The Best Cannabis Seeds in Nunavut 2022

When you start a search for the best cannabis seeds Nunavut, you will find some of the high THC, medically potent, and fast-growing strains of 2022. Although many seed banks claim to sell the most effective, highest quality weed seeds, not all of them are worthy. Weed Seeds Canada carries more than 500 of the world’s most awarded and historically pronounced strains. They are expertly stored and come from experienced seed breeders. Recreational cannabis was legalized in 2018 so it is not surprising to see so many home cultivators getting busy in the garden. Even though plants in Nunavut have to endure severe climate conditions, they can eke it out despite the permafrost. If you like sweet, tangy, citrus, and tropical fruit sativas, we have them. When it’s the most booming berry, earthy, piney pot you need to puff, our selection of the most effective indicas in the business will come to the rescue. We have the most euphoric, trippiest, stimulating, and arousing amalgam of antidotes designed to wash worry away and open the doors to a whole new world. The five-alarm collection housed here is packed with natural, automatic, photo fem, and fast flowering strains. Medical marijuana has been legal here since 2001 and our medical seeds are primed to penetrate even the most stubborn of afflictions and deliver relief. When you partner with Weed Seeds Canada to bag yourself all the high-test, high-octane, and heavy-hitting weed seeds, your future success is as dazzling as the northern lights. 

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Nunavut

Starting a crop of cannabis with the right seeds will result in a bountiful crop. When you buy from a reputable seed bank you never have to worry about genetics. At Weed Seeds, our mission is to deliver top-quality seeds with stellar genetics. You can’t go wrong with our selection of high-quality seeds, and our commitment to client services. We are also dedicated to maintaining your anonymity from shopping to delivery. Our collection is made up of all the best names in cannabis and we store our seeds according to strict viability standards. Our team is guided by better business practices. We love weed and we devote ourselves to helping you see growing success. We offer lock-tight security and will never sell you out. When you shop with us, you get to choose from hundreds of seeds, all of them capable of delivering just the kind of harvests you seek. On top of an exceptional shopping experience, we offer a range of payment options, so whatever your situation, we have an eCommerce solution to match.

When you place an order, whether private, wholesale, or bulk, we offer speedy and nondescript shipping. The larger the order, the better the deal, and, no matter what the size, your package can arrive in as little as five days. We ship with strict standards as well, so your seeds never fail to arrive in tip-top condition, ready to be placed into your grow or collection as soon as you open the box. 

Nunavut’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There is no question that Nunavut’s best online Canadian seed bank is Weed Seeds Canada. However, we understand that it is not enough to claim such a lofty position without backing it up. When it comes down to staying at home in your PJs or going out into the frozen wilderness on a hit or miss hunt for seeds, the answer becomes clear.

Rule number one is that a professional seed bank stores its seeds properly. Our seeds are never exposed to light, heat, or moisture and we maintain the highest standards of excellence. Getting up, getting out, and driving or sledding to a store where you can view and choose the seeds you purchase may sound like a fun Saturday, but those seeds may not be worth planting. They have been taken out of their cases, where they are poked and prodded, and exposed to environmental fluctuations. They may not even be kept in a cooler, let alone a state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage facility. Even if the seeds at a shop are stored well, that doesn’t mean that they arrived in one piece or that their previous caretaker took care of them.

We purchase directly from the grower and our seeds go straight into storage without delay. We don’t even open the door until you ask us to, and then we move swiftly. Our seed experts hand-select your seeds and place them into packaging where they receive the utmost care. You should not assume that all seed banks are into the effective parenting and storage of seeds.

Nunavut’s Best Canadian CBD Products

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has proven itself as an anti-inflammatory, and stress reliever. In some cases, it has helped treat serious illness in certain age groups and individuals. The best Canadian CBD is harvested from plant material, isolated, and incorporated into a vast diversity of effective products, all aimed at helping people feel better.

Cold can get into your bones and there are few better ways to unwind at the end of a long shift than a CBD back rub, foot rub, or full-body treatment. CBD is non-intoxicating, so no matter what time of day you need to destress or shake those aches and pains, cannabidiol comes to the rescue. CBD can be added to edibles and imagination is the only limit there. Topicals include creams, oils, sprays, lotions, salves, and balms and they are all beneficial in their own ways. Cannabis flowers rich in CBD are available in partnership ratios with THC and terpenes, suited to whatever you need. If you require something that is heavily medicinal and mildly intoxicating, or heavily intoxicating and mildly medicinal, we have every type of CBD seed there is.

The benefits of CBD are evidenced in reports from prestigious Canadian medical institutions, including McGill University and the Centre for Medical Cannabis Research. When you incorporate plant medicine into your health regime, anxiety can be lifted and replaced with serenity. Why use addictive pharmaceuticals when nature’s purest elements can relieve stress and tension? There are even cases where CBD has helped to halt and help reverse early-stage cancers. 

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Nunavut

Deciding what are the best gummies, vapes, and oils in Nunavut is always a personal choice. There are hundreds of products on the market, so to try them all might be a bit of a tall order. Some of this region’s professionals are pumping out some high-test treats but you can make your own gummies with your homegrown stash. There are a lot of recipes for edibles and if you have a few cooking skills, you too can be a cannabis chef.

The most popular gummies are the CBD variety, though heavy-hitting, high THC candy creations abound here as well. Gummies hit more physically than your average joint. They are an effective choice if you are experiencing aches and pains but need to carry on with your workday. Vaping is one of the industry’s fastest-rising stars. Though there are copious amounts of waste associated with the vaping industry, producers are exploring the most sustainable ways to package and distribute their products. Having a CBD-heavy, super tasty sativa slush in the morning and a nice balanced hybrid mid-day diamond in the afternoon is a practice many have adopted and have seen an increased quality of life with.

The tastiest, most promising, heaviest hitting, and most exciting products include these top-tier edibles and extracts but there is another cannabis creature that has been around for ages. Pot oil extracted from cannabis plants can help you with the daily grind. Some of the most potent oils manufactured in Canada are awarded for their clarity, taste, and fragrance. 

Nunavut’s Best Cannabis Accessories

Nunavut’s best cannabis accessories can make your experience with marijuana next level! Cannabis accessories range from grinders, papers, lighters, pipes, bongs, dab rigs, carrying cases, and a diversity of other carefully crafted equipment. Nunavut is known throughout Canada for its amazing artists. Master carvers have been etching pipes long before marijuana was legal, and their functional artwork is the envy of the rest of the world.

Hand-blown glass bongs not only provide a smooth smoking experience but also look pretty. If you want to wave the weed banner, you can find hand-stitched bags and hemp clothing and accessories including hats, satchels, shirts, and even shoes. You can also find beautiful glass containers to store your cannabis. They are airtight and complete with humidity packs to ensure freshness. Windproof and freezeproof lighters are also a high priority here. There is nothing worse than being out in the elements only to find that your fluid has frozen, or the flame isn’t strong enough to hold up to an icy breeze. What you need is up to you but as with all aspects of northern living, it pays to be prepared.

When you are simply chilling at home, there is such a diversity of bongs and rigs that shopping for the perfect one can feel a little like being a kid in a candy store. Nunavut doesn’t have a lot of dispensaries, but online retailers are in full swing, and they often ship with a protection guarantee for the products you carefully select and purchase. 

Best Canadian Sativas in Nunavut 2022

When you have all you need and are ready for some seeds, here are a few suggestions from our list of the best Canadian sativas for Nunavut in 2022.

Jack Herer sativa seeds come from one of the most awarded strains of all time. Simple to grow and delivering up to 500 grams per plant of shimmering buds in eight to ten weeks, this sativa is fast. Boasting 24% THC and a mountain of calming, creative, and energizing effects, Jack Herer seeds are worthy of a spot in your garden.

When you want a super special and rare award-winner to get you going, Strawberry Cough seeds are both fun and funky enough to keep you coming back for more. With 20% THC and 550 grams per plant in nine to eleven weeks, these seeds are dank. This strain made it to the silver screen for its creative focus delivered through a sweet and herbaceous earthy berry blast.

Autoflowering Pineapple seeds make it easy to grow some of the best buds in the business. In no need of a flip, these stones deliver 250 grams per plant. Big, fluffy buds boast 21% THC and offer the full gamut of tropical fruit flavours and aromas. They are simple to manage, and it only takes eight to ten weeks from seed to see these things from birth to bong. The melange of euphoric and calming effects is considered both recreational and medicinal. There is no doubt that Nunavut loves its sativas, so hop on over to Weed Seeds and find all your favourites.   

Best Canadian Indicas in Nunavut 2022

Nunavut likes to chill, so we have picked out a few of the best indicas for you to grow and enjoy for your sedative needs in 2022.

Blood Diamond OG feminized seeds take only eight to ten weeks to grow 500 grams of 25% THC-laden gems. Euphoric and arousing, calming and uplifting, these herbal citrus buds are known to combat muscle spasms, pain, and fatigue and deliver a deep and rejuvenating sleep. Blood Diamond is the ideal green when that midnight sun is driving you nuts.

Famous the world over, Cheese feminized seeds are Afghani/Skunk #1 super stones which are simple to grow, resilient, and just the right type of genetic makeup for Nunavut. With 17% THC, the big basket of pain-killing, and tranquilizing buds will also offer cheery effects. Cultivators can expect 500 grams per plant of musky, skunky, and cheesy buds. Cheese has bagged the highest accolades and most prodigious awards.

Autoflowering Wedding Cake seeds make chasing the rainbow an easy goal to achieve in eight to ten weeks. All girls, 220 grams per plant, sweet and punky citrus, vanilla, and pine flavours and aromas, and giggly and euphoric sedation are just the start with this technicolor dreamboat. Soothe your painful joints, rest that spine, and depart from anxiety and stress with 20% THC and versatile terpenes. Whether you need auto fem, photo fem, or straight-up regular indica seeds, our collection of hundreds is relied upon again and again by growers all over Nunavut.  

Nunavut’s Best THC Seeds

Sometimes you just want to get blasted. For those moments when nothing but Nunavut’s best THC seeds will do, we have your back.

If you want an indica-heavy, 30% THC knockout, you can grow it! Grease Monkey feminized seeds are some of the highest power stones on the market. They are pungent, skunky, sweet, and nutty, and the earthy diesel bouquet is a treat for the senses. Up to 600 grams per plant in just eight to ten weeks are what you can expect of this powerhouse. Expect some euphoric uplifts and sleepy and hungry relaxation after a session but be careful because this marauding mechanic is not for the faint of heart.

Sativa hybrid hulks like Bruce Banner 2.0 feminized seeds need no pitch for growers to be sold on their prowess. 30% THC, creative and relaxing focus, 500 grams per plant or m2, and a thick and spicy citrus diesel profile mean a great time for everyone. Nine to eleven weeks from the flip is all it takes to master this charge, so strap in and wash your cares away with these stupendous seeds.

Black Widow Feminized Seeds offer simple growability, sweet and skunky pine profiles, and 450 grams per m2 in eight to ten weeks. A calming and creative euphoria takes hold fast, lifting consumers to lofty heights before a soothing plummet to the other side. 28% THC and potent terpenes offer an exciting experience and some freedom from physical turmoil. With the most potent THC, the Pot Seeds Canada collection can offer you a trip that knows no bounds. 

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In NU, Canada

Many folks wonder why they should grow seeds, and how they will even thrive, especially in a place like NU, Canada. The truth is that this northern territory is an ideal place to grow your own. Liquor control boards and limited dispensaries make shopping for the diversity you need a bit of a bother but our collection of over 500 of the best strains on earth makes every minute in the grow space worthwhile.

We offer numerous speedy autoflowers suited to Nunavut climates, though we recommend putting together a controlled indoor environment where you can grow anything. Tents, rooms, and heated greenhouses are all fantastic places to cultivate cannabis and, since it is legal in this country, there is no limit to the strains you can take charge of. Growing your own with Weed Seeds means you control the weed in your life. You get to choose what to grow and how to grow it. You can go organic, use synthetic mediums, soil, hydro, or coir. When you grow your own you always have the strains that you love to fill the gaps in your health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Growing your own from seed also saves money. There is a learning curve but resources abound and our informative germination and grow guides offer a basic introduction, so your seeds start off right. Whether you like high THC, high CBD, medicinally inspired, award-winning, auto, fast, feminized, regular strains, or all of the above, our collection provides residents of Nunavut with every reason to grow from seed.

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Plan Your Nunavut Garden or Grow Op in Advance

No matter where you live in the world it always pays to plan. When you live in Nunavut, where the growing season is just a couple of short months, careful planning and preparation can mean the difference between success and failure.

Growing requires a stable environment, lights, humidity, airflow, nutrients, and a daily dark period. Start with the space and make sure that no light can get in or out. Next, choose your lights. High-powered LEDs are the most popular and least expensive, and they offer full-spectrum light, which is important to cannabis crops. It gets dry here, so a humidifier is a very important piece of equipment. Fans accompany the humidifier, and it is critical to ensure every square centimetre of your grow space air is constantly on the move. Air filtration and extraction are often necessary to control the grow space smell. Weed is a stinky creature and, depending on your rental agreement, there may be issues with odors, so play smart.

Another important point to consider is what nutrients to use and what you need to have ready. Cannabis requires macro, micro, and trace nutrients to thrive, and some of them, such as nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium are necessary with almost every feeding. Soil construction is imperative and being able to appropriately feed the microbes within it has a large impact on your crop’s health. Once you have the space dialed in, you can pick the genetics to match your preferences.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Nunavut

No matter whether you are growing auto, fast, photo fem, or regular strain seeds, they need to be germinated before they start to grow. Sprouting seeds in Nunavut requires no extra care than doing so anywhere else but it is imperative to get it right or there will be no crop to speak of. However, due to the latitude, pretty much everything but the late flowering stage is better done inside.

Given that any successful grow operating in Nunavut is an indoor one, feel free to sprout your seeds any time of year. When sprouting weed seeds in Nunavut, you’ll want to provide a dark environment, minor moisture levels, and indirect airflow. The paper towel method is the most popular, effective, safest, and trusted technique in the industry. Direct sowing works just as well and provides the taproot with soil to caress right away, though it is easier to over soak and rot seeds this way.

If you plan to cultivate auto crops outside, it is important to sprout seeds early enough that they have the time to make it to the end of flowering without the risk of freezing solid or rotting due to humidity. Choosing a fast and resilient strain will ensure you have the time it takes to master each seed. Sow seeds directly into your medium a few weeks before it’s warm enough to place them outside. Establish your crop, and when the temperature is consistently above sixteen degrees Celsius, the plants can safely flourish in the outdoors.

Growing Cannabis in Nunavut

Aside from your fastest auto-flowering strains, indoor or controlled cultivation is the only way to grow cannabis in Nunavut. Some growers opt for a heated greenhouse but those who are serious about their crops grow them inside. Cultivation is legal here after all, and with the collection at Cannabis Seeds Canada, there is no limit to what you can grow.

Indicas and indica hybrids are the fastest strains. Autoflowers are the simplest and sativas demand a little extra, though the speediness and happy uplift they provide is ideal for the long cold of Nunavut. The best practices for cultivating cannabis in NU, Canada are those which make the most out of each seed. Controlling the environment, providing the right nutrients at the right time, training appropriate to the strain’s demands, and harvesting when the trichomes are perfectly milky are all part of growing. The drying process is imperative to stretch out as long as possible. It takes around twenty days or more. The curing process is imperative as well. When you treat each stage of your cannabis cultivation as though it were the most important point of the operation, you are more likely to harvest primo crops. Deliver the best high humidity environment to seedlings and clones, drop the humidity a bit for vegetation, and train according to the plant’s demands. When it looks good and full, flip to a twelve-hour per daylight schedule, feed flowering nutrients, and watch as your dream unfolds before you. 

Harvesting in Nunavut

One fantastic aspect of cultivating cannabis in Nunavut is that, because everything happens inside, harvesting happens at any time of year. Growing inside means you have full control over every aspect of the operation. Indoors is where you can master tight crop rotations and top-shelf harvests, and none of it depends on the weather.

If you have raised your cannabis well, your buds should be swollen, sticky, and stinky, and those trichomes should be fattening up nicely. As a general rule, when you think your weed is ready, give it another week. Of course, professional growers know exactly when to harvest their painstakingly perfected pot, and there are a few things to watch for. Trichomes are the resin glands on the flowers and leaves, and they are at their peak when they have turned from clear to milky but have not yet become amber. The clearer the trichomes, the less recreationally potent your buds. The more amber they become, the more degraded the THC is and therefore, the more sedative they will be.

Once you decide that the time is right, you should harvest. You will have prepared a dark room with an ambient humidity of 60% and a temperature of 15°C. Make sure your fans move all the air in the room gently. Some growers recommend a shorter dry but for buds to be ideal for the jar, there cannot be any nutrients, chlorophyll, or any other micro or trace minerals left, or there may be issues with flavour and fragrance, even after the cure.  

Preserving and Storing Flower in Nunavut

Preserving and storing your carefully grown flowers is one of the most important aspects of cannabis cultivation. Just as imperative as early root establishment, training for light penetration and balance, feeding and protecting crops, is the way you cure and store your smoke.

When the drying process has gone well and your buds exhibit approximately 58% humidity, when the outer plant material is crispy and your stems snap clean without breaking all the way through, it’s time for the jar. Wide mouth glass jars with airtight or locking lids are the way to go. It is important to provide the same ambient humidity and temperature as the drying period but without oxygen. If you have flushed and dried your cannabis correctly, the curing process should bring out the rich flavours and aromas of your chosen strains. Only fill about three quarters with buds so there is some space in the jar, and ensure the cure starts off right by burping your jars every day and airing buds for the first week or two.

Maintaining about 60% humidity is simple with a two-way moisture pack but make sure you purchase top-quality ones, or they may steal terpenes from your weed. Many growers employ mini hygrometers in their jars so that they don’t have to burp or check humidity levels as often. This makes sense, especially when you’ve got a lot of weed to cure. Being prepared is wise and to do so in this way removes the guesswork out of the process.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Cannabis in Nunavut

A few things stoners in Nunavut never fail to enjoy are smoking, eating, and drinking cannabis. These three pastimes are fantastically different from each other, interact with our systems in different ways, and together they offer a variety of effects.

Bud is simple, though there are a million ways to smoke it. Joints or blunts, bongs, pipes, dabs, and other ways to deliver your dank are available to anyone who chooses. Packing that bowl to the brim with AAAA buds or pressing or pulling some super sticky, incredibly flavorful resin, will always be common practices. Decarboxylation, or gently heating cannabis for thirty to forty minutes, is necessary for making edibles. Tasty cannabis baked goods and innovations of all sorts, from gummies to green-infused fine dining, can be found throughout Canada, and Nunavut is free to use our inherent creativity however we like. Cannabis drinks are a relatively fledgling market in Canada, and contemporary creations include green energy drinks, mocktails, juice boxes, and a plethora of sweet, sour, herbal, and salty liquid snacks that please the palate when the doobie just won’t do.

Eating and drinking your cannabis is also a discrete way to take a dose. In situations that call for a professional persona, reeking like a top-shelf blunt isn’t always appropriate, though the need for relief still needs sating. These alternatives to toking are also simple and there are limitless examples, though edibles can be physically hard-hitting and sedative. Because it takes a while for a gummy to kick in, wait a while before going for seconds.

Nunavut’s Cannabis Culture

Nunavut’s cannabis culture is rather unique. Though marijuana laws have been fairly lax here since 2017, and medicinal cannabis restrictions eased in 2001, enjoying these herbs is still a private matter.

Small community 420 celebrations, 710 get-togethers, and other pot-flavored parties are enjoyed by many in NU, though there are no major public celebrations. More than 75% of Nunavut residents supported cannabis legalization in 2017, though it is estimated that more than eighty percent share the same views today. The main concern here, where we take care of our neighbours, is for road safety, and how cannabis affects minors and expecting mothers. This makes sense, though studies over the past few years have shown that in certain cases, CBD can be beneficial for some conditions that affect children. More and more, people here are open to the open consumption of weed and certainly, there is no trouble with edibles here.

