want to steal your plants, so consider disguising them with some companion plants. Tomatoes, basil, and lavender are excellent choices and will also attract even more beneficial insects. We’ve got all kinds of auto-flowering plants that are perfect for outdoor Yukon growing at Marijuana Seeds Canada.

When To Sprout Marijuana Seeds in Yukon

If you are growing outdoors in the Yukon, you will still want to start your seeds indoors a few weeks before transplanting them outdoors. Auto-flowering plants require at least two weeks of nursing before they’re ready to be put to work. Depending on how far north you are, sprouting seeds for outdoor growth will happen in mid-May or whenever the risk of the last frost has truly passed. Marijuana needs ambient temperatures upwards of seventeen degrees both day and night to thrive, so watch the weather reports carefully. Auto-flowering plants can produce harvests in as little as two months but some of them need up to three to sparkle, so try to get seeds in as early as possible.

Pot Seeds Canada swears by the paper towel method of germination. Arrange your seeds on a wet paper towel that’s been placed on a clean dinner plate. Use tweezers, distilled water, and a clean plate to minimize the number of germs and contaminants involved. Cover the seeds with another wet paper towel and place another dinner plate on top. Place the plates in a warm, dry, and dark place. Check the seeds every day, rehydrating the towels when needed. In one to six days, or when sprouts are about a centimetre long, they’re ready to be placed in a coco coir nest. Keep them at sixty-five percent ambient humidity, with up to twenty-four hours of sunshine or red and blue LED lights until they have at least two pairs of true leaves.

Growing Weed in Yukon

The climate in the Yukon is subarctic. Lots of folks prefer to grow indoors in the Yukon for the obvious reason that they can start and finish a crop without having to think about the weather. For small-scale growers, an initial investment of a growing tent, fan, and a strip of blue, red, and full-spectrum LED lights may be all they need to get growing.

Arctic climates can often be a boon to growers because they can take advantage of those long summer days! Some auto-flowering plants love the Yukon’s short growing season and its midnight sun. With more sunlight comes more resin, and with more resin comes a higher production of cannabinoids and terpenes. The other reality is that colder air can carry less humidity. Many plants that suffer from an excess of moisture will thrive in the Yukon if they’re protected from the cold. Less moisture and heat also mean less risk of pest and mould infiltration. Drying and curing also become easier in these conditions, which can cut down on energy costs. Greenhouse growing pairs the sustainability of outdoor growing with the protection of indoors. Novice growers should start with an easy strain, like Critical Widow or Gorilla Glue. These auto-flowering plants flower depending on how old they are instead of how much darkness there is. This enables Yukon auto-flowering plants to thrive. Growing your own cannabis means you know exactly what goes into the process, so you don’t have to wonder what pesticides, fertilizer, or other garden amendments may have been utilized. Buy your dream seeds at Pot Seeds Canada!

Harvesting in Yukon

Weed outdoors in the Yukon should be brought in well before the first frost, sometime in September. A little more time can be taken for plants grown in heated greenhouses. Just before you are ready to harvest, it’s important to flush the plants by feeding them nothing but water for one to two weeks before cutting them down. This cleans out any extra nutrient buildup in the plant tissues. You will need to gather some important tools for harvesting. You will need gloves, rags, isopropyl, and at least two pairs each of pruning shears and manicuring snips to keep you rolling even when your snips need cleaning. The sticky buds will also make your clothing smelly and sticky when you are working with dank weed. Drying racks, a clothesline, and lots of humidity measuring devices are also needed. After you have worked long and hard to grow and harvest your weed, you need to put the same effort into the end result.

The golden rule is that THC is at the highest in plants, and your crop is ready to be harvested when trichomes are eighty percent white with just a few amber and clear ones in the mix. To see this clearly, you may want to purchase a jeweler’s loupe or a small magnifying glass that will enable you to inspect the trichomes. If you like your weed to be less potent and more mellow, wait until a larger portion of the trichomes turns golden. Pistil hairs will also turn deeper orange and curl at this point.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Yukon

Improper storage of cannabis flower can quickly become a nightmare, so you need to be picky at this stage of your home grow. If your crop is particularly wet, trim buds directly from the plant and shape them before placing them on drying racks. Don’t let them dry too fast though! Rapid drying can leave their centres damp and outsides brittle. For slower drying, cut your whole plant down and stick it on a clothesline for up to two weeks somewhere warm and well ventilated with indirect light. Trim off any fan leaves right away, leaving just the buds and their stems. Once they are dry, shape the buds by trimming sugar leaves until only cones of flower remain. The harvest is ready to preserve when the stems snap easily.

Fill wide mouth mason jars two thirds full of buds. Put a relative humidity gauge, and a hygrometre in each jar and seal the lids. Open the lids for an hour or two every day for three weeks, checking the humidity. If the buds are too dry, add a moisture pack and leave them alone for a few days. If they are too wet, leave them out of the jar for two hours and add more air space between buds. You will know it’s just right when the RH stays between sixty and sixty-five percent regularly. This can take three weeks to six months to complete, but the result is an incredibly tasty smoke. Buds can be stored in a cool dry place in airtight jars for up to six months. Use vacuum-sealed containers for long-term storage.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Weed in Yukon

Fun fact, the oldest bong ever found was made of gold in the Arctic more than two thousand years ago! With all of the new scientific preparations and discoveries in the world of cannabis these days, it may feel intimidating to begin exploring the vast landscape, but you will discover what works for you. Waterless pipes have been in use for tens of thousands of years and can be made of wood, ceramics, bone, metal, glass, plastic, or even pieces of fruit. Glass and metal pipes are the highest quality and easiest to clean. Soak them in isopropyl for a few hours, then heat, scrub, and rinse the resin out of them for better-tasting tokes.

