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Can You Purchase Cannabis Seeds in Yukon?


As Canada has allowed individual provinces and territories to determine their own laws surrounding the legalization of marijuana, it’s up to residents to know where they stand and what they can do. In Yukon, recreational marijuana is legal for adults over 19 years old, and it is possible for most residents to grow plants. Buying seeds is legal for everyone in Yukon, so browse our store now or read below to learn more before you start purchasing marijuana seeds.

The Laws Surrounding Marijuana in Yukon

Yukon’s medical marijuana laws have been the same since 2001. Anyone with a prescription is able to legally possess marijuana, with the amount depending on their prescription. As of 2018, recreational use has also been allowed under the Canadian Act. According to this act, however, all provinces and territories must create their own laws surrounding recreational use. For Yukon, the minimum age to possess cannabis is 19, and the maximum amount allowed is 30 grams of dried cannabis at once.

Those in Yukon are able to grow their own plants at home under the new laws. They are limited to 30 marijuana seeds that are intended for home growing and can only have up to four live plants at once time. Those who want to purchase marijuana already grown can only do so in one store right now, but they can order from the store online, and there are plans to open more stores in the future. It is possible to make homemade edibles or topicals, but they cannot be sold through the store.

Purchasing Seeds Legally in Yukon

Since it is legal to grow marijuana in Yukon, it is possible for all residents to purchase marijuana seeds legally. They are restricted to only 30 seeds at one time, and it is possible that they will not be able to grow even though marijuana cultivation is legal. Those who rent an apartment, for instance, can be banned from growing plants by the landlord. Homeowners can purchase cannabis seeds as well, but if they plan on growing, it is important to remember that marijuana cannot be grown where it can be viewed by others. This means the plants usually must be grown inside.

How to Buy Souvenir Seeds

The restrictions on growing may mean there are some who are unable to grow their own plants right now, whether it’s because they rent or they just don’t have space inside to dedicate to growing marijuana. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t purchase seeds. They may want to start a collection of souvenir seeds. They’ll be able to purchase the seeds they want online from a seed bank, then store them properly to ensure they are viable once the buyer can legally grow their own plants. If the buyer rents, for instance, they can start their collection now and start growing their own plants as soon as they purchase a home.

Understand the Types of Seeds Available

Before buying any strains, it’s important to understand what seeds to purchase. The exact seeds you’ll purchase can depend on the type of seeds you want to try as well as the particular strain to get the right kind of high. The various strains will include Sativa, Indica, and hybrid options. Sativa is known for producing a more energetic high and can help boost creativity. Indica is known for a more mellow high and is perfect for relaxing. Hybrid strains include both Sativa and Indica, so they can vary depending on the exact strain chosen.

Some Seeds You’ll Want to Try Today

There are three main types of seeds to consider before you choose a specific strain. It’s important to understand what the differences are so you can purchase the right seeds no matter which strain you’re interested in. The three types of seeds are regular, feminized, and auto-flowering.

Regular seeds produce both male and female plants. While these are the least expensive seeds in most cases, male plants will need to be disposed of before pollination can occur. This means the plants need to be watched carefully so the male plants are disposed of as soon as they can be detected. Popular strains for regular seeds include Early Durban Poison seeds and the Gorilla Glue #4 regular seeds.

The next option is feminized seeds. These seeds come from plants that are specially treated, so they only produce female plants. This means the grower doesn’t have to worry about male plants at all, which means they don’t require the grower to watch them as carefully as the regular seeds would. Popular feminized seeds right now include Fire OG feminized seeds and Legend OG feminized seeds.

Those who are new to growing or who want easy to care for plants might opt for auto-flowering seeds. These seeds produce female plants that will automatically flower at the right point in the plant’s lifecycle. This makes them the easiest option for beginners to try. Our most popular auto-flowering seeds right now are the Auto Blue Ice feminized seeds and the Auto White Widow feminized seeds.

Should You Buy from

If you’re looking to purchase marijuana seeds, we have the selection you’re after. We have many different strains available in all three types of cannabis seeds, so you can find the perfect seeds no matter what you’re looking for. We also offer advanced support so you can get help finding the right seeds or get answers to any questions you might have. We also package all seeds carefully to minimize the potential for damage and have the seeds shipped within 24 hours, so they reach your home faster.

Whether you can legally grow marijuana or not, if you’re in Yukon, it is legal to purchase and possess marijuana seeds. If you’re looking to start a collection or you’re ready to start growing your own plants, we have the perfect seeds for you. Browse our selection now to find the marijuana seeds you want to purchase or contact us with any questions.

Yukon Cannabis Seed Bank

Growing, smoking, eating and enjoying all of the benefits that weed has to offer is now the “new normal” for many people across the country, and even worldwide. The usage of cannabis no longer carries the stigma that it once did, and fortunately, the medical community has come to realize that pot has several medicinal benefits that most people can now take advantage of. If you love to grow your own batches of marijuana and take pride in your product, you may want to try our Yukon Cannabis Seeds, directly from I49, the leading online retail seed bank.

Why Choose I49
I49 is the most trusted and well-established company that specializes in providing the highest quality of premium seeds currently available, all at affordable prices and discreet shipping. We have the largest selection of several types of seed strains, such as auto-flower, easy to grow, and one of our most popular products, our Yukon Cannabis Seeds. Feminized seeds are also available, and these seeds produce the highest levels of TCH because the male plants are removed, creating a more vibrant and more productive crop.

Your Privacy Matters To Us
When you choose to make your purchases through I49, you can rest easy that your personal information and identity are never shared with any other businesses or individuals. We also ensure that your investments are discreetly packaged and shipped directly to your door, and through our easy to use online tracking, you’ll know exactly when you can expect your order to be delivered. There is no easier or safer way to get the products that you want and never need to worry about others ever knowing your business.