All adults are allowed to purchase and carry up to 30 grams of dried flowers and enjoy their cannabis pretty much anywhere. Restrictions are in place for puffing in the workplace and anywhere near a school or playground. Because cannabis is legal at the federal level in Canada, you can have cannabis on you at any national park in Nunavut, such as Sirmilik and Qausuittuq. It is important to remember to play it safe with open flames and lit cherries, even in the frozen north, making sure all butts are extinguished and any garbage is taken with you when you leave. 

Buy Marijuana Seeds in NU, Canada

To buy marijuana seeds in NU, Canada, all you need to do is hop over to our homepage and sign up. We purchase the most impressive seeds, store all of them according to the highest standards. We offer the greatest selection, carefully protect your information, and we ship anywhere you are.

We supply the highest THC seeds in the country, the most potent and terpene-packed strains, and we offer top-shelf service to our clients. Choose small-scale, large-scale, wholesale, or bulk options, and, the more you order, the more pleasing price you pay. We offer germination guarantees and, in certain circumstances, we replace those seeds that won’t pop. Our pages are designed to help you find exactly what you need. We offer private shopping carts and there is no question of your online safety when you shop with Weed Seeds. We will package your seeds how you like, and our packaging will never give away what’s inside. You can use credit, debit, or cryptocurrency and enjoy a safe checkout and speedy delivery. Most clients receive packages within five days after ordering, and your seeds always arrive intact and viable.

Weed laws in Canada state that anyone is allowed to collect seeds and grow them according to their own wishes, though these laws are a bit grey, so it pays to keep it quiet. Those licensed to grow their own medicine are exempt from any home cultivation laws which may come into effect, and, unlike the United States, there is no restriction on THC counts.

Buy Medical Cannabis in Nunavut

When you need to buy medical cannabis in Nunavut, unless you grow your own or know of some entrepreneurial individual, you have to deal with the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission. The patient must adhere to strict compliance requirements, such as not selling to anyone under the age of nineteen.

Weed can be expensive, but many pharmaceutical medications take a much bigger bite out of the finances. For certain medical marijuana patients, it can be difficult, challenging, and even risky to go out in search of the perfect strains. The NLCC provides online and telephone-based services for those who are playing it safe or who may be otherwise stuck at home, those in more rural or remote communities, and those who just don’t want to go anywhere. There is another option, and you don’t need a green thumb. The vault at Weed Seeds Canada is designed to serve all higher latitudes with the best medical marijuana seeds that are easy to grow.

The THC/CBD ratios we house serve everyone from the recreational toker in need of a little physical help, to the ALS patient who requires the medical benefit of many of the properties in cannabis but doesn’t like to feel intoxicated. Any adult who needs cannabis for maladies ranging from depression to acute pain is free to source, purchase, use, and enjoy medical cannabis in NU. Our online store has resources so you can learn more about the differences between the various types of cannabis seeds.

Nunavut’s History of Cannabis Legalization

Nunavut has always been more or less on board with the sticky icky. People here are practical, realistic, protective of our loved ones, and we just want the facts. Where this is a wise platform from which to operate, it can take a while to get things done and, in 2018, Nunavut became the last province to legalize recreational cannabis.

Medical weed was first legalized here in 2001 and it took so long for us to get on board with the rest of the country because we want to know for certain that the right laws are in place, serving the right purposes, and for the right reasons. Main concerns throughout history have been drugs and their use affecting minors, how pregnant and nursing mothers and their children are affected by first and second-hand smoke, and we also like to know our roads are safe from burnouts and drunks. Weed is treated in much the same way as alcohol and is regulated by the same body. The perception of marijuana has shifted. It has moved away from its reputation as a gateway drug to using it as medicine. The nitty-gritty details in the laws have been sorted out, and most people know the rules. There is some way to go when it comes to outlining cultivation restrictions and requirements, but Nunavut’s cannabis path is starting to settle into history. No matter the season, Nunavut is a special place, and the cannabis here reflects that.

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Other Location Pages

The Best Cannabis Seeds in Yukon 2022 

Weed Seeds Canada has the highest selection of cannabis seeds Yukon residents have ever seen! You can get the kind of sticky, potent, fragrant, and delicious ganja sold for top price at the dispensary when you plant our seeds. You might need a knockout indica that eases chronic pain and stress, or perhaps you would like an energizing and uplifting sativa that destroys depression. Maybe you’re the type who delights in resinous and delicious hybrids from elite boutique breeders. Whatever strain you desire, we’ve got them all and you can order them from the comfort of your own home! Pot Seeds Canada isn’t a jack of all trades. We only do seeds, and we do them better than anyone else. With over five hundred strains and styles, our selection is vast.

To create a quality crop, you must start with quality seeds. When you plant seeds that have been treated with the utmost care, chances are good you will achieve greatness in the garden. Our seeds are stored between eight and ten percent humidity in cool dark spaces. Our stock is dated and rotated to ensure freshness, and our facilities are routinely inspected for pests, mold, inefficiencies, and possible threats to the integrity of our products. We only handle seeds with gloves or tweezers, and never expose them to moisture. Each seed is grown from the highest quality breeding stock from verified strain lines so you receive top-of-the-line genetics. When you know marijuana seeds as we do, you don’t mess around with inferior products.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Yukon 

It can be tricky to find a seed bank that knows all of the nuances of Mary Jane. Some will focus on providing a massive selection that can suit everyone’s needs, or they will only carry a small collection of their own boutique strains. Pot Seeds Canada is one of the best seed banks for marijuana lovers in the Yukon because we have a huge selection and excellent customer service. With more than five hundred captivating strains to choose from, you can grow a garden of earthly delights. Our goal is to provide several types of auto-flowering, feminized, unsexed regular, photoperiod sativas, indicas, and hybrids in high THC, low THC, high CBD, high CBG, and high CBN styles. Trustworthy seed banks also give you as much information as possible about their products. They want you to have the most up-to-date information you need to make the best choices for your growing situation, skill level, and requirements from a cannabis crop.

Some sketchy seed banks will make outlandish claims. It is a red flag if they state that every single seed will germinate, or that all of their strains are the easiest to grow. Look instead for realistic and specific guarantees, like our ninety percent germination rate, guaranteed when customers use the paper towel method. Untrustworthy seed banks also make it hard to get a hold of them or read reviews of their product. Weed Seeds is devoted to seeds and customer care. You can reach out by phone during business hours, or send us an email, and we will get back to you. 

Yukon’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks 

There are currently seven stores in the Yukon that sell cannabis and seeds. Most of them are in Whitehorse, Dawson City, and other major centres of population and none of them offer deliveries. Selling online is restricted to the one Yukon Liquor Commission site that has about a dozen products on it, and they frequently don’t have seeds available for online orders. To purchase seeds in the Yukon you’ve got to drive to one of these places and get them.

A lot of hazards are associated with buying marijuana seeds from places that aren’t specialized seed banks. Dispensaries will sometimes keep their seeds in display cases and drawers, and these storage conditions do not support the precious and delicate genetic packages that seeds represent. If pot seeds are kept in warm, bright spaces they can prematurely try to hatch and, finding no food or water upon awakening, will promptly die. If they aren’t kept in optimal environmental conditions between eight and ten percent relative humidity, they also risk rotting. Improper handling by people who are not educated on the science of seeds can also threaten the viability of genetic materials. Most budtenders are trained to sell pre-packaged buds, not seeds. Pot Seeds Canada is the fastest and most secure online seed bank in the country. We provide twenty-four-hour access to a library of cannabis knowledge and over five hundred different strains of primo dank. From auto-flowering high CBD varieties for medicinal users to high THC hybrids best pressed into concentrates, we’ve got the market cornered at Weed Seeds Canada. 

Yukon’s Best Canadian CBD Products  

CBD is a wonderful option for folks looking to ease the pain and stress of everyday life without getting high. It can be used topically as a lotion or gel, sublingually as an oil or tincture, ingested in drinks and edibles, and smoked as pot flower nuggets. CBD is not psychoactive the way THC is, meaning it won’t get you feeling psychedelic, dopey, forgetful, or impaired. Instead, CBD helps your body feel relaxed, sleepy, pleased, pain-free, and hungry. It’s particularly useful in minimizing seizures in people with epilepsy but it’s also used for a host of other conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain due to inflammation like arthritis and migraines, and chronic nerve pain.

CBD works in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This is a series of receptors and enzymes that regulate when we feel pleasure, pain, arousal, comfort, stress, and tiredness. The enzymes in this system are called endocannabinoids, and our bodies produce them naturally with or without weed. THC gets us high because it acts enough like these enzymes to bind to our cannabinoid receptors. CBD, on the other hand, supports the health of our body’s endocannabinoids so they can do their jobs better and for longer. Scientists are still discovering all the helpful cannabinoids that plants hold, and what each one is best for. Research also suggests that CBD can help combat the opioid crisis. More people are growing their own plant medicine and using cannabis as a replacement for prescription pain medicine.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Yukon 

Legal weed is bringing whole new worlds of healthier pot ingestion to the Yukon. Here’s a primer on some of the most popular ones. Both vape cartridges and PAX pods are available at Yukon dispensaries. Flavours like Pineapple Express and Lemon Haze are easy to parse, while others such as Trainwreck will attract users who already have a favourite strain. Vapes with adjustable temperatures are a great way to experience the trendy new world of terpene profiles, with different temperatures bringing out totally new sides of familiar strains.

Gummies are some of the most popular edibles on the market right now. They usually only taste a little bit like ganja and come in a wide variety of flavours and potencies. Legally, gummies have to be sold with no more than ten milligrams of THC per pack, though the grey market sells larger ones with up to one thousand milligrams. For daytime use by seasoned weed fans, a ten milligram gummy will take the edge off an afternoon, whereas a ten-milligram indica gummy might put a beginner user to sleep for up to fourteen hours!

Pot oils that are taken sublingually contain cannabinoid isolates. THC, CBD, or both, have been put into a carrier oil for precise dosage. Peppermint has been added to some of them, but most products are unflavoured and don’t have any added sugar. Ratios like one to fifteen mean that for every one milligram of THC in the bottle, there are fifteen CBD milligrams. 

Yukon’s Best Cannabis Accessories

Smoking dank is still the fastest and most popular way to ingest cannabis, and at a certain point, regular smokers figure out what their favourite tools are. Grinders, papers, and lighters all have their high and low-end versions. Acrylic and wood grinders are useful and will suit occasional users just fine. Folks looking to optimize their experience choose three-chamber metal grinders that store kief and pre-busted flowers. Cleaning metal grinders can be done using a combination of heat, water, and isopropyl, though the screen level should not touch the water. Alternately, grinding sage and mullein are ideal for regular maintenance without affecting the taste of your buds.

Papers come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours now. If you are smoking regularly, using quality papers can mean the difference between a smoker’s cough and a light singe in the throat. Unbleached hemp papers made with Arabic gum glue are considered the least impactful joint casings, health-wise. Blunts and flavoured papers have their place, but the rule is generally the thinner and less processed, the better.

Lighters and torches may seem like the same thing to novices but the temperature for combusting or vaping weed can change the experience entirely. Torches are used for vaporizing, and they heat the pot to a higher temperature than simple combustion. Those four flame torches you see aren’t just for show-offs. It’s not as safe or precise to use a lighter to dab, and the effects vary a lot.

Best Canadian Sativas in Yukon 2022

What are the best sativas to grow in the Yukon this year for discerning cultivators? We’re glad you asked! Harlequin Sativa seeds are a funny mix of Columbian Gold, Thai and Swiss sativas with Nepali indicas. The result is a twelve to fifteen percent THC psychedelic but relaxing crop. HQ is used for a mix of inflammation and mental health woes. Its mango and citrus flavour is created by the terpenes nerol, pinene, limonene, and humulene. This one can make up to four hundred grams per plant or square metre in eight to ten weeks.

Super Silver Haze seeds combine Northern Lights with Haze and Skunk. These sticky, enormous plants take nine to eleven weeks to grow up to half a kilo of weed with an eighteen percent THC content. Its flavours are a mix of spices, citruses, herbs, and funky fuel, with caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene as its major terpenes. SSS has a trippy, uplifting, and excitable high suitable for folks suffering from ADD, fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds take the heavy-hitting attributes of its predecessor and doubles them. The zombifying, cerebral high is thanks to a thirty percent THC content. Myrcene makes this strain both earthy and sweet with notes of citrus and diesel. It’s perfect for anxiety, fatigue, migraines, nausea, arthritis, depression, and stress. This green giant can make half a kilogram of buds in nine to eleven weeks. All of these sativa superheroes and more can be yours thanks to Weed Seeds Canada!

Best Canadian Indicas in Yukon 2022

The most rewarding indicas to grow in the Yukon are little feminized and auto-flowering gems that pack a punch. For a strain that combats anxiety, stress, insomnia, and migraines, try growing Taskenti Feminized seeds. This all-female lineup brings a tingly and euphoric high and tastes like a sour lemon thanks to the terpenes limonene and myrcene. It makes six or seven hundred grams of bud per plant in eight to ten weeks with up to eighteen percent THC. Its genetics are a mix between Northern Lights and a mysterious indica landrace.

An intense and uplifting strain, Candyland Peyote Feminized seeds produce up to eight hundred grams per plant outdoors in eight to ten weeks of production. Buds can have up to twenty-four percent THC in their berry, coffee, and vanilla bouquet. It’s a creative and relaxing strain that is used for everything from Crohn’s disease to anxiety. This is another psychedelic ganja with a THC content of up to twenty-four percent. For folks who want to be sure that they can get a crop outdoors in the Yukon’s unpredictable summer climates, Autoflowering Runtz seeds are an easy and trendy choice. Runtz is one of the most popular and potent strains of the last few years. This lemon and skunk superstar can make up to six hundred grams per plant of weed that boasts a twenty-eight percent THC content in only nine to ten weeks! With seeds like this, it’s no wonder all the professionals come to Pot Seeds Canada!

Yukon’s Best THC Seeds

The strongest THC strains can be the most rewarding to grow. For a unique and euphoric high, Star Killer feminized seeds are a great place to start. With a THC inclusion of up to twenty-eight percent and less than two percent CBD, SK can produce up to six hundred grams per plant in nine to ten weeks. Its pungent, skunky pine flavours come from this strain’s caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. It’s suitable for use by folks who need help with insomnia, fatigue, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and depression. Star Killer Regular seeds give you the option of growing males as well if you are looking to breed some plants and make your own seeds. It has the same THC and CBD inclusion, plus the same yield as its feminized siblings. Sometimes it blooms a little earlier than the feminized version, with eight to ten weeks quoted as its flowering time.

With anywhere from twenty-seven to thirty percent THC, Critical Widow Feminized seeds can grow up to half a kilogram of citrus-smelling buds in eight to ten weeks. This plant is the result of combining Critical Mass and White Widow. It’s used for hypertension, glaucoma, migraines, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and stress. The high is euphoric and tingly, with a giggly talkative vibe, especially at first. This isn’t the easiest strain in the world to grow but with a little patience and care, it can do wonders. When you need to get super high, super-fast, Marijuana Seeds Canada has the goods!

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In YT, Canada 

The benefits of growing weed compounds over time. When you first start cultivating your own seeds, you’re learning a new hobby that engages you with living things. Once you’ve harvested and cured your first batch the rewards are epic. The money you save by not purchasing ganja from dispensaries with those sky-high northern prices is worth bragging about. After a little bit of practice and research, recreational growers can figure out how to get big yields of dank and potent strains. Medicinal users will get a sense of self-sufficiency when they begin growing their very own medicine. Both these groups benefit at the breeding stage when they know enough to engineer their own strains specially formulated to meet their individual needs. As a potential endgame, once you’re a real green thumb, countless chronic pain sufferers and lifelong stoners have gotten themselves back into the job market thanks to their cannabis-growing abilities.

As for why you should grow seeds specifically, that’s about the stability and robustness of the crop. Clones might populate a hydroponic table quickly and pump out a uniform product but only seeds can get the massive yields and fabulous flavours of primo chronic. Seed populations have more genetic diversity than clone populations, which can safeguard against pests and mould wiping out your entire crop due to similar tolerances and weaknesses. Plants with fully developed root systems are the only ones that can grow to maximum height, which can maximize the yield of any given crop.

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Plan Your Yukon Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Before buying seeds, decide if you are growing indoors or outdoors. Most Yukon growers choose indoors since environmental conditions are easier to control. Plants inside can be grown year-round regardless of what the sun is doing. Indoor cultivation also protects plants from random thieves of the human and animal variety. To prepare your space for indoor cultivation, you may need to seal up the cracks and floors of an entire warehouse or a room, depending on the size of your growing operation. Most personal use growers rely on a growing tent, which can contain a two-plant set up, plus lights, and a fan in a space the size of a closet.

Outdoors in the Yukon, you’ll need to prep the soil. It must be between a pH of five and seven and might need up to a week to mature. There are blog posts on this site with information on how to make the best soil for your growing situation. Your outdoor space will need to get ample direct sunlight and be shielded from the wind and rain but provide a lot of air circulation. We suggest using a greenhouse for maximum protection. Remember that weed needs to be grown out of sight of people passing by and ne’er do wells who might want to steal your plants, so consider disguising them with some companion plants. Tomatoes, basil, and lavender are excellent choices and will also attract even more beneficial insects. We’ve got all kinds of auto-flowering plants that are perfect for outdoor Yukon growing at Marijuana Seeds Canada. 

When To Sprout Marijuana Seeds in Yukon

If you are growing outdoors in the Yukon, you will still want to start your seeds indoors a few weeks before transplanting them outdoors. Auto-flowering plants require at least two weeks of nursing before they’re ready to be put to work. Depending on how far north you are, sprouting seeds for outdoor growth will happen in mid-May or whenever the risk of the last frost has truly passed. Marijuana needs ambient temperatures upwards of seventeen degrees both day and night to thrive, so watch the weather reports carefully. Auto-flowering plants can produce harvests in as little as two months but some of them need up to three to sparkle, so try to get seeds in as early as possible.

Pot Seeds Canada swears by the paper towel method of germination. Arrange your seeds on a wet paper towel that’s been placed on a clean dinner plate. Use tweezers, distilled water, and a clean plate to minimize the number of germs and contaminants involved. Cover the seeds with another wet paper towel and place another dinner plate on top. Place the plates in a warm, dry, and dark place. Check the seeds every day, rehydrating the towels when needed. In one to six days, or when sprouts are about a centimetre long, they’re ready to be placed in a coco coir nest. Keep them at sixty-five percent ambient humidity, with up to twenty-four hours of sunshine or red and blue LED lights until they have at least two pairs of true leaves.

Growing Weed in Yukon 

The climate in the Yukon is subarctic. Lots of folks prefer to grow indoors in the Yukon for the obvious reason that they can start and finish a crop without having to think about the weather. For small-scale growers, an initial investment of a growing tent, fan, and a strip of blue, red, and full-spectrum LED lights may be all they need to get growing.

Arctic climates can often be a boon to growers because they can take advantage of those long summer days! Some auto-flowering plants love the Yukon’s short growing season and its midnight sun. With more sunlight comes more resin, and with more resin comes a higher production of cannabinoids and terpenes. The other reality is that colder air can carry less humidity. Many plants that suffer from an excess of moisture will thrive in the Yukon if they’re protected from the cold. Less moisture and heat also mean less risk of pest and mould infiltration. Drying and curing also become easier in these conditions, which can cut down on energy costs. Greenhouse growing pairs the sustainability of outdoor growing with the protection of indoors. Novice growers should start with an easy strain, like Critical Widow or Gorilla Glue. These auto-flowering plants flower depending on how old they are instead of how much darkness there is. This enables Yukon auto-flowering plants to thrive. Growing your own cannabis means you know exactly what goes into the process, so you don’t have to wonder what pesticides, fertilizer, or other garden amendments may have been utilized. Buy your dream seeds at Pot Seeds Canada!

Harvesting in Yukon 

Weed outdoors in the Yukon should be brought in well before the first frost, sometime in September. A little more time can be taken for plants grown in heated greenhouses. Just before you are ready to harvest, it’s important to flush the plants by feeding them nothing but water for one to two weeks before cutting them down. This cleans out any extra nutrient buildup in the plant tissues. You will need to gather some important tools for harvesting. You will need gloves, rags, isopropyl, and at least two pairs each of pruning shears and manicuring snips to keep you rolling even when your snips need cleaning. The sticky buds will also make your clothing smelly and sticky when you are working with dank weed. Drying racks, a clothesline, and lots of humidity measuring devices are also needed. After you have worked long and hard to grow and harvest your weed, you need to put the same effort into the end result.

