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Yukon Cannabis SeedsGrowing, smoking, eating and enjoying all of the benefits that weed has to offer is now the “new normal” for many people across the country, and even worldwide. The usage of cannabis no longer carries the stigma that it once did, and fortunately, the medical community has come to realize that pot has several medicinal benefits that most people can now take advantage of. If you love to grow your own batches of marijuana and take pride in your product, you may want to try our Yukon Cannabis Seeds, directly from I49, the leading online retail seed bank.

Why Choose I49
I49 is the most trusted and well-established company that specializes in providing the highest quality of premium seeds currently available, all at affordable prices and discreet shipping. We have the largest selection of several types of seed strains, such as auto-flower, easy to grow, and one of our most popular products, our Yukon Cannabis Seeds. Feminized seeds are also available, and these seeds produce the highest levels of TCH because the male plants are removed, creating a more vibrant and more productive crop.

Your Privacy Matters To Us
When you choose to make your purchases through I49, you can rest easy that your personal information and identity are never shared with any other businesses or individuals. We also ensure that your investments are discreetly packaged and shipped directly to your door, and through our easy to use online tracking, you’ll know exactly when you can expect your order to be delivered. There is no easier or safer way to get the products that you want and never need to worry about others ever knowing your business.

Our Products
Depending on the type of high you want to experience, and which types of seeds would grow the best in your environment, I49 has the selection that you’ve been looking for. You may not even realize this, but you can also purchase high-grade Yukon Cannabis Seeds directly through our online dispensary. We have such a fantastic inventory for you to browse through and research which strains of seeds you would like a chance to add to your grow-house collection.

Our seeds are hand-selected and thoroughly examined by our team of growing experts, and you can count on them being shipped within 24 house, ensuring that they are fresh and ready to plant. We also keep our products in a temperature-controlled environment, so there’s never any need to worry that the elements have damaged them. Having premium seeds right from the beginning guarantees that you will reap a bountiful harvest of the most exceptional marijuana crop ever.

So, if you take pride in your grow, and only the highest-quality of top-rated seeds will do, trust the experts at I49 to deliver the most sought-after and popular seeds in the country. Place your secure order today, and we’ll have your order shipped out immediately, anywhere throughout Canada, so you get going and get growing.

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