Our Products
Depending on the type of high you want to experience, and which types of seeds would grow the best in your environment, I49 has the selection that you’ve been looking for. You may not even realize this, but you can also purchase high-grade Yukon Cannabis Seeds directly through our online dispensary. We have such a fantastic inventory for you to browse through and research which strains of seeds you would like a chance to add to your grow-house collection.

Our seeds are hand-selected and thoroughly examined by our team of growing experts, and you can count on them being shipped within 24 house, ensuring that they are fresh and ready to plant. We also keep our products in a temperature-controlled environment, so there’s never any need to worry that the elements have damaged them. Having premium seeds right from the beginning guarantees that you will reap a bountiful harvest of the most exceptional marijuana crop ever.

So, if you take pride in your grow, and only the highest-quality of top-rated seeds will do, trust the experts at I49 to deliver the most sought-after and popular seeds in the country. Place your secure order today, and we’ll have your order shipped out immediately, anywhere throughout Canada, so you get going and get growing.

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Yukon Cannabis Seed Bank

Yukon Cannabis Seed BankUnderstanding the Yukon cannabis seed bank

Yukon has one of the best soils for growing marijuana. However, if you don’t plant the right seeds, you will end up with poor harvests. First-time weed growers are among the most affected since they have little idea about growing this magical plant. Some purchase seed from the dispensaries which may not do well when planted either indoor or outdoor. A good seed is well sorted and selected by experts. The strains available should also be well indicated on the pack to avoid confusion. Cannabis seeds are identical. Therefore you can rarely tell the strains you are about to purchase apart by just looking at them. Make sure the seed bank vendor has an experienced team that will guarantee high-quality seeds as well as provide you with your favourite strain.

Why purchasing cannabis seed from a marijuana dispensary is not a good idea?

Many growers prefer purchasing cannabis seeds from the clinics in Yukon which can be very risky especially if you aim to sell the harvests. The dispensaries offer the seeds for medical use and not for growing. On the other hand, there is a high chance that you may not get your favourite strain from the dispensary. Many marijuana clinics only stock seeds generally, and they rarely sort them since majority acquire them from the farms without any expert selection.

What are the benefits of purchasing seed from our company?

As a weed grower once you purchase marijuana seed from our company you have the opportunity to enjoy the following advantages;
You will get cannabis seeds that are easy to grow and that will guarantee you excellent harvests. Our seed bank is prepared and packed by experts who monitor the seeds from the time they germinate.

Our seeds are well-preserved and are not prone to pests’ attacks. Low-quality seeds can get infections easily which in turn will deny you a significant yield. Our team of experts use the best methods to store and preserve the seeds to keep them healthy up to a point it gets to the grower.
Purchasing marijuana seed from our company, will earn you discounts and more so if you make bulk purchases. We also deliver the seed at your doorstep on the same day you make an order.

Our team of experts will also offer you free advice and consultation services if you are a first-time weed grower. Feel free to ask any questions and kindly let them know if it’s your first time growing cannabis.

Where can you grow cannabis seeds?

Marijuana is not a stubborn plant once you get the right seeds. You can grow cannabis outdoor or indoor depending on your desire and the state regulations. However, when making the order call the customer help desk to help you choose the right seeds that will do well where you would like to grow the plant. Some strains do well when grown outdoor while others provide good yields if planted indoors. You can contact us today at 1-888-544-4949 for more information about the Yukon cannabis seed bank.

Yukon Marijuana Seed Bank

Yukon Marijuana Seed BankHow to Choose the Right Yukon marijuana seed bank

Growing marijuana can be an exciting and satisfying experience. However, for any grower, there are basic things to take into consideration. First, there is a need to make sure you choose the right seed because that is the most crucial factor in the growth process. Nowadays, cannabis is developed through a wide range of varieties and is made to meet different purposes. You will find many cannabis seed bank vendors on the market claiming to be the best which sometimes confuses many plant growers. There are many details to pay attention to before purchasing cannabis seeds.

Some of the crucial things to take into consideration include;

Strain type availability
Cannabis strains are available in different types. Cannabis plants are available in different varieties with each having specific features each designed for unique purposes. It is essential that you gather all the necessary information to see if the seed bank you are interested in has what you are looking for. Find out the best seed bank that will enable you to grow your favourite marijuana strain. The commonly used and well-known strains are easy to find in many seed banks.

Shipping range
Cannabis seeds are not rare to find, and many companies sell them across the world. Before buying any cannabis seeds, it is paramount to ensure that the company has a good reputation and is well-managed. The right marijuana seed comes in original packaging and is sealed for maximum security. Before making an order, it’s necessary to check out the shipping range of the company if it will deliver the seeds in your area.

The payment method
Of late there are many payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal and many others. The method used varies from one company to another, and it’s advisable you check if the method is convenient for you before making any order. Choose the company that will offer the best Yukon marijuana seeds, and you can pay using your favourite method.

Check out reviews
The easiest way of gathering information on a particular seed bank is by checking what people have to say about it. The impression from previous and existing customers should enable you to decide if you should order from a particular company. The reviews sum up the reputation of any organization, and it’s hard to make a mistake if used well. A happy and satisfied customer can’t hide the joy as well as the disappointment when the order is not up to standard. Check the customer reviews on various company websites before you settle on the one with an excellent reputation.

There are many factors to consider in the process of choosing the right seed bank, and there is a need to gather all the necessary information before going down that road. Also, ensure you are familiar with the laws in your area concerning cannabis to avoid getting into trouble. After following the above insights, you will be able to get the right cannabis seed bank and make a good investment. For more information or if you want to make an order on our website, reach out to our help desk which is always open 24/7. Call us at 1-888-544-4949.

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