The golden rule is that THC is at the highest in plants, and your crop is ready to be harvested when trichomes are eighty percent white with just a few amber and clear ones in the mix. To see this clearly, you may want to purchase a jeweler’s loupe or a small magnifying glass that will enable you to inspect the trichomes. If you like your weed to be less potent and more mellow, wait until a larger portion of the trichomes turns golden. Pistil hairs will also turn deeper orange and curl at this point. 

Preserving and Storing Flower in Yukon

Improper storage of cannabis flower can quickly become a nightmare, so you need to be picky at this stage of your home grow. If your crop is particularly wet, trim buds directly from the plant and shape them before placing them on drying racks. Don’t let them dry too fast though! Rapid drying can leave their centres damp and outsides brittle. For slower drying, cut your whole plant down and stick it on a clothesline for up to two weeks somewhere warm and well ventilated with indirect light. Trim off any fan leaves right away, leaving just the buds and their stems. Once they are dry, shape the buds by trimming sugar leaves until only cones of flower remain. The harvest is ready to preserve when the stems snap easily.

Fill wide mouth mason jars two thirds full of buds. Put a relative humidity gauge, and a hygrometre in each jar and seal the lids. Open the lids for an hour or two every day for three weeks, checking the humidity. If the buds are too dry, add a moisture pack and leave them alone for a few days. If they are too wet, leave them out of the jar for two hours and add more air space between buds. You will know it’s just right when the RH stays between sixty and sixty-five percent regularly. This can take three weeks to six months to complete, but the result is an incredibly tasty smoke. Buds can be stored in a cool dry place in airtight jars for up to six months. Use vacuum-sealed containers for long-term storage.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Weed in Yukon

Fun fact, the oldest bong ever found was made of gold in the Arctic more than two thousand years ago! With all of the new scientific preparations and discoveries in the world of cannabis these days, it may feel intimidating to begin exploring the vast landscape, but you will discover what works for you. Waterless pipes have been in use for tens of thousands of years and can be made of wood, ceramics, bone, metal, glass, plastic, or even pieces of fruit. Glass and metal pipes are the highest quality and easiest to clean. Soak them in isopropyl for a few hours, then heat, scrub, and rinse the resin out of them for better-tasting tokes.

Marijuana drinks have rapidly risen in popularity over the last four years, with a wide variety available. Yukon stores sell a mix of tea bags, canned sparkling sodas, and sweet teas that generally carry from two to ten milligrams of THC, CBD, or both. Pot drinks are a discreet way to consume a precise dose of weed.

Cannabis edibles can be one of the strongest and longest-lasting ways to use ganja, especially when taken with saturated fat on an empty stomach just before a large meal. Scientists are currently verifying findings that combining pot and cocoa can enhance the psychoactivity of THC, making chocolate edibles potentially more powerful than their non-cocoa counterparts. Baking your own pot brownies or making oil infusions can be an easy and fun project that often extends the life of a stash.

Yukon’s Cannabis Culture 

The delightfully weird and creative side of the Yukon is very familiar with pot, though a rural and close-knit population makes internet publishing of events less common than in other places. In 2005, twenty percent of the population of the Yukon admitted to having used cannabis in the last year, and that number held steady in another 2015 survey by Canadian Community Health Services. That’s a higher per capita rate of use than Nova Scotia, which is the province with the most stoners! However, given that the Yukon population in 2005 was just over thirty thousand people, that’s only six thousand stoners, or roughly eight thousand now. In the 2020 to 2021 fiscal year, Yukon pot was a six million dollar industry before GST. Given the higher prices of cannabis in the Yukon, this amounts to five hundred and eighty kilograms of dried flower, more than two thousand five hundred kilos of edibles, two hundred and twenty-six kilos of extracts, and only six hundred and forty-four seeds!

The first-ever Yukon CannaCup happened in August of 2021, with a group of competitors battling one another to grow the best batch of Autoflowering Gorilla Glue 4, with contestants including local dope mainstays Triple Js and Northern Hempisphere. The Yukon also began its first large-scale growing operation in April of 2021, with a greenhouse run by ArcticPharm just north of Whitehorse. The market for local cannabis right now is based on organic products grown using low-intensity and environmentally responsible methods. 

Buy Weed Seeds in YT, Canada  

Yukon residents can legally buy seeds for germination and grow up to four plants per household. Owning one seed is seen the same as owning a gram of dried bud. Households are usually defined as places that have separate living conditions and leases or deeds associated with them. You can’t grow plants in plain view of the public. That means that plants can’t be visible from the street or sidewalk, from any parks or schools, or otherwise adjacent public spaces that might be close to your property. Plants have to be grown at your own house, and the people who grow them with you have to also live with you. The Yukon Liquor Commission is the only certified company that can sell and deliver marijuana, but it is legal to order seeds online and have them shipped to you.

People in the Yukon over the age of nineteen can buy up to thirty grams at a time and carry that much in public. It can only be consumed on private property or spaces where it’s legally allowed. You can’t smoke or vape near kids, healthcare workers, the infirmed, or anyone who asks you to stop. It’s illegal to go to work high unless you have a medical exemption. Landlords can decide whether or not tenants can smoke weed indoors. It’s also illegal to be visibly stoned in a public space, and cops can take you into custody until you sober up, like the drunk tank but for greening out aliens! 

Buy Medical Weed in Yukon

Medical weed has been legal in Yukon since 2001 when the early editions of the current Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations were put into place. Physicians need to have exhausted all other options or be reasonably sure that cannabis will improve a patient’s situation. It’s not always easy to find physicians to assess a patient’s needs and create a prescription. Prescriptions for medical dank are tailored to individuals and consider a person’s health and possible interactions with other prescribed medications. For most of the early 2000s, medical ganja was tough to get in the Yukon. In August of 2019, Shoppers Drug Mart worked on allowing medical pot patients to order ganja via their online store. They’ve been rolling out a referral system as well, helping to connect Yukoners with doctors who can assess their need for medical herbs and, if appropriate, determine a personalized treatment plan. From there it’s possible to apply with Health Canada to begin ordering medicinal chronic online.

People with prescriptions are often allowed to grow more than four plants at a time to ensure their access to their medicine. Medical users are also exempt from the law prohibiting public consumption provided the chronic isn’t smoked and isn’t used in a place where childcare is being conducted or ever has been conducted. Medicinal cannabis users are also allowed to consume edibles on boats, school grounds, and at bus stops provided they’re carrying their medical carrier card.

Yukon’s History of Weed Legalization

The psychoactive use of cannabis was legal but relatively rare in Canada up until 1923 when it was made illegal after an influential meeting of the League of Nations and a subsequent moral panic about its use. Hemp, which had been a staple crop of settler-colonial North America since the seventeenth century, fell under the same laws. However, a significant crackdown on ganja production didn’t begin in Canada until fifteen years later.

The mid-twentieth century saw a rise in pot production in Canada, after immigration from mainly the USA. Southeast Asia helped to combine Pacific, Caribbean, Latin American, and West Asian Mary Jane lineages in the Pacific Northwest. These genes spread a tradition of counter-culture growers up and down the continent, from Alaska to California via the Yukon and BC. While the majority of Canadians involved in western Canada’s elicit dope trade in the late twentieth century stayed in BC due to its more appropriate climate, weed was a cottage or basement industry for many small-time Yukon growers who cloistered a few plants away in their greenhouses each brief summer. In 2005, just four years after medical ganja was legalized, a survey indicated that twenty percent of adults in the Yukon had used marijuana at some point that year. The Yukon was one of the provinces that initially passed the Federal Cannabis Act with no amendments in 2018. The Yukon Cannabis Control and Regulation Act virtually copies the suggestions of federal legislation verbatim.

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The Best Cannabis Seeds in Alberta 2022

A prime cannabis seed will grow into a stellar plant but before you plant it you must first determine if you have the conditions to nurture it to fruition. As you explore all of the cannabis options, you must keep in mind what you want out of your ganja garden and how much time and effort you can dedicate to your plantation. If you are a chronic smoker looking for an epic buzz, you should consider a high THC strain. Some varieties can reach up to 31% THC, and they offer an incredibly psychoactive experience. Some medical users may be looking for healing cannabis, which can mean a different level of potency. Medical growers may prefer a seed that has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, or even a CBD-dominant seed that is low in THC. If you are into bag appeal and appreciate the brilliant colours, flavours, and aromas of cannabis, such as the fruity notes of Purple Gelato or the fuel-packed aromas of Sour Diesel, the seed options are endless. Strains such as Green Crack, Northern Lights, or Girl Scout Cookies are some of the strongest, best tasting, and highest yielding strains you can find. A strong flavour profile will have an impact on your experience with marijuana. The terpenes are responsible for the smell and taste of your weed, and they also affect the brain. They can be highly calming or joyous and some of the most popular strains are a mix of all of these things.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Alberta

If you search for marijuana seeds Alberta your search engine will present you with pages of options. Narrowing down which company to trust can be a difficult task. Every day, new seed banks are popping up all over the country, all with different goals, motives, and business practices. How do you determine if a seed bank is high quality? One way to find out if a seed bank can be relied upon is to read reviews from their customers. Allowing patrons to voice their opinions on the service they received and the quality of their products is a good business practice. It helps other customers know that transparency is of utmost importance. This is exactly one of the practices Weed Seeds Canada values most, and you can find honest reviews on our website. Many worthy seed banks will also carry a variety of strains with different genetic traits, such as feminized and regular seeds, or photoperiod and auto-flowering seeds. When you order weed seeds online Alberta, you want to know you will be receiving seeds with stellar genetics. Weed Seeds offers a wide variety of options and no matter what you choose, you can be confident the seed you plant will thrive and flourish into a plant you can be proud of. Catering to all the customer’s needs, our focus is on strong genetics. Old seeds can have defects that can lead to lower yields, reduced potency, or even complete crop loss. When you shop at Pot Seeds Canada, you never have to question the genetic quality of our seeds.

Alberta’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There are many reasons why to choose an online dispensary Alberta over an in-store seed bank. It is liberating when you can stay at home and shop without having to get dressed. You don’t have to travel to receive your seeds when ordering online and that frees up time to plan your perfect garden. Purchasing from Weed Seeds will allow you to receive your cannabis seeds directly to your home, saving both time and money on gas and travel. Because in-store seed banks also carry other products, they may not have the expertise required for maintaining the quality of the seeds they have in stock. The viability of your seeds will determine how well they germinate. Marijuana Seeds Canada backs up our seeds with a germination guarantee so you will be certain every seed sprouts. The proper storage of seeds can also help improve the genetic consistency of seeds, which will grow stronger, healthier plants, resulting in higher yields and potency. Having your seeds sent through the efficient postal service rather than picking them up personally also helps to reduce your carbon footprint and additional costs to you. Purchasing online also allows you the luxury of taking your time while browsing for the perfect seed. You can take a look at the entire WS catalogue without waiting for someone to explain the differences between each strain. If you do need assistance, Weed Seeds Canada staffs a fully dedicated customer support team, something that many in-person seed banks lack. 

Alberta’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD products can be a godsend for medical users who want a holistic approach to health and wellness. CBD has been shown to provide relief for many different types of pain. It can help those struggling with anxiety and provide some relief for people dealing with insomnia. It is one of the fastest-growing forms of all-natural medicine, and it’s available in a wide range of applications. You can get your hands on some high CBD products at a dispensary, but you can also grow high CBD cannabis and save yourself some money. Weed Seeds offers 1:1 THC and CBD varieties for those who like a bit of the psychoactive THC in their medicine. CBD flower can be smoked just like a high THC bud but not everyone wants to smoke to find relief. CBD products come in a variety of formulations. CBD oil is one of the most popular new age medicines around, and many use it to help treat chronic pain that can’t be properly targeted by prescription narcotics. People who use cannabis typically take no other medications for the rest of their lives. Those who rely on prescription pills often find themselves taking dozens every day and they often struggle with nasty side effects. CBD typically does not cause unwanted side effects. Other forms of CBD products include topicals, in the form of a cream or ointment that can be applied directly to an area experiencing pain to reap the benefits of this magical compound.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Alberta

The methods for consuming marijuana have evolved. You no longer have to smoke pot to benefit from its properties. This is good news for those who find themselves coughing after toking on a joint. Concentrates, oils, and gummies provide alternative ways to experience cannabis. Many of these products are potent, effective, and long-lasting. THC or CBD-infused gummies are small and discreet, making them simple to hide or transport stealthily. Gummies can be made or purchased with different levels of potency. CBD gummies are ideal for medical users who do not want the psychoactive effects but need pain-killing relief. Before you chew a tasty gummy, you should eat a fatty snack. The things we consume such as vitamins, supplements, or medications are either water or fat-soluble. As they dissolve, they become bioavailable in the body either by water or fat. CBD and THC are fat-soluble so you need to take your edibles with fats so the cannabinoids can find their way into the bloodstream. Vaping cannabis is a discreet way to experience the glory of marijuana because it produces little nearly odorless smoke.  Vapes come in all shapes and sizes and are popular tools for consuming cannabis. Consider vaping when you want to keep things on the downlow. Cannabis oil is a favourite of medical users because they provide immediate effects. Taking marijuana oil under the tongue can provide relief within minutes, and it can also be applied directly onto the skin wherever the user may be feeling pain. 

Alberta’s Best Cannabis Accessories

Consuming marijuana, even if it is for medical relief, should be pleasant. There is no shortage of ways to get high and a myriad of cannabis accessories can be found in Alberta. The go-to accessory for many is the humble rolling paper. You can find rolling papers at almost every gas station and corner store. Some papers are cheap, while others made with hemp and organic glue are a bit more costly. They also come in every flavour under the rainbow. Pipes and bongs are fun options for smoking your homegrown buds. Pipes made out of glass are often beautiful pieces of functional artwork. Regardless of what they are made of, pipes and bongs do need to be cleaned to avoid health hazards. They can be purchased at any glass shop and even at some gift shops. Vaporizers are also widely available at every price point. Both the vapes and the products to put in them can be purchased at a dispensary. Some portable vapes require batteries while other tabletop models can be plugged in. Some are suitable for flowers and others for cannabis concentrates. Marijuana vapes are ideal for people who like to dose discreetly because they are easy to hide and produce little odor. If you want to be on-trend, try a dab rig. They are available at many glass shops and are meant to be used with shatter, a type of processed cannabis wax that is extremely high in THC.

Best Canadian Sativas in Alberta 2022

A high-quality sativa can be the perfect elixir to give you a boost and get your day started. Autoflowering Critical Jack seeds are a balanced hybrid possessing a moderate potency at about 15% THC. The effects take a bit of both from indica and sativa genes, giving both a euphoric and energizing initial high, while it becomes more relaxing later on. The yields are generous, at up to 220g-280g per square metre when grown indoors, and up to 250g-300g per plant when grown outdoors. Cherry AK 47 Sativa seeds are another popular sativa hybrid that can boast a high potency of up to 21% THC. Users can expect a calm and creative buzz from this strain that makes both conversation and artistic expression easier. The strong earthy flavours of pinewood and sweet herbs will have you feeling relaxed almost immediately. This is paired with huge yields of up to 500g per square metre indoors, and up to 450g-550g per plant outdoors. If you are looking for a more medicinally valuable strain, consider planting Cbd Grannys Medicine seeds. They are potent in both THC and CBD, offering up to 18% and 22% respectively. A session with Granny’s medicine will create a strong psychoactive and pain-relieving effect. This strain is perfect for those seeking a buzz while they soothe their aches and pains. The enormous yields can reach up to 400g-600g per square metre when grown indoors, and an even higher amount of up to 700g-800g per plant when grown outdoors.

Best Canadian Indicas in Alberta 2022

The finest indica strains you can find in all of Alberta are accessible here at Weed Seeds Canada. Some of the indica strains we carry are simply the greatest at what they do, and our customers have made sure that we know it. One of the most popular varieties you’ll find in the catalogue is Cement Shoes feminized seeds. These incredibly potent seeds will have you feeling laid back and heavy-boned, as the herbal and earthy flavours of lemon and mint relax the mind. A potency of up to 25% THC will have you down for the night with only a few tokes of this sleepy weed. Blue Haze feminized seeds are also a strong contender, providing a comparable THC content of up to 24%. The aromas are the MVP here, and when studying these buds you will pick up on complex fruit notes of berries and lemon. Joining the cornucopia of flavours are some woody notes of pine or cedar, and an earthy skunkiness. The sweet flavours will have your mouth watering, and the feminization of seeds will help you to gain the maximum yields possible from these plants. Autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies seeds provide yet another appetizing experience, packed in a highly potent parcel. THC levels can soar up to 22% with this variety, and flavours of cherry, mint, lemon, vanilla and other delightful aromas will have you coming back for more. Pair this with enormous yields of up to 600g per square metre from indoor growing, and up to 150g-250g per plant from outdoor growing, and you have a magnificent indica variety.

Alberta’s Best THC Seeds

Weed Seeds Canada sources some of the most chronic strains you can find anywhere in the country. These are extremely potent seeds, and they’ll get the job done no matter how high your tolerance is. White Fire OG feminized seeds are one of our heaviest hitters, coming in at a whopping 25% THC in hybrid indica fashion. The huge yields will give you up to 500g to 600g per square metre when grown indoors, and up to 450g to 600g per plant when grown outdoors. The earthy and pungent flavours of diesel and lemon will let any stoner know that this is a strain that’s worth smoking with caution. Another powerful variety in our seed bank is Monkey OG feminized seeds. The huge potency of up to 26% THC will knock out all but the most resistant smokers with extreme levels of cannabinoids. It delivers the high in a tropical style, with a strong banana flavour. Earthy, spicy, and herbal notes are also detected in this Kush. Yields of up to 400g-450g per square metre indoors and up to 450g per plant outdoors will have your stash full for a long time to come. Gorilla Glue regular seeds are a fan-favourite of chronic stoners, providing an all-powerful potency of up to 28% THC. This potency dwarfs many other strains and will provide highly euphoric and psychoactive effects, likely to cause the user a bit of a hangover. Yields are massive at anywhere between 400g to 500g per square metre just from growing inside, and up to 600g to 700g per plant when grown outside. 

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In AB, Canada

Growing your own cannabis from the seed is one of the best ways to get your hands on high-quality marijuana. There are several reasons why growing cannabis makes sense but perhaps one of the most alluring is the cost-saving benefits. You can purchase just a few seeds, and very quickly have enough weed to last you until the next growing season. This is easy to achieve with our feminized seeds but even easier with our regular seeds. Since regular seeds contain both male and female seeds, you can breed your plants and have more seeds for the next season. This means that you could potentially purchase just a couple of packages of seeds and have a recurring source of pot indefinitely. It takes only a bit of research to learn how to cultivate a perpetual crop of cannabis, much of which can be found in the Weed Seeds blog section. When growing your own marijuana, you also get to choose exactly what goes into it. If you buy from a neighbor, there is no way of knowing what kind of synthetic chemicals or pesticides may have been used throughout the growing phase. When you are in charge of every single ingredient that goes into growing your ganja, you can feel good about smoking it. Cultivating your own cannabis also allows you to get your hands on exactly the strain you desire. Peruse our catalogue of over 500 different strains and discover the one you love! 

Plan Your Alberta Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Growing cannabis can be a very simple process if you take the correct first steps. Growing indoors is safer for your plants than growing outdoors. As appealing as an outdoor garden appears, it does expose your plants to undesirable elements and other natural threats. Despite the uncertainties, growing outdoors is often easier and can often produce higher yields. Natural sunlight will help boost your plants’ nutrients and growth. To grow indoors, you need a suitable room and special lighting. A temperature control system can be useful as well. Airflow to the outside is highly important because your plants will eventually saturate the room with strong odors and cannabinoids. For growing outdoors, you should have a suitable grow area that has access to the sunshine for at least the majority of the day. If you are growing in the ground, you should ensure that your soil is nutrient-rich and suitable for planting. A greenhouse can also be useful if you live in an area with a particularly unreliable climate. If you are growing in pots either indoors or outdoors, make sure that you have pots at least 1.5 gallons large, as well as high-quality soil. When growing outdoors, seeds that have a resistance to natural threats can help protect your yields. Marijuana seeds Canada carries several varieties of the best outdoor strains for Alberta. The climate in Alberta can be unpredictable so consider seeds that are resistant to hazards such as intense cold or heat, pests, infections, and mould.