Marijuana drinks have rapidly risen in popularity over the last four years, with a wide variety available. Yukon stores sell a mix of tea bags, canned sparkling sodas, and sweet teas that generally carry from two to ten milligrams of THC, CBD, or both. Pot drinks are a discreet way to consume a precise dose of weed.

Cannabis edibles can be one of the strongest and longest-lasting ways to use ganja, especially when taken with saturated fat on an empty stomach just before a large meal. Scientists are currently verifying findings that combining pot and cocoa can enhance the psychoactivity of THC, making chocolate edibles potentially more powerful than their non-cocoa counterparts. Baking your own pot brownies or making oil infusions can be an easy and fun project that often extends the life of a stash.

Yukon’s Cannabis Culture

The delightfully weird and creative side of the Yukon is very familiar with pot, though a rural and close-knit population makes internet publishing of events less common than in other places. In 2005, twenty percent of the population of the Yukon admitted to having used cannabis in the last year, and that number held steady in another 2015 survey by Canadian Community Health Services. That’s a higher per capita rate of use than Nova Scotia, which is the province with the most stoners! However, given that the Yukon population in 2005 was just over thirty thousand people, that’s only six thousand stoners, or roughly eight thousand now. In the 2020 to 2021 fiscal year, Yukon pot was a six million dollar industry before GST. Given the higher prices of cannabis in the Yukon, this amounts to five hundred and eighty kilograms of dried flower, more than two thousand five hundred kilos of edibles, two hundred and twenty-six kilos of extracts, and only six hundred and forty-four seeds!

The first-ever Yukon CannaCup happened in August of 2021, with a group of competitors battling one another to grow the best batch of Autoflowering Gorilla Glue 4, with contestants including local dope mainstays Triple Js and Northern Hempisphere. The Yukon also began its first large-scale growing operation in April of 2021, with a greenhouse run by ArcticPharm just north of Whitehorse. The market for local cannabis right now is based on organic products grown using low-intensity and environmentally responsible methods.

Buy Weed Seeds in YT, Canada

Yukon residents can legally buy seeds for germination and grow up to four plants per household. Owning one seed is seen the same as owning a gram of dried bud. Households are usually defined as places that have separate living conditions and leases or deeds associated with them. You can’t grow plants in plain view of the public. That means that plants can’t be visible from the street or sidewalk, from any parks or schools, or otherwise adjacent public spaces that might be close to your property. Plants have to be grown at your own house, and the people who grow them with you have to also live with you. The Yukon Liquor Commission is the only certified company that can sell and deliver marijuana, but it is legal to order seeds online and have them shipped to you.

People in the Yukon over the age of nineteen can buy up to thirty grams at a time and carry that much in public. It can only be consumed on private property or spaces where it’s legally allowed. You can’t smoke or vape near kids, healthcare workers, the infirmed, or anyone who asks you to stop. It’s illegal to go to work high unless you have a medical exemption. Landlords can decide whether or not tenants can smoke weed indoors. It’s also illegal to be visibly stoned in a public space, and cops can take you into custody until you sober up, like the drunk tank but for greening out aliens!

Buy Medical Weed in Yukon

Medical weed has been legal in Yukon since 2001 when the early editions of the current Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations were put into place. Physicians need to have exhausted all other options or be reasonably sure that cannabis will improve a patient’s situation. It’s not always easy to find physicians to assess a patient’s needs and create a prescription. Prescriptions for medical dank are tailored to individuals and consider a person’s health and possible interactions with other prescribed medications. For most of the early 2000s, medical ganja was tough to get in the Yukon. In August of 2019, Shoppers Drug Mart worked on allowing medical pot patients to order ganja via their online store. They’ve been rolling out a referral system as well, helping to connect Yukoners with doctors who can assess their need for medical herbs and, if appropriate, determine a personalized treatment plan. From there it’s possible to apply with Health Canada to begin ordering medicinal chronic online.

People with prescriptions are often allowed to grow more than four plants at a time to ensure their access to their medicine. Medical users are also exempt from the law prohibiting public consumption provided the chronic isn’t smoked and isn’t used in a place where childcare is being conducted or ever has been conducted. Medicinal cannabis users are also allowed to consume edibles on boats, school grounds, and at bus stops provided they’re carrying their medical carrier card.

Yukon’s History of Weed Legalization

The psychoactive use of cannabis was legal but relatively rare in Canada up until 1923 when it was made illegal after an influential meeting of the League of Nations and a subsequent moral panic about its use. Hemp, which had been a staple crop of settler-colonial North America since the seventeenth century, fell under the same laws. However, a significant crackdown on ganja production didn’t begin in Canada until fifteen years later.

The mid-twentieth century saw a rise in pot production in Canada, after immigration from mainly the USA. Southeast Asia helped to combine Pacific, Caribbean, Latin American, and West Asian Mary Jane lineages in the Pacific Northwest. These genes spread a tradition of counter-culture growers up and down the continent, from Alaska to California via the Yukon and BC. While the majority of Canadians involved in western Canada’s elicit dope trade in the late twentieth century stayed in BC due to its more appropriate climate, weed was a cottage or basement industry for many small-time Yukon growers who cloistered a few plants away in their greenhouses each brief summer. In 2005, just four years after medical ganja was legalized, a survey indicated that twenty percent of adults in the Yukon had used marijuana at some point that year. The Yukon was one of the provinces that initially passed the Federal Cannabis Act with no amendments in 2018. The Yukon Cannabis Control and Regulation Act virtually copies the suggestions of federal legislation verbatim.

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