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When To Sprout Marijuana Seeds in Alberta

Sprouting your seeds is an easy process and can be done with a simple method. This is known as germinating seeds, and the easiest way to do it is by using paper towels and water. You can begin by moistening some paper towels and placing them on a plate. Take your seeds from the package and place them onto the paper towel, and then put another damp piece of paper towel on top. Cover your seeds with another dinner plate, and place the germination station somewhere dark and humid. You can then check them daily to ensure they stay moist. If they begin to dry out, they should be misted or sprayed with more water. Once you begin to see small white roots pushing out of the seeds, they are ready to be planted. A rule of thumb that many growers follow when it comes to deciding when to plant their seeds is that it should be done about or on the day of the spring equinox. If growing outdoors in Alberta, a good practice may be to start your plants indoors for about two to four weeks, until the climate permits growth. They can then be moved or transplanted outdoors to take advantage of the full sun and natural environment. Of course, if growing indoors in a controlled environment, there is no need to worry about when seeds should be planted, as they will do just as well any time during the year.

Growing Weed in Alberta

Growing cannabis in Alberta can be done easily as long as you prepare for the climate. Despite the sometimes harsh weather, cannabis can be grown outdoors in Alberta as long as the proper care is provided. Growing indoors will be the easiest way for your plants to avoid the elements, and this can be done with only a few simple appliances. You should make sure to have something that can regulate the temperature, such as heating and cooling appliances. Fans are best for airflow, as well as a direct outlet to the outside for a source of fresh air. You can provide lighting for your plants anywhere between 18 and 24 hours per day of light, which will be more than enough to keep them happy. If growing outdoors, precautions should be taken that you plant after the threat of a hard frost is gone for the year. Growing marijuana outdoors in Alberta requires your plants to have at least six hours of sunlight per day, although the spot with the most possible sunlight will be the most beneficial. The wind is very important to keep plants clean and aerated, although too much wind can damage your plants. If they are being grown somewhere with the potential for high winds, a windbreak can help ensure that they don’t get snapped by the force. If growing in the ground, make sure that soil is nutritious and fertile, which can be enhanced by the addition of perlite, biochar, compost, or bone meal.

Harvesting in Alberta

There is no one perfect time to harvest your cannabis but your plants will give you some tell-tale signs that they’re nearing the right time for harvest. One of the most standout features indicating your marijuana plants are ready will be the appearance of the trichomes. The glassy trichomes will begin to appear as a milky white, taking on a more plastic appearance. This is when THC levels are nearing their highest, and waiting longer than this may cause the potency to dwindle. After this stage, your trichomes will take on amber or orange colours. Some growers believe that leaving the trichomes to mature a bit more will produce a more bodily effect rather than a psychoactive high. Pistils will also appear as if they are wilting and turning brown or orange when plants are mature. To begin your harvest, you should chop your plant from the bottom of the stalk. For large plants, many growers choose to harvest the top half first, then the bottom half about a week later, as this contributes to a more evenly ripe plant. You can then cut the stems off, trim everything down, and then hang all of the branches to dry for about a week. Drying your buds will help the THC break down into a more potent psychoactive state, further enhancing the strength of your weed. After this, you should begin to cure your buds, which involves storing them inside sealed containers. This process can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months, and will further enhance the quality and flavour of your weed.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Alberta

Curing your cannabis properly will allow it to last longer because much of the moisture is drawn out of the buds. Storing marijuana in mason jars for anywhere between three weeks to three months or more will cure the buds into a smoother smoke and a greater flavour. You should briefly air out the buds about once or twice a day to refresh the oxygen inside the containers, allowing for better dispersion of moisture in the buds. Storing your pot for the long term will help retain the potency as well as the flavour. THC tends to break down into CBN over long periods, which reduces the psychoactive effect, so proper preservation techniques will help lessen this process as much as possible. Doing an effective and calculated curing process is the best way to get a head start on long-term marijuana storage. After that, you should use completely sealable containers made of glass or ceramic. Plastic should be strictly avoided because it can have detrimental effects on cannabis. While these materials work, you can also use vacuum bags much to the same effect. Keeping very low light is necessary for preserving cannabis because light can bleach your cannabis and further reduce the potency to very low levels. Lower temperatures of anywhere between twenty to twenty-five degrees Celsius will stop mould from growing. Higher temperatures may cause mould spores to begin developing, which will quickly ruin cannabis.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Weed in Alberta

Cannabis has undergone a huge image transformation and now Canadians can enjoy their weed in food, drinks, cannacaps, and of course, joints or pipes. With so many ways to consume cannabis, it is easy to see why people are growing it. From salty party snacks to desserts, whatever you crave, can be made to contain THC. You have the choice of purchasing Alberta edibles online or making them at home using your very own homegrown weed. If you want to make edibles such as gummies or candies, you will need some molds but cookies, brownies, and even cakes with THC are easy to whip up in the kitchen. Vaporizers are some of the most popular modern options for consuming cannabis. THC oil is highly potent and easy to store, making it a terrific option for ease of access. It can also be flavoured, which can make for a much tastier experience. Vaporizers are also easy to transport and battery-powered, so they can be charged up any time you are beginning to run low. THC and CBD oil are readily available all over Alberta, making vaporizers a simple and even cost-effective option compared to other methods. There is no shortage of innovation in the field of cannabis consumption. THC-infused drinks or weed beverages make it easy to enjoy the relaxing and psychoactive effects that cannabis provides. They come in various flavours and varieties and can be purchased at a dispensary or even made at home using a recipe, much like many other weed edibles.

Alberta’s Cannabis Culture

Because marijuana is legal in all of Canada, cannabis culture is thriving and in Alberta, it is alive and well. Where the holy holiday of cannabis connoisseurs was once seen as a protest, 4/20 is now a regular event held every year in many cities and communities across Alberta. Now that recreational and medicinal cannabis consumption is out in the open, this natural and harmless substance is making headlines for a different reason. There are still raids on illegal grow houses, but the police are not arresting people for possession. When the focus was once on legalization, it’s now on lifting restrictions on home growing, and allowing home cultivators more freedom in how much they are allowed to grow, what they can do with their product, and how much of it they are allowed to process, sell, or give to others. Many believe that regulating a naturally growing plant is a ridiculous premise, which has led to much controversy on the topic of cannabis regulation. Luckily there is little regulation on pot use, allowing Albertans to partake almost freely in cannabis use as they please. In this province, you can use marijuana anywhere that isn’t a restricted area, such as playgrounds, schools, or hospitals. This allows smokers all over the province to enjoy their weed without fear of repercussions, leading to a healthy and vibrant culture surrounding the topic. Many smokers also believe that the best product comes from craft growers, so there is no shortage of those supporting local growers rather than large-scale growers partnered with dispensaries.

Buy Weed Seeds in AB, Canada

Currently, growing cannabis in Alberta is only restricted by the bylaws of where you reside. If you are renting a house, condo, or multi-family dwelling, your landlord may prohibit growing marijuana as a part of a rental agreement or a condominium bylaw. Growing weed in Alberta is a hobby any adult may partake in as long as they abide by the rules. Any resident over the age of eighteen is allowed to possess up to four plants of any maturity, as well as up to thirty grams of prepared cannabis, whether in flower, extract, or edible form. This means that there are several options for anybody looking to purchase pot seeds in Alberta. Since the days of legalization, there have been a few different vendors in the province that supply small amounts of weed seeds, usually in packages of four, as this is the maximum amount that is legally allowed to be cultivated. Now, growers may purchase seeds online in Alberta as well, with virtually no limit on how many ungerminated seeds you may possess. In places where there are limits on the number of plants you may cultivate, there’s a secret weapon in pot seed varieties. Weed Seeds carries fast-flowering seed varieties, which will provide a full load of dank weed as fast as possible, allowing you to continually grow at the legal limit with the highest rate of turnover. This allows growers to take advantage of the pesky plant limit to legally cultivate as much product as possible.

Buy Medical Weed in Alberta

Because of the very lax regulations on possession of cannabis, it is easy for medical users in Alberta to take advantage of the therapeutic possibilities of medicinal weed. Medical users are already allowed to possess up to thirty grams of prepared marijuana, which is more than enough for many before they have to fill their stash back up. However, this is per household, so if you have four adults in a residence, you may still only possess thirty grams of product between every resident. This can cause problems for roommates or other adult living situations, as this amount could end up being very little split among several people. Luckily, medicinal cannabis is widely available across Alberta, so getting your hands on some more shouldn’t be a problem. There is also no requirement to purchase medicinal marijuana, as all weed can be purchased in the province without any kind of certification or card required. The limit of how much you can possess can be reasonably bypassed through growing your own plants, as the expectation from allowing residents to grow plants is that they will typically end up with more than the legal limit. If growing your own medicine sounds like an option, Weed Seeds Canada carries more than enough therapeutic varieties for you to enjoy. Some of these varieties come in high CBD or 1:1 varieties, offering a differing range of effects depending on what you prefer. You can also grow some of our fast-flowering strains to get the most out of a small number of plants. 

Alberta’s History of Weed Legalization

Alberta has no specific history of cannabis legalization but residents of the province played a role in lifting cannabis out of the dark ages. Opinions were voiced by all Canadians before the government made a sweeping declaration of legalization across the entire country. In late 2018, citizens eighteen and older became capable of possessing, purchasing, and transporting certain amounts of marijuana as they pleased. This was not for just one region but the entire country at once, and the act applied to every adult citizen across the country. This was after decades of debate on whether or not weed was a dangerous substance and a long, slow turning of public opinion. It was after sustained protest and demonstrations in many provinces that the cannabis act was finally brought in and changed the country forever. Marijuana was outlawed across the country as early as 1923, a time when many residents weren’t even sure of exactly what this plant was or the effects it had. Some provinces have specific legalities on things such as possession and cultivation, whether at home or industrial but Alberta has no specific legalities and follows much the same model that the federal government laid out in the first place. This allows any household with at least one resident eighteen or older to possess up to thirty grams of finished product and up to four plants. It is legal to consume in public, as long as it’s not done in any of the outlined restricted areas.

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Other Location Pages

The Best Cannabis Seeds in Northwest Territories 2022

Weed Seeds Canada is the premier seed bank in the Northwest Territories market. No other seed bank offers superior seeds at unbeatable prices. Always at the apex of the industry, our top-of-the-line products are unrivaled by any competing cannabis seed vendors. At the absolute pinnacle, and unmatched in superior quality, our top-notch selection of seeds will flourish into stellar plants. Selling only the most outstanding, award-winning, top-of-the-line strains to our Northwest Territory clients, we boast an inventory beyond compare. With more than 500 of the finest premium seeds, the vault at Weed Seeds is all you need when you type in Cannabis Seeds Northwest Territories. At Marijuana Seeds Canada we carry the utmost in top-quality seed products. We offer unequaled germination rates and peak performance strains that will blow your mind. If you are into the chronic, we have outstanding high THC strains, some clocking in at 30%. Our myriad of strains has something for everyone. With rich smoking profiles, tantalizing terpenes, and scents that will tickle your nostrils, the selection also includes the latest innovative hybrids. You can always count on us to deliver the choicest, highest quality brand name seeds in the Northwest Territories. From the most effective and powerful CBD cannabinoid strains to new, top-notch, CBG-dominant curatives, these are the cream-of-the-crop. You will not find high-performance strains like this in a dispensary. We also carry easy-to-grow autoflowers, incredible high-yielding producers, and premium smooth smoking cannabis strains.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Northwest Territories

Weed Seeds Canada is the go-to seed bank in the Northwest Territories. When you purchase seeds from a reputable and professional seed bank you enjoy peace of mind. We strive to provide the highest service standards, along with our quality products. We have an impressive virtual store that offers a massive selection of unique strains, including the latest innovations in CBD/CBG cannabinoids and autoflower hybrids. Our huge inventory of over 500 strains includes 100% guaranteed feminized seeds, hybrids with a perfect blend of terpenes and cannabinoids, and endless varieties of genetic profiles. A professional seed bank will include all the latest, most popular phenotypes and hybrids available on the market today. We support breeders who are passionate about cannabis. These botanists spend their days researching and developing the latest in scientific medicinals and they are always coming up with THC-drenched, resin-laden super strains. Five-star customer reviews, consistent award-winning strains, an easy-to-access website, many purchasing options, and shopping with known qualified professionals make all the difference. Sourced from around the world, chosen for their specific traits and characteristics, or specialty genetics crossbred in-house, there are seeds to fill every need. Our secure servers keep your information safe, and our fast and efficient delivery time means you will get your discreet package of seeds in the blink of an eye. Along with our high-tech, climate-controlled facilities, we store our products in the perfect environmental conditions, guaranteeing freshness and stable germination rates every time.

Northwest Territories’ Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

Ordering online from Weed Seeds Canada just makes sense. It can be challenging for small retail outlets to properly preserve and store seeds. Not many in-store seed banks can compete with the massive inventory of over 500 top-quality products Marijuana Seeds Canada delivers straight to your door. You don’t have to brave the weather and the bad drivers trying to find a seed shop. If you do find one close to home, it seems silly to stand in line and hope the retail outlet has exactly what you want when you can just order seeds online. With our easy-to-navigate website, extensive seed catalogue, and fast doorstep delivery, we beat the limited retail competitor’s offerings hands down. At Weed Seeds Canada, our seed storage facilities offer the perfect temperature, humidity, and light-controlled environments to keep our products fresh and viable, guaranteeing optimal product quality and ultra-high germination rates. Seeds can degenerate quickly when stored in unprotected environments, and retail outlets cannot provide optimal levels of geothermal protection. With top experts and scientists working behind the scenes on new innovative hybrids constantly, we are eons ahead of the pack. With no retail overhead, online seed banks can offer rock-bottom pricing without cutting corners, saving you time and money. With new crypto payment options and other modern web-based payment systems, we provide the most up-to-date technology. With exemplary customer service, a multitude of product and payment options, simple processing, and secure servers guaranteeing your protection, shopping online at Weed Seeds is where it’s at.

Northwest Territories’ Best Canadian CBD Products

With limited retail options in the more remote Northwest Territories communities, more people are turning to online retailers that can offer a wide range of different CBD products. Containing only trace amounts of the psychoactive THC cannabinoids, CBD or cannabidiol, offers all the benefits of cannabis without the high. For those not interested in the mind-altering effects of marijuana but who want to benefit from the medicinal and curative properties of cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG, you now can breed CBD-rich strains. CBD is the highest cannabinoid present in hemp and the second most active compound in the genus cannabis marijuana. Being just one of 113 known cannabinoids, it is mainly responsible for the many medicinal properties of the marijuana plant. A colourless crystalline solid, cannabidiols oxidize under certain conditions into THC, also producing CBD through the same metabolic pathway. In the last step, where CBDA synthase catalyzes into CBD instead of THC, simple scientific manipulation of one cannabis gene has switched this process to produce dominant CBD content instead of THC. Beneficial as an antidepressant, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and sleep aid, CBD offers holistic healing benefits. Available in tinctures, gummies, oils, edibles, and capsules, this natural element was brought to the forefront as a way to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Now it is bringing light to sufferers with severe disorders such as PTSD, epilepsy, gastrointestinal issues, and arthritis. Changing the landscape of natural medicine and giving people alternatives to often toxic allopathic pharmaceuticals, CBD provides much-needed relief for many.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Northwest Territories

With the endless options in gummies, vape concentrates, and oils the plethora of flavours and infusions have created a whole new level of cannabis taste and aroma experiences. From the deliciously alluring to the bizarre, the array of flavours packed into some strains is mind-blowing. Watermelon Weed and Pumpkin Spike are now a thing. Vaping has hit the smoking scene hard over the last few years, especially taking off with younger generations. This has filtered into the marijuana and cannabis industry in a big way. Oils and concentrates are now a huge business, allowing the development of new blends, potencies, flavours, and aromas never before experienced in the world of weed. Blending THC, CBD and even CBG potencies for a customized product allow for a wider customer base and the ability to target different needs. You can find everything under the sun, from purely medicinal CBD tinctures and edibles to high potency THC content and everything in between. With limited retail options in the NWT, it makes sense to create your own vape juice and gummies. With a DIY recipe, you can perfectly customize blends to your own specific tastes and needs. With just a few basic ingredients that can be ordered online, you will be well on your way to curating some Insta-worthy cannabis cuisine. With some base liquid, flavour concentrates, THC or CBD oils, a few basic ingredients, vape juice bottles, or gummy molds, you will be in business. You will have control over the quality and purity of the end product, and you can tailor it exactly to your taste. 

Northwest Territories’ Best Cannabis Accessories

With a world of weed accessories at our disposal, everything from bongs, vapes, pipes, pokes, pens, and papers, the pot paraphernalia business is an entire industry all its own. Some have their favourites and stick with what they know and love but for others, diving into the world of cannabis consumption implements may feel overwhelming. The different types of vape pipes and pens are endless. Trying out some of the new smoking technologies can be exciting because you never know what you might discover. There seems to be something new coming out every day, and it is not only with styles and sizes. Now you can choose different methods of inhaling your favourite oils and concentrates. Hand-blown glass bongs of every size, shape, and colour are an art form all to themselves. The beautiful patterns and gorgeous colours are mesmerizing to behold. Metal and hand-carved stone pipes with intricate designs also make smoking that chronic dank a cool, unique, and eye-catching experience. From the fun freaky designs printed on rolling papers, to the non-toxic glues for the more health-conscious, joint rolling has never been this fun. People can find almost anything to suit their needs. Even the old-style hookahs have come back into fashion! Now you can pack a bowl with some hashish, throw in some comfy pillows, add low, warm liquid lighting, and you’ve got yourself an old-world smoking den. All these things and more are available to order online, for delivery to the NWT.

Best Canadian Sativas in Northwest Territories 2022

Let’s start out with some of Weed Seeds Canada’s top sativas in the Northwest Territories. Here are just a few samples of our sensuous sativa hybrids killing it on the cannabis scene today. For fun, energetic, heady sativa highs that keep you going for hours, these are the ones to watch for in 2022.

One of the all-time solid OG strains, our dank Diesel Sativa seeds are still as popular as ever. Always loved by growers for their huge showy, dense colas and heavy yields, Diesel grows like a weed and doesn’t disappoint. With 21% THC and euphoric, high-energy effects, this one is here to stay. With a combo of earthy and berry citrus flavours, it’s an old-school favourite.

A great medicinal and all-around mood enhancer, our White Russian seeds are growers, not showers. These nugs may not be huge showstoppers but the yields don’t disappoint at a massive 450g/sqm. Producing a rich smooth smoke and mellow, relaxing, calming high, she’s a great one for depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Sitting at a decent 23% THC, along with a diverse array of terpenes, this strain will impress.

A Cannabis Cup winner and all-around top-rated strain, this bombastic beast lives up to its name. Bruce Banner Regular seeds put out a whopping 27% THC content and huge yields at 500g/sqm. Almost intimidating with its massive yields, intense, euphoric highs, and extra tough resilience to mold and pests, it has been hailed as one of the biggest brutes on the market today.

Best Canadian Indicas in Northwest Territories 2022

Oh boy do we have some incredible indicas for you. These are the crazy, body-melting, mind-bending, carefree, couch-locking Kushes, and their indica hybrid cousins. We have picked three of our best right here but if you want more options feel free to look through our extensive selection because you deserve to feel real irie up in the NWT!

Shiskaberry Feminized seeds sound like something you’d bake a pie with. The earthy, spicey, berry flavours of its namesake make it a pleasure to smoke. 100% feminized seeds equal an all-female crop. With a bomb 25% THC content, this indica hybrid can create some seriously baked goods! In just 8 to 10 weeks, you’ll be cashing out a solid 450g/sqm indoors. Get it while it’s hot.

A gift from God and Bubba Kush, Bubba Gift Feminized seeds truly were sent from heaven, or more like it, will send you to heaven. A perfect blend of indica-dominant and sativa highs, this one has a bit of a psychedelic effect. With a quick six to eight week harvest time and Bubba Gift’s 20% THC profile, you’ll be meeting the Gods of ganja soon enough.

Take some Afghani Kush, throw in a little Skunk, a bit of Russian Ruderalis, and you have this Dutch bred treat. The Autoflowering Mazar seeds strain is an interesting 20% THC-heavy, automatically flowering hybrid. Those old-school OGs bring the calm, relaxing, happy vibes while the Russian brings that easy growing resilience. Anxiety, pain, and stress begone! You will find big relief in this one’s superior medicinal qualities.

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Northwest Territories’ Best THC Seeds

As for some of our all-time top THC drenched winners, we’ve got a few fab faves in the spotlight right now. If you are just looking for the most potent, chronic, dank herb on the market when nothing matters outside of getting straight blasted to the moon, these are the babies for you.

One of Leafly’s Strain of the Year winners, Runtz Feminized seeds strain is not only a top 27 % THC-soaked, resin winner but it’s quite the sight to behold. These beautiful nugs are some of the most crystalline, colourful stunners on the market today. Get those Instagram shots in before partaking in her sweet, tropical, fruity flavours and lovely, relaxing, dreamy highs.

Do si do and away we go with Moby’s Do Si Dos Feminized seeds. A whopper of an indoor producer at 600g/sqm and up to1000g/plant al fresco, it’s a grower’s dream. Throw in a mind-numbing 28% THC profile and what’s not to love? With hardy, potent, and bombastic yields, this super appealing strain is hard to keep in stock.

LA Confidential Feminized seeds are a 100% pure potent indica. It gets the job done when it comes to getting baked, bombed, buzzed, and utterly wasted. One of the freshest herbs on the scene, it’s not for the novice smoker, so take it slow. LA’s 26% THC cannabinoids pack a punch. This earthy, woodsy, pine smoke will put you deep into dreamland, so blaze up before bed and drift off in a sweet, sweet haze of heavenly bliss.

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In NT, Canada

Weed Seeds Canadas’ extensive selection of quality 100% feminized, top-selling strains, such as our northern auto-flowering Russian ruderalis phenotype hybrids, makes our seeds the simplest and easiest option as far as growing cannabis in the NWT is concerned. Purchasing from a reputable seed bank guarantees you are getting quality every time. Buying clones off of the black market can be risky. There is no guarantee you get what you paid for, it is expensive, and it could cost your entire crop in unknown diseases, and pest infestations. If growing outdoors, starting a hardier Russian ruderalis hybrid from seed allows you to slowly acclimatize the seedlings to the harsher northern, early spring weather conditions. If using clones, a harsh cold snap could take out your entire crop of babies if they are still too delicate for the cold temperatures. As far as indoor crops are concerned, most often pests are introduced into a grow space on infected babies. Some are nearly undetectable in the early stages and, with spider mites, for example, you may not notice an infestation until it is far too late to stop them. Many diseases can be brought in on clones because there is little quality control surrounding the clone market. Once it takes hold, it is sometimes next to impossible to completely eradicate an infestation or disease. Time, money, stress, and even seriously toxic or illegal chemicals may be needed to deal with the problem. Starting with quality seeds from Marijuana Seeds Canada is your safest bet by far.

Plan Your Northwest Territories Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Growing your own weed in the Northwest Territories can be rewarding. Residents are legally limited to four plants per person no matter if they grow indoors or outdoors. Whichever route you decide will determine the style of growing method and type of strain you choose to cultivate. Indoors, a stealth Sea of Green (SOG) style operation with many smaller plants compacted together into a smaller space will bring massive yields. If considering a simple outdoor four plant garden, strains bred to harsher climates, shorter northern growing seasons, and resiliency would be ideal. Many factors will determine the strain you choose but your experience, budget, and grow space top the list. Weed Seeds Canada sells the perfect sativa/ruderalis hybrids for all who have a green thumb in the NWT. Indoor gardens will require more thought, time and investment but are a great option if planning to grow year-round. High-tech LED lighting is an amazing industry innovation that can save tons of money on excessive amounts of power usage and expensive cooling systems. A shorter stature, compact, high production photo flip strain may be best suited for this style of a grow-op but whatever strain you decide, Weed Seeds has them all. Growing mediums play a huge role in weed cultivation. The easiest and most common choice is high-grade organic soil, but some prefer hydroponics or the water bath method. There are many options for each unique situation but first and foremost is of course research, research, and more research.

When To Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Northwest Territories

If growing indoors, start your seeds two weeks before the last crop out and those little seedlings will be ready to go. For outdoor operations, it’s simply a seasonal issue. The Northwest Territories have a shorter growing season and later planting time than southern provinces. Choosing a strain bred specifically for your particular climate and growing method is key. Weed Seeds Canada offers some amazing sativa/ruderalis hybrid strains perfect for the NWT. Super hardy, and able to automatically flower within just a couple of weeks, the ruderalis, a Russian-born phenotype naturally adapted to its northern growing conditions over time. When cross-bred with the fast-growing outdoor sativas, these new resilient autoflower hybrids will be perfectly at home in the NWT. Canadian gardeners should know their cold hardiness zone, or they may have some nasty surprises come spring. Simply look up the NWT zone on a hardiness map to find your spring planting time. Ideally, seedlings should be sprouted indoors to compensate for a short season, and slowly acclimatized over a few weeks before transplanting outdoors. NWT generally lands in either zone 2a or 2b, both very hardy zones. Plants not well acclimatized to these zones could suffer some frost damage during early spring. Germinate your seeds in a suitable growing medium such as peat moss pucks, perlite, or rock wool cubes, always being very careful not to touch and contaminate them with your bare hands. Keep them slightly moist at all times, add a little root powder, and voila, watch those babies grow.

Growing Marijuana in Northwest Territories

With a shorter growing season in this province, an indoor operation might be your best option. It is legal in the Northwest Territories to grow cannabis at home and although there are parameters that must be followed, there is no reason not to start your very own ganja garden. As it stands, the law permits each household to grow four marijuana plants but there are ways to push these boundaries and create quite a sizable garden if one chooses. Weed plants may be grown to the size of trees depending on the space and the growing medium. Atop-grade organic, vermiculite-heavy, soil will help nurture your plants. Usually, it’s the space, not the plant, that is limited. The vegetation stage takes longer for a plant to reach its desired size, but it can produce a sizable amount of product when done correctly. Using the largest pots available for the size of the plant depends mostly on space, but the bigger the better. You will judge the photo flip timing when they reach approximately ¾ of their final height at harvest. Once in flower, the branches will begin to gain weight under newly forming buds. Before they get so heavy as to snap the branches, they must be individually tied or supported in some way, usually by strings attached to the ceiling. These branches can produce enormous individual nuggets of dense bud called colas, and it’s quite a sight to behold. A seed strain geared to large sizes and massive yields is ideal for this growing style. Sativa-dominant hybrids from Weed Seeds Canada are a perfect choice.

Harvesting in Northwest Territories

Because of the shorter northern growing season, harvest in the Northwest Territories will naturally come a little earlier than in other places. Being located in hardiness zones 2a and 2b, frost can arrive sooner than one expects and may do damage to your crop. Be careful to watch out for any seasonal changes or oncoming cold snaps as you might need to bring your crop down slightly early. Ideally, when one notices the plant’s natural cycle coming to an end, those little trichome-drenched hairs on the buds will be super sticky with sparkling, crystalline resin that turns a rich, golden, amber color. Fan leaves will yellow and drop, and thinner branches may snap under the weight of those heavy, dense king colas if not properly supported. These are signs that your buds are ripe and ready for market. Each cannabis strain will have its own flowering period. Some require eight weeks while others need up to twelve weeks in the flowering phase, so time your harvest accordingly. Watch for signs of maturity and take your crop down at the end of its cycle. If harvested too early, those trichomes and cannabinoids will not properly develop the rich, robust flavours and high THC content one wants in a product. If you wait too long, the buds may burn under hot HPS lamps, bud rot may set in, and the product will quickly degrade and oxidize. So as you can see, getting the timing of the harvest right is key to the success or failure of the entire process.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Northwest Territories

Come harvest time is when you should think about the final product and what needs to be accomplished to create that smooth, rich, flavourful smoke the market expects in a quality cannabis today. An exceptional smoke almost always means perfected curing and storing has been accomplished. Some growers get a little too excited at this stage and rush it but patience here is key. Premium ganja can fetch a much better price and is worth the extra time and effort required. After carefully trimming the buds, cutting them to equal size, and being extra careful not to disturb those resinous trichomes too much, it will then be laid out on fine mesh screens for drying. Once dry and crispy it’s time to sweat the ganja in plastic bags. Do not pack so tightly as to bruise those tender nugs but also make sure there is as little air in the bags as possible. Sweat until the outside flowers are again moist to the touch and then repeat the screen drying process. Do this over and over until the marijuana reaches a perfect consistency of moisture content to dryness. The best way to check is when the stems easily snap between your fingers, but the buds are still moist enough to hold their weight and produce that desired velvety smooth smokeability. If it is too dry, the weight is lost, along with that deep, rich flavour. Store in airtight UV blocking glass jars, and you have yourself a quality product for months to come.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Marijuana in Northwest Territories

With so many ways to consume that glorious green, it’s hard to know where to even start. Blazing up a big fat reefer as your parents did with wacky tobacky back in the 70s is still the most common method but vaping is quickly taking over the scene. Vaping offers such a wide range of diversity, and, along with being considered somewhat easier on the lungs, another benefit is the new discreet disposable pens. Vaping is an all-around much less obvious, way to enjoy that stealth coffee break at work. All your coworkers are going to wonder why you don’t hate your job like everybody else. Not knocking the old school methods, a solid hit from the bong never goes out of style, especially these days with bongs that tend to be more objects d’art than smoking paraphernalia. Packing a bowl, sparking up, and listening to that sweet sound of a bubbling brook as some smooth dank flows through the water is a fun way to get high. Between hot knifing some hash over the kitchen elements, all the way to healthy organic edibles and drink infusions such as cannabis coffee, kombuchas, and juicing, there is something for every taste and lifestyle. Even the most discerning vegans can find a product for their lifestyle. Even the gym rats looking to get into the zone with a punched-up, pot protein shake can find a fit for their cannabis consumption needs. Gummies, shatter, butter, baked goods, diamonds, and dabs, there are so many options for all you NWT weed fiends.

Northwest Territories’ Cannabis Culture

Each year folks in the Northwest Territories celebrate that wacky weed we all know and love on April 20th, along with the rest of us. The annual grassroots 4/20 March and Festival in Yellowknife brings all those dope-smoking, pot-crazed, cannabis candy lovers out of the wilderness, from both near and far, across the NWT. In one big old blaze of glory, everyone partakes together in celebration and reverence of the mother of all marijuana lovers, Mary Jane. Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it’s now become less of a march and more of a fun, freaky, wide-open festival. There is no need for marches, demonstrations, or activism anymore, just some great old ganja good times. Being a more liberal-minded community, even before weed was legal, 4/20 participants have smoked right in the Somba K’e Civic Plaza, just steps from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) headquarters without being charged or arrested. We wouldn’t be surprised if this year there are even a few LEO in the crowd partaking of a puff or two themselves because everyone deserves a break. The RCMP stated they would respond to calls for service at the rally if required but will respect the public’s right to assemble and enjoy their newfound freedoms to burn one down. Rally organizer, Kim MacNearny, has worked hard over the years to see this day come to fruition. When the NWT community can come together and legally enjoy one of nature’s God-given gifts in peace, serenity, and a lot of bongo drums, you know you are in Canada.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in NT, Canada

In the Northwest Territories, all adults 19 and over are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent) on their person in a public place. Under the age of 19, no one is allowed to purchase or possess marijuana products under any circumstances. Cannabis may be transported in a vehicle but only in enclosed packaging, not within access of the driver or occupants, such as the trunk of a car. Legally, adults may cultivate up to four marijuana plants on their property, grown indoors or outdoors on privately owned land. Seeds are legal to buy and possess but must be purchased from a registered legal supplier such as Weeds Seeds Canada. Weed itself became legal in Canada and the Northwest Territories in October of 2018. Since that time, the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NTLCC) has been responsible for the distribution and sale of all marijuana products in the NWT, though only fresh or dried cannabis, cannabis oil, and seeds are available for sale. Northwest Territories residents may also buy marijuana online from the NTLCC, which may be consumed on private property, wherever smoking tobacco is allowed, on trails or roads, or in parks when not in use for public events. Smoking or vaping cannabis is strictly prohibited in any locations frequented by children, such as playgrounds, schools, sports fields, or underage outdoor gatherings. Local governments also have the authority to make and enforce their own bylaws that add to the Greater Northwest Territories rules around public cannabis use.

Buy Medical Marijuana in Northwest Territories

Under federal Canadian law, Northwest Territories medical marijuana patients are permitted to have up to 150 grams on their person, or up to 30 times the daily dosage of dried cannabis, or equal in a cannabis product, only if prescribed by a doctor, nurse, or qualified care practitioner. Across the country many Canadians are legally licensed to hold medical marijuana products on their person, however, they must qualify under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), which came into effect on August 24, 2016. Patients need to provide an official medical prescription and not have been convicted of any marijuana-related offenses in the past. Generally, people qualify under either one of two categories. First would be palliative patients at end of life, to help offer relief from pain due to cancer symptoms, HIV/AIDS, and other terminal illnesses and injuries. Marijuana also may be used for severe side effects due to medications. Next would be patients with various, long-term, chronically painful conditions. Listed are a few of the medical issues that may qualify through Health Canada, such as Alzheimer’s disease, mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and ADHD. Chronic pain, including arthritis and inflammation, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and many forms of gastrointestinal disorders, such as IBS, colitis, or Crohn’s disease. You may find out if you are eligible and apply through the Canadian Government’s medical marijuana website. Authorized caregivers may also possess marijuana and cannabis oil and administer the substance to patients as long as they are licensed as qualified caregivers.

Northwest Territories’ History of Marijuana Legalization

When drug prohibition first came into effect across Canada over 100 years ago, there was a consistent march towards the more lax attitudes around marijuana that led to the legal status it holds today. Before the Oct 2018 national legalization, a vote was passed for towns that already had licensed liquor stores, to decide whether to ban recreational marijuana in their communities. They voted to proceed with Canadian legalization. With such a small population spread across an area the size of half of Canada, product availability was an issue. Initially, marijuana was only sold by the government through a handful of liquor stores in the larger communities of Yellowknife, Inuvik, and a few others. Northern Canada has dry communities which are townships that have decided to ban liquor sales and remain dry. As such, communities were also given the choice of whether they wanted to ban cannabis sales, and all declined. With that, the Canadian Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Act went into effect. The Northwest Territories is one of the lowest marijuana-consuming provinces, but people pay the highest prices, so overconsumption doesn’t seem to be an issue. Like in most other provinces, surveys were conducted to gauge community attitudes towards recreational marijuana. Most supported government distribution and oversight but were split on government or private retailers and dispensaries. They favored limits on possession and home growing, and penalties for DUI and workplace impairment. Today, the NWT enjoys the many benefits of marijuana legalization along with the rest of Canada.

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The Best Cannabis Seeds in Saskatchewan 2022

If you’re looking for the perfect cannabis seeds Saskatchewan, it helps if you know exactly what you’re seeking in your cultivation journey. If you want to grow highly potent weed that will send you buzzing, the best-selling CBD seeds won’t do you much good because CBD cannot get you high. You should choose a strain based on what you’d like out of your plants. For those seeking a highly psychoactive experience, some of the strongest THC seeds will suit you the best. Many chronic strains can have potencies of higher than 30%, making for an outstanding choice for recreational smokers. You may also be looking for a strain that bears high yields. Many growers love to grow for their friends and family too, so a variety that grows bushels of buds can help you spread the love. Many large yielding strains can offer you up to 500 grams per plant or more. This can leave you with an enormous stash to share with your favourite people. For our medical growers, we offer numerous strains that will provide little or no psychoactive high. Many medical users utilize CBD, not for its cerebral effects but its pain-relieving abilities, and this has ended up creating a new family of cannabis. High CBD seeds will produce healing buds. Dosing with CBD can give the user a strong sense of relief from all things related to pain, nausea, or illness. It has become a valuable holistic remedy for those living with chronic diseases.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Saskatchewan

When you decide to begin growing marijuana, purchasing a high-quality seed is the first step in making sure that your cannabis plants will be bountiful and potent. The greatest way to ensure that your seeds are in good condition is by purchasing them from a dedicated seed bank that knows what they are doing. There are a couple of ways to tell if this is the case, and there are usually a couple of signs that will give away whether you are working with a seed bank that cares about their product. Arguably one of the most important things is allowing customers to leave reviews. With this feature, you can be able to tell whether or not a seed bank is willing to improve on its shortcomings, allowing other potential customers to weigh the risk of working with them. Weed Seeds Canada is proud to let any of our customers leave a review on any strain they decide to purchase. Another great way to tell if a seed bank is reputable is if it provides a wide range of varieties. Carrying a broad range of genetic traits is a good way to let customers purchase exactly what they need without making any concessions. The Marijuana Seeds Canada seed bank carries seeds with a variety of genetic traits. From auto-flowering, photoperiod, feminized and regular seeds, our vault is brimming with options. This will allow you to buy exactly the seeds you need, without having to account for any unwanted traits.

Saskatchewan’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There are several benefits one could gain from purchasing with an online seed bank rather than an in-store seed bank. Much of the advantage comes down to the utility of online seed banks, and just how easy technology has made it for consumers to get the products they need. One of the very first things that make it easier to purchase from an online marijuana seed bank is the ease of transportation. When you purchase locally, you are likely to have to drive to and from the seed bank, sometimes multiple times depending on whether or not they have your product in stock. You may also have to order and pick up on different days depending on the store’s system. Pot Seeds Canada helps you to eliminate this problem by shipping seeds directly to your door. There is no pickup required, as seeds will simply be sent straight to your mailbox, or wherever you desire them to go. An online seed bank also ensures that seeds are being stored at a central storage facility. This is helpful because it gives the customer peace of mind that seeds are being kept in a high-quality storage area. Proper storage techniques include controlled temperature, humidity, airflow, and lighting, so it can make a big difference in the quality of seeds. Having cannabis seeds stored under the perfect conditions can greatly prolong their viability under storage, as well as the yields and the potency.

Saskatchewan’s Best Canadian CBD Products

While it is no secret that marijuana can provide some of the best natural healing abilities on the planet, these claims have even been backed by science. For decades, researchers have raved about the therapeutic ability of CBD, a common cannabinoid found inside cannabis plants. This compound can help the user with true pain-relieving ability. It also has the capability to help relieve nausea, tics, or muscle spasms related to Tourettes or other disorders. It’s also been said to help improve many psychological conditions ranging from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, to ADHD and PTSD. It’s no miracle, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction for many medical users, and there are many different ways to consume it if you are not the smoking type. High CBD weed can be smoked as usual, with all the therapeutic benefits and little to no psychoactive effect. Other CBD products can include edibles, which completely negate the need to smoke your medicine. They come in a range of different forms such as candies or baked goods, and they are tasty. CBD oil is one of the most common ways to relieve pain, as it’s both fast-acting, potent, and doesn’t need to be smoked or even eaten. You can choose to apply it directly under the tongue, or you may also apply it topically to a certain area that’s experiencing pain or aches. This method lasts a long time and will work very quickly to bring you relief.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Saskatchewan

You can now consume your cannabis in a using a variety of different methods, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Many of these choices don’t involve smoking it, which can open up the potential uses of cannabis to medically compromised users. The main benefit of consuming your marijuana in a form other than smoking is that there is much less wear on your lungs, which can particularly help those suffering from lung disease or other illnesses that may affect their breathing. THC oils may be smoked or applied directly, as they are simply a high potency concentration of cannabis plants. Many choose to vape oils as a less lung-intensive and fast-acting way of smoking their weed. This is also a fantastic option because marijuana oils in both THC and CBD varieties are widely available at many dispensaries. You can find all kinds of vapes or vape pens at smoke shops. You can now chew your cannabis in a fruity gummy, or sip it in a refreshing soda. A wide variety of edibles are available and cannabis gummies come in every flavour under the rainbow. People love gummies because they are small, easy to store, and they taste great. You can also make them at home to your desired potency. If you love chocolate, there is a gummy for you and it can be purchased at any regular or medicinal dispensaries. Everyone’s experience with cannabis is unique. Clinical data shows that smokeables are absorbed much faster than non-combustible products such as edibles, beverages, and oils.

Saskatchewan’s Best Cannabis Accessories

If you should choose to smoke your weed over the other available ways of consumption, there are many ways you can go about smoking it as well. The options that are available to you can vary depending on the laws around cannabis where you live, as it may not be legal to buy or sell paraphernalia like bongs or pipes. One of the most foolproof ways to smoke is with joints, which you can buy the materials for practically anywhere in the world. You only need some rolling papers, which are so widely used that you can find them at any corner store or gas station. They are legal to possess, cheap, and easy to learn how to use, so they’re a perfect option for anybody. If you live near a smoke shop, you can always try to go for a bong or pipe, which is usually the second most popular choice. They are easy to use, and you only have to purchase them once. The only thing you have to do is clean them often. Pipes or bongs can cause you to catch a lung infection if they are not properly cleaned regularly. You could also opt for a dab rig, which is a glass device much like a bong that is used to smoke highly potent shatter. THC concentrate is very potent with THC levels up to 80%, so it’s highly effective for getting you stoned. Dab rigs can be bought at many regular smoke shops or glass stores.

Best Canadian Sativas in Saskatchewan 2022

If you are after a weed that will give you a boost in energy and an uplifting feeling throughout the day, you should look at some of the greatest sativas. Bruce Banner sativa seeds are one of the most popular strains on the market, providing both huge yields and extreme potency with tangy citrus and diesel flavours, along with some earthy and herbal notes. The THC levels can be up to 27% on these tough seeds, and you can expect yields of anywhere between 400g to 500g per square metre if growing indoors, and up to 450g to 550g per plant if growing outdoors. The stone will be extremely potent and cerebral, giving a huge hit to your energy and creativity. Grapefruit regular seeds are another popular sativa, coming in a regular variety that can allow the grower to breed their plants. THC levels are very high at 23% or more, and yields are very large at 400g to 500g per square metre from indoor growing, and up to 450g to 550g per plant from outdoor growing. They take on a distinct citrusy grapefruit flavour, making for a delicious choice as a wake-and-bake or mid-day strain. Amnesia Haze seeds are a fan favourite sativa with a tasty citrus flavour. They are very potent with THC levels of up to 22%, and yields are astounding at anywhere between 600g to 700g per plant grown outdoors, and up to 500g to 600g per square metre when grown indoors. 

Best Canadian Indicas in Saskatchewan 2022

An indica is what you need if you are trying to relax after a long day and get a good night’s rest. These strains will help balance your energy and give you a chance to cool off for the day. Blackberry Moonrocks feminized seeds are one of the nicest choices for an indica, full of berry flavours and high in THC content. The potency of this variety can reach up to 23% THC, providing a very strong and relaxing high. Yields are very high compared to other strains and grown indoors these seeds can provide you with up to 500g to 600g per square metre, as well as 100g to 225g per plant when grown outdoors. While Alien Technology x Do-Si-Dos feminized seeds have quite the name, they provide just as complex of a flavour profile. In this variety, you’ll find notes of chocolate, citrus, vanilla, apple, and wood, among even more flavour notes. The high potency of 25% THC will give you a hard hit, and yields can be as high as 400g to 500g per plant growing outside and up to 300g to 500g per square metre growing inside. Autoflowering Zkittlez seeds are one of the most popular choices for indica hybrids thanks to their fruity and tangy flavour profile of berries, fruits, and citrus. The THC is higher at around 23% or more, with only about 1% CBD content. Yields are very generous at anywhere between 400g to 500g per square metre growing indoors, and up to 300g to 600g per plant when growing outdoors.

Saskatchewan’s Best THC Seeds

Sometimes all a grower needs is a ridiculously strong seed, and Marijuana Seeds Canada has handfuls. Our chronic seeds are some of the most potent you can get, and they typically yield very high as well. Gorilla Glue Fast Feminized seeds are some of the most well-known seeds in the industry, as they’re sticky, potent, and provide a huge harvest. The potency can be anywhere up to 28%, giving a nearly psychedelic effect to this strain. Yields can be up to 500g to 600g per square metre when grown indoors, and up to 600g to 700g per plant when grown outdoors. Do Si Dos Killer Feminized seeds will provide another highly potent experience, with THC concentrations up to 28%. The yields of this variety are very high, at up to 400g to 500g per plant when grown outside, and up to 400g to 500g per square metre when grown inside. This bud comes with an earthy, citrus flavour with notes of wood and herbs. Shiskaberry Feminized seeds have a distinct aroma. Your nose will smell earthy berries and spices, and your mind will appreciate the high potency of up to 25% THC. A full harvest can be expected to be up to 350g to 450g per square metre when grown indoors, and up to 300g to 500g per plant when grown outdoors. Additionally, all of these seeds are feminized varieties that don’t contain any male seeds, so you will only be growing female plants. While this disallows breeding, it will help maximize yields if you’re growing for the potent buds.

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Why Grow Your Own Seeds In SK, Canada

There are so many reasons to begin growing your marijuana from the seed. People who are seeking optimal health grow ganja to heal. Others grow for a hobby and if they are good at it, their pastime often turns into a career. Saving money is probably the number one reason why people grow their own cannabis. When you purchase just a package of seeds, this can typically cost you less than a trip or two to the dispensary. It’s a small initial investment, and if you take proper care of your seeds, by the end of your harvest you can have many times more bud than you would usually purchase from your local dispensary. This makes marijuana seeds incredibly valuable, and cashing in on that investment only takes some basic research and an area to grow your pot in. Another reason why you might begin growing weed from the seeds is to have a new hobby. For many people, taking care of plants means a lot more than just watering and pruning. Cultivating cannabis is considered a fine craft by those who are blessed with a green thumb, and when it comes to cross-breeding strains and creating new types of marijuana, many consider it an art form. Keeping your plants healthy can give you a new activity, and you’ll be rewarded with delightful aromas, and a ton of weed by the time harvesting season comes. This has led many to move to the big leagues and turn their passion into a new job.

Plan Your Saskatchewan Garden or Grow Op in Advance

There are several steps you can take to prepare your grow op so that your plants have the best chance of succeeding. This is mostly only a necessity outdoors, as the sometimes harsh climate can make growing cannabis in Saskatchewan difficult. If you are growing outdoors, it’s highly recommended to utilize a greenhouse rather than growing out in the open. Not only will this help protect pot plants from inclement weather, but it also allows you to install any necessary appliances to control the environment around them. Whether you are growing in a greenhouse or indoors, you will likely need artificial lighting to supplement what light your plants will already get. A source of heat will be necessary for the winter months, as marijuana plants do not do particularly well in the cold. In more frigid places, you may want to invest in naturally resistant seeds, which may do better in the cold than other strains thanks to fantastic genetics provided by Marijuana Seeds Canada. Growing marijuana in Saskatchewan should only be done in pots unless growing only during the summer months when the weather will permit. If you decide to grow in pots, make sure that your pots are at least three to five gallons large, which will provide plenty of room for your plants to spread out their roots. Whether growing in-ground or in pots, the soil can be enriched using a variety of different soil amendments.

When To Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Saskatchewan

When you decide to sprout your seeds can influence how well your plants do in the early stages of their growth, as well as how much they end up producing in total. For this reason, it’s a good idea to try and time your germination around a specific point during the year. To germinate your seeds, it takes only a few items. The paper towel method is easy and popular. This is the certified method of germination that Weed Seeds Canada suggests, and you can expect germination rates of at least 90% using this approach. To start the process, dampen a few pieces of paper towel and place them onto a dinner plate. Move your seeds from the package onto the paper towel with about an inch of space between them, and then cover your seeds up with another layer of damp paper towel. You can then cover them with another plate on top, and leave them somewhere dark and humid for about a week. Once you begin to see their small taproots erupting, you can take them out of germination and begin planting. Many growers go for a certain day that’s proven to be the most trustworthy when growing cannabis seeds. You should try to plan for planting on or around the spring equinox, as this is about the right time for the weather to be beneficial to your plants. If growing inside, you may plant your seeds whenever you like, as the weather will not affect them in a controlled environment.

Growing Marijuana in Saskatchewan

There are a few different precautions you can take to ensure the viability of your plants. When growing marijuana in Saskatchewan, the outdoor environment can be detrimental to cannabis plants. For this reason, you should consider growing indoors, but if this isn’t possible, you may be able to improve the situation by building or purchasing a greenhouse. This can help provide your plants with some shelter from the elements, as well as an area where you can mount some appliances to help control the environment. If growing outdoors, you may want to install a windscreen, as this will help protect your plants from adverse weather patterns. Some additional heating or insulation might be needed to keep your plants at reasonable temperatures, as the cold can stunt their growth. You may also invest in some of the Pot Seeds Canada seeds that are resistant to cold, which can help improve your plants’ yields and performance if you have no choice but to grow outside. When cultivating marijuana, you should make sure you also have a source of airflow, as this will help remove the risk of bud rot. If growing outdoors this usually isn’t a problem but it can be done simply with the installation of a fan or two and some vents to the outdoors. Make sure that, whether growing with natural light or artificial light, your plants get at least 12 hours of sun per day, with the optimal amount being about 18 to 24 hours.

Harvesting in Saskatchewan

The time that you should harvest your cannabis depends less on what day of the year it is and more on what your plants are telling you. After cultivating for a while, you’ll begin to notice some of the telltale signs that your marijuana is ready to be harvested. Keeping track of your pot’s age can help you figure out where on this timeline might be but you should always be watching out for some of the clues that they are ready to harvest. One of the most trusted ways to tell if your marijuana is ready for harvest is the appearance of the trichomes. Your plants’ trichomes are where the highest concentrations of THC are stored, and you will see them begin to develop all over the buds as a crystalline shiny coating. When the trichomes begin to mature and reach their peak potency, they will begin to take on an almost frosty appearance, looking opaque white. Some growers decide to wait until they see trichomes taking on colour, which will have them appear orange or amber. Other growers have said that this causes a dip in THC concentration. Another of the most obvious signs is the appearance of the pistils. These long, wispy hairs growing out of your buds will begin to wilt when they are reaching maturity. They will also take on an orange or brown appearance as if they are dying, though this is the perfect time to begin your harvest.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Saskatchewan

If you are not yet ready to smoke your product, there’s a perfect way to preserve it so that it lasts long enough for you to work your way to it. Marijuana can’t be stored forever but you can certainly preserve it for an extended amount of time, and the way you choose to do so will dictate just how long the THC lasts. It will naturally become less fragrant and potent over time, but it typically takes a very long time, upwards of a couple of years, for it to become completely inert and not worth smoking. The main things you will want to control when preserving your weed are temperature, light, and oxygen. You can contain it in a couple of different ways, one being a simple container. This container must be glass or ceramic, as plastic will contribute to the degradation of your weed. Make sure no light gets through to it, and it should be stored somewhere cool or refrigerated for the best effect. Vacuum sealing can provide more effective long-term preservation because this method guarantees no airflow or oxygen. Exposure to damaging UV rays can break down cannabinoids, so once you have vacuum sealed your stash, you can then place it into a light-proof container. It should be kept in a regular temperature range of between 20-25 °C to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew. After all of the work you have put into your plants up to this point, why risk compromising your trichomes when you can easily keep them fresh.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Marijuana in Saskatchewan

Ever since humans have been harvesting cannabis, they have been steeping it into teas, baking it into brownies, and filling their pipes with that high THC flower power. Topicals are an excellent way to get the therapeutic effects of cannabis especially if you rub it into your sore muscles. Just as you would make cannabutter, you can swap out the butter for coconut oil and infuse it with your decarboxylated weed. You then apply the ointment directly to an area, just like you would with any other lotion or balm. Depending on the formulation, it should quickly take effect on the area directly on and below the skin. Cannabis salve can prove especially helpful for people suffering from chronic arthritis because it gives a hit of CBD or THC straight to the area where you might be experiencing discomfort. You can easily make cannabis salve at home, and it will be much less expensive than the fancy jars you find in dispensaries. If you love baking, cooking, or mixing cocktails, try incorporating cannabis into your culinary creations. When you explore your canna-creativity you may discover something new and delicious! Weed vapes have become common in today’s marijuana scene and THC oil is quickly becoming one of the best ways to get high. Cannabis vapes will give you a strong hit in a discreet way, and they require nearly no maintenance other than some regular cleaning and recharging the battery. THC oils can be found at almost any dispensary making it easy to stock back up on your vaping materials.

Saskatchewan’s Cannabis Culture

Cannabis culture doesn’t rely on legalization to spread the message of love and unity that it embodies. For decades, marijuana culture has been all about going against the current and challenging old ideologies, which is where much of the youthful spirit comes from. Luckily, in places like Canada where pot has now long been decriminalized, it’s been a steady push for full legalization, something that many countries have yet to even begin to move toward. The fact that Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada are so relaxed on marijuana laws makes it much easier to participate in a healthy cannabis culture through many different means. There’s no longer much of a necessity for hosting speeches and seminars on the benefits of marijuana. The main focus now in many cannabis communities across Canada is no longer legalization but the lifting of restrictions on possession, especially for growing. The federally recognized maximum amount of cannabis plants one can grow is four, which leaves some with too little product for it to be effective. Some growers who breed cannabis as a hobby also take issue with four plants being the legal maximum, because four plants are simply not enough to fulfill their needs. Many provinces also require you to purchase cannabis from a provincially regulated dispensary, which can restrict the variety and quality of the marijuana you’re purchasing. Though legalization was certainly a good start, this is now the primary concern of the cannabis culture in Saskatchewan.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in SK, Canada

Purchasing cannabis seeds in Saskatchewan is easy due to relaxed laws surrounding the cultivation of marijuana across the country. Saskatchewan has adopted the federal regulations governing pot-growing, which means that any resident is allowed to cultivate up to four plants per household. The four plant limit per household includes residences where there is more than one adult present. Where you choose to grow your weed is only limited by the bylaws in your local area or the tenancy agreement you’ve signed if you are a renter. In other provinces there may be restrictions limiting where you are allowed to purchase cannabis paraphernalia or seeds, however, in Saskatchewan, there are no such restrictions. You may purchase both cannabis and the seeds you need to grow it from any dispensary or seed bank that has them available. This gives growers a wide variety of options in who they choose to go to for their cultivation needs, so you won’t have to settle for the strains that are available at a regulated dispensary. If you’re purchasing seeds in Saskatchewan, Pot Seeds Canada has you covered and can have premium marijuana seeds shipped right to your doorstep faster than any local seed bank. In less than a week you can have the strain of your choice at your home, ready to be grown and harvested. Shopping for your favorite items is easier than you think and when you visit our virtual store you will be impressed with the selection of seeds we have for sale.  

Buy Medical Marijuana in Saskatchewan

Medical cannabis is easy to seek out in Saskatchewan. The casual laws surrounding cannabis and its consumption across Canada make it simple for medical users to access the marijuana products they need. Across Saskatchewan and all of Canada, each household can have one adult that may possess up to thirty grams of cannabis. There’s no regulation on whether or not this is medicinal cannabis, so you may possess this amount of any variety you like. There are also no specifications on what form it may be in, so this can include oils or ointments as well. The legally acceptable amount can be more than enough for some but others, especially those with chronic illnesses, need a lot of medicine. They also like the security of growing their own all-natural medicine. A homegrown stash allows you to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of weed whenever you need to. Weed Seeds Canada has a huge collection of high CBD seeds that are perfect for helping relieve many different chronic pains and illnesses. You can grow up to four medicinal plants in your household, which can often be more than enough for one or a few people who may need it. Fast flowering seeds can help speed up how quickly your plants mature, giving you a very high rate of turnover. People who use cannabis for health and wellness typically take no other medications. Those who rely on harsh prescription pills for whatever ails them may find better outcomes with cannabis. 

Saskatchewan’s History of Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana was outlawed in Saskatchewan as early as 1923. Gradual steps were made throughout the decades towards decriminalization and legalization. When Canada broadly legalized marijuana in late 2018, it was no longer a decision of the provinces to make up their own laws and regulations. It became legal across the country with the introduction of the cannabis act, yet some provinces were allowed to set up additional restrictions based on what they felt was necessary. A glaring problem with these regulations is the strict stipulations on where certain items can be purchased. Customers do not like being told that they can only purchase their paraphernalia from provincially regulated dispensaries. This includes seeds, which must be bought from a branch of the liquor corporation in many provinces including New Brunswick and Quebec. This has led many growers and smokers to be dissatisfied with their options, as these are corporatized dispensaries, and they don’t typically provide the quality or variety that one could expect from a private dispensary. Nonetheless, weed has been made fully legal in Saskatchewan, and the amounts you are allowed to possess are fairly generous. Any adult can possess up to 30 grams to a household, as well as four plants to a household. This is restricted to the residence, so you may not technically have any more than 30 grams and four plants under one roof, no matter how many adults live there. You may also only consume cannabis in Saskatchewan on private property, barring nearly any public area from consumption.

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The Best Cannabis Seeds in Quebec 2022

With Weeds Seeds Canada, you can be rest assured you are getting the absolute choicest, cream of the crop seeds every time. Our products are the highest quality, most superior cannabis beans on the market today and we confidently say that no other seed banks offer what we offer as far as quality, excellence or selection. At the apex of the cannabis game, it’s our passion to deliver top notch seeds, at affordable prices. We boast an inventory beyond compare, with over 500 first rate seed varieties available at great prices, and of course our usual peak quality, we are at the absolute pinnacle of the Quebec cannabis seeds industry. You know you are always getting a premium product with Marijuana Seeds Canada. We carry the utmost in unparalleled, outstanding seeds on the market, the finest dank, superlative smoking, tantalizing strains that will blow your mind at 30%+ THC levels, unmatched by even the strongest indicas. We are second to none. If it’s medicinal marijuana you are looking for, our unrivaled CBD and CBG strains are geared specifically to our clients that are desiring relief from a multitude of ailments. Use our seeds to grow a supreme, top of the line cannabis product. With seeds guaranteed to be 100% feminized, unequaled germination rates, matchless resiliency and optimum yields, Weed Seeds Canada is your number one, most preferred seed bank. From our unsurpassed, premium, peak THC hybrids, irresistible Autoflower easy growing strains, and the latest in our superlative, specialised cannabinoid hybrid combinations, Pot Seeds Canada’s outstanding seed products are incomparable and guaranteed.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Quebec

With Weed Seeds Canada being the go to seed bank in the province of Quebec, we are devoted to keeping our Quebecois clients happy and satisfied in order to remain your number one choice when it comes to quality. Our consistent award-winning strains, 5 star customer reviews and thousands of satisfied repeat customers do not lie. Everyone has heard of that famous Canadian dank chronic, and we at Weeds Seeds Canada are a part of that legacy. With our top of the line products, being at the forefront of industry innovation, our cutting edge research and development team has developed some of the most diverse genetic profiles in the industry. Breeding and crossbreeding some of the top hybrids and strains from around the world until we reach peak levels of THC, CBD and terpenes profiles. Our high tech, climate-controlled seed bank storage facilities keep our products within perfect temperature, light and humidity levels to guarantee freshness and germination rates every time. With over 500 premium, brand name and most popular cannabis seed strains available to choose from, Pot Seeds Canada has the best selection on the market today. Our reputability is reflected in the many repeat growers that purchase our premium seeds. Our easy to navigate website, plethora of payment options, among them crypto, paypal, etc. Along with the most qualified customer service experts in the field available at all business hours to answer any questions you may have and fast, efficient, professionally packaged, discreet delivery service. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a reliable source of genuine genetics and viability.

Quebec’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

As far as buying marijuana seeds in Quebec, ordering direct online from Weed Seeds Canada is by far the easiest, most hassle free, guaranteed quality way to go. In a few easy steps, without the need to leave the comfort of your own home and you are in business. Our simply laid out website, spectacular selection of over 500 cannabis strains, extensive industry information and fast, efficient doorstep delivery, we beat the limited retail options hands down. Your local seed bank just cannot compete with the level of expertise and years of experience Marijuana Seeds Canada has invested in this business. Our exemplary service standards ensure each and every client is treated as an individual with their own unique and specific needs. Unlike retail outlets, we are right there in your living room with you. Pot Seeds Canada’s top technological innovations in temperature, humidity and light controlled environments cannot be replicated in retail shops without our level of high tech geo thermal controls, often resulting in a retail products’ lower quality and germination rate. Not only are you guaranteed our best quality seeds, but your local retail seed banks, with their high overhead, cannot beat out our competitive pricing. Using your Quebec cannabis seeds coupon you can purchase our premium products at rock bottom pricing, saving you even more money. Unmatched service, payment options, simple processing and secure servers that guarantee your information is safe and protected. Retail outlets are unable to match our new crypto payment options and other modern web-based technologies.

Quebec’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD products and the many CBD/THC dominant strains contain only trace amounts of the psychoactive THC cannabinoids. These strains offer the benefits without the high. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent active compound present in the genus cannabis marijuana plant after THC, and the highest in the hemp plant. One of 113 cannabinoids it is mostly responsible for the many medicinal and curative benefits of marijuana. A colorless crystalline solid, cannabidiols oxidize under certain conditions into THC, and also produce CBD through the same metabolic pathway until the last step where CBDA synthase catalyzes into CBD instead of THC. For those suffering from chronic pain, illnesses or disabilities where allopathic medicines have failed, CBD has been a Godsend for many. Said to be a powerful antidepressant, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, and all-around natural treatment, it is even known for helping cancer patients. In addition, those suffering from severe neurological disorders such as PTSD have found that CBD has far out surpassed all expectations in the medicinal marijuana industry. The industry has also been experiencing recently reported success with control of epileptic seizures, relief from ALS symptoms, severe arthritis and even mood disorders. Available in many forms such as tinctures, gummies, oils, edibles and more, there is something for every situation. Marijuana Seeds Canada supplies a large selection of CBD dominant hybrid strains and CBD Autoflowers ranging from 100% CBD to every combination of THC to CBD cannabinoid content for those that still prefer a mild buzz but are looking for a more medicinal product. We’ve got them all.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Quebec

With seemingly never-ending options of cannabis related products available in Quebec and around the world, there are so many new and interesting ways to consume marijuana. Among the many weed related products available on the market that can be found in Quebec today are gummies, vape concentrates, oils, tinctures, shatter and capsules and there are more being developed by the minute to satisfy this demanding and insatiable market. There is so much to choose from, everything for the medicinal user, to the hyper particular, recreational connoisseur, and of course your average Joes that just want to get straight baked out of their brains on the most potent THC products available, it’s all out there. For the smokers, vapes are taking over the industry, purified oils and concentrates specifically tailored to this market are being developed, with new flavours, cannabinoid and terpene profiles and concentrations arriving on the scene daily. Another quick, easy solution with many options and potencies to choose from are the candies, gummies and edibles. Healthier and more convenient for the non-smokers, these new products offer medicinal benefits along with stronger or milder highs depending on one’s preference. There is also butter, shatter, diamond, and other such super concentrated cannabis products for every taste. It’s incredible what has happened in this industry in just a few years time. Having had an especially massive impact on the medicinal marijuana industry, edibles, oils and tinctures offer many new options where previously there were none. This industry has no chance of slowing down anytime soon!

Quebec’s Best Cannabis Accessories

We’ve all been to those head shops in downtown Montreal, full to bursting with pot paraphernalia, selling every type of pipe, bong, grinder, poker, trays and accessories the world has on offer. It’s hard to even focus on one thing at a time. Wandering through the shop, perusing the goodies, imagining setting up your own glam ganja smoking den with the best of the best hand-blown, high-end glass bongs, some cushy pillows, low, liquid lighting and the swankiest cannabis paraphernalia one can buy. Your very own old school hideaway, a peaceful, heavenly escape from the world, where one can drift off into that lazy, hazy cloud of sweet, dank ganja bliss. The Quebec marijuana accessories market is booming, and now with vaping added to the mix, there are even more products at our fingertips to tempt us. With endless styles and options of vapes and pipes available for smoking those favourite oils, concentrates and frosty, resinous buds, it’s difficult to decide which direction to take. You could just try them all, it’s a ganga shopper’s dream! There are options for the health-conscious smoker, natural rolling papers using non-toxic glues, some with fancy patterns and colors. All kinds of fun can be had in the wacky world of weed. Aficionados and connoisseurs have even been known to have their own glass bongs hand blown to order and kept in a special humidor like box. There really are no boundaries when it comes to how much or how little you can spend.

Best Canadian Sativas in Quebec 2022

Here are a few of the sativas to salivate over in Quebec 2022. These seductive beauties are the ones to watch for when you are seeking those next level brain blasting nugs. A bountiful bud banquet of energizing highs with the sublime fruity, limonene tartness sativa terpenes are known for.

Starting out with our Grapefruit sativa seeds, this hybrid is named for its citrusy grapefruit flavours and aroma. With consistent five star ratings, it’s one of our top sellers, the tastiest, tartiest strain around. Just 8 to 10 weeks in flower and you have a potent 23% THC, high yielding product with fantastic energizing and mood enhancing effects, great for depression and pain.

This sweet tropical pineapple beauty is a pleasure to work with. Autoflowering Pineapple Seeds are fast growing, easy and flip automatically into their flowering cycle, no complicated photoflip light systems needed. At 21% THC content she offers a euphoric, relaxing buzz and a plethora of medicinal benefits and can produce up to 500g/sqm indoors.

Orange Bud feminized seeds are a more indica dominant sativa hybrid offering that hard hitting indica, instant happiness inducing rush. Quickly relieving any aches, pains or worries, this big bud, heavy weight producer is an all-around winner. At a solid 23% THC with tantalizing orange, skunky sweet flavours, it’s a great medicinal for both stress and anxiety.

Offering the best selection and widest range of award winning sativas available on the market in Quebec today, Weeds Seeds Canada is your one stop shop.

Best Canadian Indicas in Quebec 2022

Ah the Indicas, those amazingly tantalising, body melting, euphoria-inducing highs that take one out of this dimension into an entirely new pain free, stress-free universe. Sound over the top, well it isn’t, not once you’ve experienced Weed Seeds Canada’s top indica strains of 2022.

They are called Alien Technology Feminized Seeds because they are clearly from out of this world. Hailing from the ancient lineage of OG Hindu Kush, the king of cannabis 

strains, this 100% feminised pure indica boasts a 20%+ THC profile, imparts a calming euphoric almost giggly feeling of bliss with its earthy, sweet, spicy goodness. It’s known to melt away anxiety, depression and stress.

One of our top award-winning strains, 24K Gold Feminized Seeds are a psychonauts dream, taking you to dimensions yet undiscovered. Said to have an almost psychedelic high, she definitely packs a punch. Sitting at a whopping 24% THC with a terpene profile dripping in fruity, peppery, citrus flavours, great for inflammation, stress, and among its many other benefits, can boost ones’ creativity to the next level.

The name doesn’t lie, Autoflowering Big Bud Seeds are exactly that, massive yields of the biggest brain blasting beauties you’ve ever seen. Also easy to grow and automatically flowering, there’s no need for a photoflip. Huge yields topping out at 500g/m2, this one is popular. A combination of some of the best strains on the market including Northern Lights and Afghani, this hybrid’s 21% THC content and relaxing, sleepy highs make it a top seller.

Quebec’s Best THC Seeds

Have a look at some of our top selling THC strains in Quebec right now. These are the ones to watch, definitely the best on the market as far as the high THC, resin drenched, super dank, bad boys go.

White Widow Feminized Seeds may sound intimidating, but don’t be fooled, this one is a crowd pleaser. Giving off an energetic chatty vibe, she’s great for getting that party started. Not only a fun, flirty buzz but this hybrid is also known to be a massive producer, with some indoor harvests hitting an unheard of 800g m/2. Reaching up to 24% THC and only 8 to 10 weeks from flip, you can’t go wrong.

One of our THC greats at a killer 28%, Grandaddy Banner feminized seeds are the perfect hybrid blend of sativa and indica dominant. Giving you both those heady, euphoric, mind-blowing highs that slowly melt into a deep and relaxing, pain free body stone. An interesting mix of fruity, earthy, flowery and spicy flavours while also being a great all round medicinal, puts it at the top of the list as one of Quebec’s best.

Gorilla Glue Lemon Feminized Seeds have certainly made a name for themselves. For those that love those rich, earthy, lemon and pine flavours, this is the one. The citrusy limonene terpenes definitely make themselves known, along with the crazy King Kong level 26% THC cannabinoids, this is a monkey to be reckoned with.

Pot Seeds Canada carries all Quebec’s favourites and more, don’t miss out!

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In QC, Canada

There are so many reasons to grow your own seeds. Weed Seeds Canada’s extensive and unmatched selection of quality, 100% feminized strains of every phenotype and hybrid such as our Quebec Gold 2.0 seeds makes it simple, easy and the best option as far as growing cannabis in Quebec is concerned. Starting with seeds purchased from a reputable seed bank guarantees you are getting quality every time. Many people think they can save time and hassle buying clones off the black market. Not only does this not guarantee you are getting what you paid for, but it is expensive and could cost you your entire crop in the event of unknown diseases or pest infestations. Clones are the most common way that pests get introduced into a grow space and infect your plants. Some of these pests are nearly undetectable with the naked eye. With insects such as spider mites or broad mites, you may not notice an infestation until it’s far too late and by then the crop has been damaged to the point of no return. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are many pests and diseases besides only mites that may be brought in on infected clones with which there is little, if any, quality control. Growing your own seeds, from seeds that you’ve purchased from a reputable source, will ensure that you are aware of the genetics, quality, and viability of the seeds you produce. To start the process, stick with quality seed products from Pot Seeds Canada.

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Plan Your Quebec Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Many people in Quebec have thought about growing their own green. Just to be forewarned, unlike other Canadian provinces, it is still illegal in Québec to grow cannabis in your home. Only companies or persons with a cultivation permit issued by Health Canada may legally grow cannabis. All legalities aside, let’s assume you have your permits and are ready to go. Firstly, you will need to determine the size and type of operation you are interested in, this will mainly depend on the purpose you are growing for, be it commercial, medical or personal use. Once you know your end goal, then is the time to start doing some thorough research on that specific size and type of operation. For example, let’s assume one wants to start a small scale, commercial operation. Taking space into consideration, generally this would be a smaller area best suited to the Sea of Green (SOG) method of growing. This entails many smaller plants grown to a shorter stature in a compacted area. You will want to purchase seeds for a strain bred to fit this type of growing method, along with other attributes such as high yield and desirable market characteristics. Next to consider is the equipment, which growing medium you will use, whether to grow using LED lighting technology or HPS lighting. LED is leading the industry, requiring less power or high-tech cooling systems. There is a lot that goes into a grow operation, research is your best friend, better to be over prepared than underprepared.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Quebec

When sprouting seeds in Quebec, the timing will depend on the type of operation and the time of year if you are growing outdoors. For an outdoor crop when starting seeds from scratch, one should give them enough time to root and get to the seedling stage so they are large and hardy enough to acclimatize to the early, cool spring weather. Similar to planting a vegetable garden, the growing season starts around mid-May in more northern climates. Some swear by planting with the moon cycles, but that’s an entirely different topic for another day. Our hardier outdoor strains can handle earlier, cooler April temps, but take that into account with the timing and germination of each individual strain and go from there. With indoor operations one will want to give it two weeks or so before the last crop comes down, so those little seedlings are ready to go once the room has been vacated and sanitized for the next crop. Germinating seeds is quite simple, they need a little moisture, a growing medium such as planting pucks, moist paper towel or perlite, and maybe some rooting powder to give them a boost. It’s that simple. Take care to never handle seeds with your bare hands though, as that may contaminate them and prevent germination. Always use sterilized tools such as tweezers or scoops or just sprinkle them from the original packaging straight into the growing medium. Always be sure they remain slightly moist but not drenched, and those little seeds will come alive!

Growing Marijuana in Quebec

Growing marijuana in Quebec can be done legally, however, homegrown, as of now, is not legal within the province. If one were to try their hand at growing their own, there would need to be some precautions taken. Keeping things on the downlow is important and there are ways to set up a stealth cannabis garden in your basement or garage without drawing too much attention. If you are new to growing, Pot Seeds Canada’s Autoflower hybrid strains are the perfect place to start. Crossbred with the Russian ruderalis phenotype, these new seed strains are easy to grow, very robust and forgiving, and best of all, they flip into their flowering cycle within approximately two weeks all on their own. No need for complicated photoflip light cycles, high tech lighting and cooling systems or separate veg/flower rooms. This saves you time, money and stress. No matter the level of experience or technical knowledge of the grower, autoflowering hybrids have been an incredibly impressive industry changing innovation. Using a technique such as Sea of Green (SOG) is generally the best growing method for smaller scale growers working within a limited space. Packing a large amount of smaller stature plants into a condensed area, grown generally in soil, is an easy and efficient method for most homegrown operations. High tech carbon filtering systems and intake fans will take care of any suspicious scents, and with new LED lighting technology, the need for expensive, conspicuous, loud A/C or cooling systems would not be needed. 

Harvesting in Quebec

Harvest time depends entirely on the type of growing operation. If it is an indoor operation then harvest will be at the end of the strains growing cycle, which is generally part of the information that comes with each Weed Seeds Canada seed product description. Some strains flower in just 9 to10 weeks, others take a little longer at 11 or 12 weeks. The plant will show obvious signs of when it is ready for harvest, such as dropping, yellowing leaves, heavy, dense buds. When you see those sticky, resinous trichomes start turning from a clear/white to an orangey, amber golden color, get ready. Each strain has its own signals when it reaches its ideal harvest point. Wait too long, and it can dry out, lose potency and degrade under the lights, too soon, and that rich resinous THC laden cannabinoid profile will not have matured and ripened to its peak potency and richness. It’s imperative to get the timing just right. If growing outdoors in Quebec’s climate and shorter northern growing season, harvest time will be the fall season around mid-September, depending on weather and strain. Always watching for signs of harvest ready buds, just as one would with an indoor crop, is important. Leaving a crop to go too long could result in cold snaps, frost, and loss of the entire crop. Some of our specific outdoor indica dominant strains are bred for hardiness, cold resistance and are much more forgiving with the Canadian cold and weather extremes.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Quebec

Come harvest time, the trimming, drying, curing, preserving and storing portion of cannabis cultivation comes into effect. This process is very important to the quality of the end product. Delicately handling the buds during harvest and trimming is important so as to not disturb the trichomes and all that gooey resinous goodness. Once trimmed the most common drying method is the screen method, laying out the buds to dry on a fine mesh screen until it is crispy to the touch, then transferring it into bags to sweat out the moisture from the interior and stems. This process is repeated again and again until the desired level of moisture is reached, the stem is dry enough to snap with your fingers, and the bud is not so dry as to lose its texture, aroma, weight and flavour. A very fine balance, this is called curing the buds. It takes time and patience to do it right and may make or break the quality and smoothness of the final smoke. After the bud has been properly cured, you want to keep it contained in a way so as to retain its freshness and potency. For long term freshness, colored glass mason jars are quite ideal to block UV light and oxygen which will degrade the cannabis over time. Ehen exposed too long, THC breaks down into a less potent cannabinoid, CBN. CBN has no psychoactive properties and will not get you high. Bud will also lose its flavour and smokability unless properly cared for and stored.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Marijuana in Quebec

We all know how much the Quebequois love their weed. Smoking those chronic blunts has become as synonymous to Canadian culture as hockey and maple syrup. Weed culture goes back a long way, always at the forefront of the industry, and it’s no different when it comes to partaking in that green ganja in all its glorious forms. There are so many different ways to consume marijuana, from smoking, edibles, to cannabis coffee and juicing, the options have gotten to the point that we wonder if there are any new ways left to enjoy this wonder drug! Latest on the scene are juice bars and weed drinks. Shots of wheatgrass is so 2002, shots of freshly juiced weedgrass is where it’s at with the cannabis kids these days. Infused into health potions such as kombucha, smoothies, and even protein shakes for that extra boost before a workout to get one into the zone, marijuana drinks are all the rage. Vapes have become an industry staple, with endless options of concentrates, oils, flavours and infusions, vaping is starting to overtake smoking as the go to for inhaling some of that great ganja green. Not only is vaping considered to be easier on the lungs but is also a much more stealthy, less conspicuous way to publicly enjoy a puff at the park. Edibles are also a big hit in Quebec, with candies such as gummies, sugar shatter, baked goods and, more than likely, even some marijuana infused maple syrup. It’s all delicious ganja goodness, so choose your potion and enjoy!

Quebec’s Cannabis Culture

Reggae, rap, rock, hippie drums and a purple haze of smoke, so much smoke, were all there at the free form festival in Mount Royal Park at Montreal’s latest 4/20 celebration. At least 1,000 people were present to pay homage to the gods of grass and enjoy 4/20, the annual cannabis occasion du jour for marijuana lovers worldwide. Taking in the huge mass of ganja lovers awash in that dank cloud of super potent Canadian cheech was a sight to see. The vibe was fun, innocent and irie, and of course, super stoned. With Canada’s lax and ever evolving Cannabis laws, grass roots festivals such as these are popping up across the country, Quebec is no different. Legal or not legal, the province tends to look the other way on days such as these. It’s the peoples time to gather, celebrate and pay reverence to this glorious gift from nature, the marijuana plant, and of course blaze to their heart’s content. Weed has always been a big part of Canadian culture, from the 1970’s glory days of our parents and grandparent’s generations to the massive industry and influential scene it has become today. It has inspired musicians, artists, revolutionaries and more. The connection between counterculture and cannabis is as tied together as apples and apple pie, just maybe not quite so innocent. From weed infused foods of Le Burger Week to Jokes and Tokes comedy festival and even Ganja Yoga Teacher Training, there is so much to see and enjoy.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in QC, Canada 

The purchase, sale and possession of marijuana seeds is legal in Quebec. One needn’t worry about ordering online from a reputable seed bank such as Weed Seeds Canada. Perfectly within the law, professional, discreet and safe, we are the most logical and practical way to go as far as quality, selection, pricing and product guarantee. Neither hemp nor marijuana seeds contain any psychoactive substances or cause mind altering effects. As such, they are not controlled under the same provincial drug laws as other THC laden cannabis products. Often considered a superfood health supplement, hemp seeds are sold in regular retail health food stores for their extremely beneficial and nutritional properties. Until actually germinated into a marijuana plant, pot seeds are also legal to purchase and own. So feel free to peruse our incredible selection of over 500 seed strains of some of the best Quebec has to offer. With many award-winning, innovative, premium hybrids and phenotypes, our selection and quality cannot be matched. Not only are we the best in the business today but our safe, secure servers and many payment options, along with professional discreet packaging, lets you keep your peace of mind. When it comes to an industry full of retailers who, unlike Weed Seed, may not have your best interests at heart, we are the only wise choice. If you want to remain within legal bounds, deal only with professionals and know exactly what you are getting every time, you’re in the right place.

Buy Medical Marijuana in Quebec

Medical, recreational and CBD products are legal in Quebec. However, Quebec’s recent legal history around growing cannabis in one’s own home has gone from being illegal, to legal, to becoming illegal again, all within the last four years, and may be up for future debate. As it stands now, in order to legally grow cannabis in the province of Quebec one must obtain a permit from Société Québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) to grow and produce cannabis legally or to transport for commercial purposes. Only the SQDC may sell medical retail cannabis in Quebec, and only those over the age of 21 are permitted in such establishments. One must also be 21 years of age to possess or consume marijuana. For those over the legal limit, the possession of 150 grams of dried cannabis, or its equivalent, is legal within a private residence. In public, it is possible to possess 30 grams of the same, except in public establishments such as schools or where people under the age of 21 are present. Smoking or vaping cannabis products is legal but only in specified smoking rooms where it is permitted in enclosed private spaces considered living environments. Only the persons lodged in such places may smoke in these rooms. For cannabis products to be considered legal for consumption or sale they may contain no other additives and must remain under a 30% THC limit. Also, no promotional or advertising of cannabis products is allowed. Anyone breaking these laws will be subject to fines, so keep it discreet within the guidelines for best results.

Quebec’s History of Marijuana Legalization

Change constantly over the last few years, Quebec doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind around marijuana laws. Going from legal to illegal to legal and back again is the norm these days around the cultivation and consumption of cannabis products in Quebec. Generally dependent on the ever-changing guard of the political arena, some governments being more liberal towards marijuana laws and others more strict, the laws tend to be rewritten every election cycle or even more often. Also, sometimes at odds with Federal regulations around Cannabis use and production, things have at times become quite the quagmire. As it stands, the use of cannabis, its cultivation and sale, are legal under certain strict and specific guidelines. It wasn’t always like this. The history around the legalities of marijuana in Canada as a whole have also changed drastically over the years. Just a few generations ago it was highly illegal to use or possess cannabis and being caught with it on your person could mean severe legal trouble. Over 100 years ago when prohibition first came into effect and drug laws became a serious issue there has been consistent and slow progress towards the much more liberal and forgiving attitudes around marijuana that we have today. Still ever evolving, and not quite where we want to be, Canada is definitely a major influencer of the evolving and more positive attitudes around the world. Canada is a known destination for many cannabis users for that reason alone.

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The Best Cannabis Seeds in Prince Edward Island 2022

For the best 2022 cannabis seeds Prince Edward Island, hit up Weed Seeds Canada today and find the most comprehensive selection of strains anywhere on the net. We offer the most potent high THC seeds, the most medicinal varieties of natural, photoperiod, feminized and autoflowering seeds, and we are constantly updating our collection.

Now containing over 500 of the nation’s most cherished and most awarded botanicals, our top shelf pot seed selection has something for everyone. We have indicas ranging from 15% to 30% THC and, whether you like grape, berries, citrus and diesel twists or other skunky creations, these seeds boast the entire bouquet. We offer medicinals which span the gamut from low CBD to highly impactive with only a fraction of THC. We have such powerhouse sativas and hybrid seeds that harvesting early can set you up for the most effective CBG extraction, and there is no limit to the volume you can purchase. Autoflowers, fast flowering strains, feminized, piles of naturally potent seeds are ready to fly off our shelves at your will.

We have the seeds which lay waste to woes, both physical and psychological. Depression, pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue, muscle spasms, appetite loss and sleeplessness can all be soothed and razed to nothing with the beans in our vault. Simple growability, easy training, fast rotations, indoor, outdoor, greenhouse or tent, there is only one place to shop, and that’s the high test, highly prized collection at Weed Seeds Canada.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Prince Edward Island

Buying from reputable seed banks in Prince Edward Island is easy. Weed Seeds Canada is packed with the cream of the crop, the primo, the most outstanding seeds in the business. Searching forever through seed dealers you have no idea if you can trust or not can be a bit of a bore, a bother, and it can just plain suck. That’s why, years ago, we began to curate this collection.

We work with the best seed experts, so you always know your seeds come from hands that know what they’re doing. Purchasing fresh seeds directly from the producer, we are in the perfect position to package them for storage and subsequent safe sale. These seeds are sealed in climate-controlled environments until you need them. Our online storefront makes it easy to find and select all the strains you love and all the ones you didn’t know existed. For a seed bank to be reputable, your happiness is top priority, so you can count on Weed Seeds to protect your interests from the word go. We also attach a customer satisfaction guarantee to each order, so if anything goes wrong, we’ll take care of it.

Finally, a reputable seed bank has an eCommerce section you can count on. They will protect all of their clients from online predation, so you can rest assured that your information stays locked up. Your order arrives safely and quietly with nondescript packaging wrapped around viable seeds, which are ready to go into the ground as soon as you have them in your hot little hands. Make your next stop Weed Seeds and we’ll be the last place you’ll ever want to look.

Prince Edward Island’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

There is no point going out and about in the middle of a pandemic to search for seeds when you can order from us from the comfort of your own home. Prince Edward Island’s best online Canadian seed bank is Weed Seeds Canada, we offer over 500 strains in any volume you like, and we ship quickly and quietly anywhere you need us to.

In-store seed banks, though a novel idea, do not necessarily house either the selection, quality, volume or viability that you’re looking for. You never know if seeds are stored correctly, cared for with consistency or kept in the right conditions. It is impossible to tell by looking at a seed, unless it has been really rattled, if it is healthy or even in one piece. Budtenders may know weed, but it is not certain that they know seeds, that they require climate control, darkness, 30% humidity and low temperatures. Historically, seeds purchased through an in-person retailer have undergone trauma and see lower germination rates than those purchased form a reputable, reliable and direct distributor.

We supply seeds to grow operations of all shapes and sizes everywhere in Canada. Our seeds come direct from the grower and are stored in our facility according to strict standards and guidelines. We have protocols in place for selection, packaging and shipping, and our top-rated customer satisfaction record proves we know what we’re doing, that we provide the best of the best all while protecting our clients at all costs.  

Prince Edward Island’s Best Canadian CBD Products

Cannabidiol has a huge reputation as one of the great anti-inflammatories and stress relievers, and is also reported to help with cancer treatments. Prince Edward Island’s best Canadian CBD products are the edibles, the topicals, oils and sprays which calm, soothe and sate the sore, the sick and the tired.

The benefits of CBD are still being uncovered, but studies throughout Canada and the United States have shown it to be safe and non-intoxicating. It binds to both types of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies, CB1 and CB2, so whether you like to puff, munch or rub, CBD works. P.E.I. is a community just like any other in Canada, in need of services, healthcare, and support for new and beneficial drugs and compounds such as CBD to be available. The benefits of CBD ripple through infant cancer patients, ALS, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s patients, sufferers of PTSD and social anxiety disorders and insomnia. Arthritis is another affliction which causes inflammation and pain, something CBD helps people with daily throughout the Potato Province.

CBD develops alongside THC, though at a faster rate, and is isolated from fresh plant matter for medicinal concentrates. Some individuals like smoking a joint high in CBD, something that makes sense when in need of instant relief. Growing your own CBD strains is simple with our medically inspired seed collection and we house numerous autoflowering strains, perfect for the at home sufferer looking for some high test, affordable green. 

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Prince Edward Island

Some of the most effective, highest test and most physically impactive treats available in Prince Edward Island are gummies, vapes and oils. Chewing your way to liberation, puffing tasty and fragrant extracts and utilizing the full range of what cannabinoids are capable of is just wise maneuvering, especially when you need medical level relief.

To experience the highest forms of physical freedom, the products made with extracts, or the extracts themselves, are known to take the cake. Many of us here in Anne of Green Gables country are hardworking, and come home tired and sore. Some of us are depressed and in need of a regular boost for the brain to keep functioning through smiles, rather than sadness. Some of us are so wired from a busy lifestyle that when 710 rolls around, we know just what to do. We take our medicine and, where many times that comes in doobie form, to many others that dab rig comes out, our favourite pen hits the scene and we kick back in love with the most potent slush, diamonds, oils or what have you.

These creations are some of the tastiest tricks on the market. Of course, distillates are the exception to the rule, but a good wax or rosin has flavours incomparable in the world of dried flowers. Sure, some strains are so uber tasty that you might think they are on par, but extract that sticky goodness and you’ll see just how impeccably fragrant and flavourful some of these innovations are.  

Prince Edward Island’s Best Cannabis Accessories

There is a lot of weed in Prince Edward Island and a lot of weed means a lot of different ways to use it. If you are a connoisseur looking for all the best gear, or if you are simply a fan of flowers and want some papers, stores throughout the province and private online retailers have all the accessories you need to feel whole with your herb.

Located throughout P.E.I. are a number of smoke shops and dispensaries, each one loaded to the gills with all the papers, bongs, pipes and other products you could imagine. Organic, inorganic, rice, glucose, hemp and linen papers line the shelves in all shapes and sizes. Glass, plastic and pyrex pipes, grinders of all designs and all the cleaning kits and solutions on the market can be purchased by any adult in the province. Carrying cases, hats, sunglasses, stickers and t-shirts all made to suit the cannabis industry are here. Many of the accessorizing products, such as wallets, belts and bags, are even made from Canadian hemp themselves.

The truth is that there are so many accessories, chatelaines, picks, pokers, isopropyl and other cleaning solutions, even boveda packs for your humidor and jars, that there is nothing left to chance on this rock. Anything you want, you can find here and, if it isn’t on a shelf, what you’re looking for can be found online for safe and speedy delivery to everywhere in Prince Edward Island. 

Best Canadian Sativas in Prince Edward Island 2022

Canada sees a lot of cold and for months we may experience dark and damp. For those times, you need the best Canadian sativas for healthy and balanced Prince Edward Island living.

5 Alive sativa seeds offer a rather speedy nine to ten week growing experience and up to 22% THC. These flowers burst forth with a mixed bowl of ripe fruit flavours and aromas housing all the grapefruit, lemon lime and orange citrus melon scents you can dream of. 700 grams per plant and a freedom from anxiety that only a good sativa can deliver, are what to expect from this seed.

Offering a brain pounding 27% THC content and a brilliant array of terpenes delivering broad scale benefit, Critical Widow seeds top charts. 500 grams in eight to ten weeks of citrusy sweet and uber frosty buds provide increased awareness, hazy euphoria and an elevated sense of well-being, complete with a full range of neuroprotective terpene compliments.

You can never go wrong with Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze, so definitely grab some Northern Haze 10 seeds. 550 grams per plant or m2 in eight to ten weeks boast piney citrus packed with 24% THC and a labyrinth of creativity, euphoria, relaxation and innocent happiness. Depression and tensions ease and depart quickly, transformed and ousted in a heartbeat. This is also a fantastic strain for neurological issues, such as migraines and muscle spasms.

There is nothing like a good sativa to get you going and we have hundreds of history’s best, right here at Weed Seeds.    

Best Canadian Indicas in Prince Edward Island 2022

The best Canadian indicas for Prince Edward Island are here, too, and the following are just the tip of the iceberg.

The world famous, timeless and trippy Purple Kush feminized seeds we offer are some of the most awarded seeds in cannabis history. It just takes eight to ten weeks to produce over 400 grams per m2 of the purpliest buds you’ve ever seen. Earthy, musky grape and instant freedom from stress and pain are trademark with these frosty nugs.

When you need an OG Kush cross to light a fire under your night, Fire OG feminized seeds are the go to. This is a 25% THC, 600 gram per plant rock star with multiple awards to prove it. Eight to ten weeks is all it takes to get that earthy, musky, lemon pepper pungency to form and free you from physical maladies while changing your face for hours.

We rock quite the landrace collection, but Autoflowering Columbian Gold seeds are something extra special. Ten to twelve weeks from the sprout is all you need to see this early breed of completion. 18% THC, freedom from stress and depression and an overall uplifted outlook are promises not to be missed with this lemony and earthy herb. The relief you feel is always muy bien con este landrace mota.

We love indicas and hybrids like these, and given the growing season here, lots of them can thrive outside, even in the weather of Prince Edward Island. 

Prince Edward Island’s Best THC Seeds

The most potent, hardest hitting and straight up best THC seeds are right here at Weed Seeds Canada, expertly stored and ready to go into cultivation and collections all over the island.

San Fernando Valley regular seeds sprout the male/female genetics you need for flowering numerous phenotypes, cloning and breeding. 25% THC, a skunky sweet and tropical lemon lime bouquet and exquisite sleepy euphoria are what’s in store for growers. A mere eight to ten weeks of flowering makes these Kushy seeds perfect for tight Sea of Green (SOG) rotations.

Some of the most awarded genetics of all time are here in our Gorilla Glue 4 feminized seeds. This is a true silverback, exploding with shimmering trichomes housing 28% THC and a combination of terpenes designed by the gods themselves. 700 grams per plant in eight to ten weeks is enough to make anyone jump for joy, and the cheesy, chemical, spicy pine profile gives way to impeccable euphoria and deep relaxation.

Chemdog4 feminized seeds house some of the earliest prize-claiming genetics in cannabis. This indica hybrid boasts 28% THC, a staggering 850 grams per plant in eight to ten weeks and the full gamut of chemical diesel, lemon pine skunk. Happy and relaxing elevation is what you can expect as anxiety and pain are washed away with ease.

These are just a couple of the most potent THC seeds in our collection, so come on down and get trippy with Weed Seeds Canada. 

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In PE, Canada

Why to grow your own seeds in PEI is often quite a personal affair. However, there are a few common reasons why people all across the province are planting seeds and cultivating their very own crops of cannabis. Prince Edward Island is second only to British Columbia in volumes of home grown weed, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

Benefits of growing your own include financial reasons, those of mobility or medical, and people grow their own because they desire freshness and their ideal selection of smoke. Though the initial output for a grow setup can make a dent, once you have it, taking care of your equipment will see you growing for ages. Purchasing seeds from our selection is much less expensive than buying the weed you can grow with them. Cannabis takes some time, dedication and nutrients aren’t cheap, but get it right and the payoff speaks for itself. Growing at home also makes sense to medical patients. Autoflowers are simple, demand little care and attention and grow enough for anyone to keep on trucking.

Finally, dispensaries, though fantastic when you want something special or need to change the scene, are not dedicated to maintaining freshness, so buds can be up to a year or more old, bone dry and more CBN than THC. Growing your own is the ideal situation for anyone with the slightest green thumb, and gardening is therapeutic as well. Indoors or out, autoflower or photoperiod, feminized or regular, the weed seeds we provide give you all the opportunities in the herb world.

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Plan Your Prince Edward Island Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Choosing to grow your own green is a wise move for anyone with the time, space and dedication to raise this fantastic flower. Though there is nothing easy about cultivating award winning cannabis, planning ahead will ensure your Prince Edward Island garden or grow op comes off without a hitch.

We all dream of top shelf buds coming out of our space, but those who achieve them have every plan in place, all forms of protection and prevention at the ready and have dialed in that environment to a tee. Ensure you have a dedicated space which no light can penetrate. Airflow, temperature and humidity work together in the grow space to produce what is known as vapor pressure deficit (VPD). This must be kept as close to perfect as possible or problems like pests and nutrient lockout may arise. Quality lights are paramount to your success, and understanding what light temperatures cannabis needs at different stages will help you to grow big, fat, sticky buds. Make sure you have some form of air filtration in place, not only to keep your space smelling fresh, but an ozonator with a filter will help keep it clean as well.

Depending on the medium you choose, pests might be an issue, so be prepared with some preventative and protective measures. Living soil tends to attract all sorts of things, which won’t be any more than a visual issue, as long as your cation exchange capacity is kept strong. Many cultivars plough through food, so it is important to have an idea about feeding before you start growing.  

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Prince Edward Island

If you are planning to grow your weed inside a controlled environment, then please feel free to sprout your weed seeds any time you like. However, if you are planning on cultivating photoperiod strains outdoors in Prince Edward Island, where the weather can turn on a dime, you’ll need to start seeds inside a bit early.

Starting seeds inside is a practice common to almost all forms of agriculture. In latitudes and elevations where cold and damp play a role in the day to day, growers germinate seeds, get them established and, in many cases, get at least a chunk of the way through vegetation before it’s warm enough to place plants outside without shocking them. Cannabis doesn’t like temperatures below fifteen degrees. This is the lowest any strain should be exposed to as a seedling. The growing season here is mid-May to mid-October, so start seeds indoors in the middle or at the end of March and train them according to what types of harvests you wish to see.

Once the temperatures are consistently above sixteen or seventeen degrees, your plants should thrive outdoors. Ensure they have the space to play, top again before flowering sets in and keep training. If it’s autoflowers you are growing, they will go from seed to smoke in just a couple months, so starting seeds inside early can offer the possibility of two harvests per season. Regardless, depending on humidity levels, exterior fans might be necessary for the end of flowering.

Growing Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Growing cannabis in Prince Edward Island has become one of the most popular pastimes in the province. Fishing, history, agriculture and industry all have their place here, but as far as home-based hobbies go, weed takes the cake.

Second only to B.C. in home cultivation, P.E.I. is no stranger to growing. It is legal here for anyone aged nineteen and over to grow up to four plants per household, not per person, and that means heaps of weed. Keep it locked up and away from kids, keep it out of the public eye and make sure you have permission from the people you rent from. That is about it, and, so long as you have appropriate seedling and clone, flowering and drying rooms or spaces set up, you can keep that cheeba flowing forever. Though growing is popular here, the wise keep their operations quiet, don’t talk about it with anyone but their closest friends or social media companions and maintain a professional and protective attitude around it.

There is no point in letting everyone know you’re growing weed as this will only invite trouble. Theft, social or community acceptance issues and attracting the attention of the law are all possible side effects of blabbing about your grow. Though you may be keeping it legal, locked up and lighthearted, not everyone feels the same way about weed as you do, so play smart and you can enjoy a lifetime of happy growing. 

Harvesting in Prince Edward Island

Harvesting in Prince Edward Island means that you have done your best with your crop and now it’s time to take it down for a slow dry and a gentle cure. There is little else on this earth more satisfying than realizing you’ve hit the marijuana mark and have grown some killer weed, but you’re not done yet and, just as with all stages of development, the harvest is important.

We know when it’s time to chop our crops by watching trichomes. Trichomes are the resin glands which grow out of the calyxes, flowers and leaves of your plants. They start small and clear, like little hairs or droplets. They swell and start to look like little lollipops or trees. The trichomes mature, producing cannabinoids and housing rich terpenes. They start crystal clear and shimmery and, as they mature, they grow milky, like a shiny white plastic. Once you see that your trichomes have reached this point, give it another day or two then harvest. As the plants dry, the trichomes revert somewhat, so it pays to make sure that you have them at their peak and that they will stay that way.

There is another aspect to harvesting which many growers swear by. Once the trichomes have reached their peak, some cultivators turn the lights out for a 48 hour dark period. Apparently, this tricks the plant into thinking it is being shocked and it boosts the terpene production. 

Preserving and Storing Flower in Prince Edward Island

Growing weed is one thing, simple for anyone with some time and dedication. However, in order to be able to preserve and store your cannabis flowers correctly, in P.E.I., there are a few things to take into account.

The final weeks of flowering should be nutrient free so that the plant’s microbes can eat what’s left of the nutrients and compounds left in the plant material before the chop. This is called a flush, and it is imperative to your weed undergoing a proper cure. Once you have flushed your crop and are satisfied that it is ready to chop, chop. Hang plants in a 15 degree and 60% rH environment with ample airflow, and dry that crop as long as possible. Many growers aim for a window of between twelve and thirty days, though it is up to you how long you go for. The trick is to get all the chlorophyll broken down before jarring up your buds.

Once the drying process has gone to plan, it’s time to cure. Put your haul in airtight jars and close the lids. You want internal temperatures and humidity to be the same as the drying room, but now we stop the oxygen flow to stop the degradation process. Burp buds every day until you are certain that humidity is on point, and store in the dark. As long as your jars are kept cool and in the dark, free of exposure to UV and oxygen, your harvest will store for months before noticeably degrading.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a big place, rich in cultural diversity and history, packed with arts and sciences, marine and terrestrial biology and exploration, industry and agriculture. There is little question as to why a place this rich with options is so piled with people smoking, eating and drinking cannabis.

Smoking weed comes in many forms. Of course, the age old joint is always a go to, but recent decades have seen popular innovations arise, such as vaping and enormous increases in the popularity of edibles. Wax and budder, rosin and oil, CBD soft chews, capsules, chocolates and taffy all start with the cannabis flower. Different genetics are chosen for different reasons. Strains in our collection such as Runtz, Super Lemon Haze, Chemdawg and Afghani make incredible slush and other live resin products. The super high THC seeds housed here form the foundations of impeccably produced distillates. Tinctures and sprays are part of daily living in P.E.I. as well. People travel all over the place for business and recreation and, since it is still illegal to smoke weed in public places here, a quick edible always seems to do the trick, while keeping it on the down low.

Laws are lax here, but that doesn’t mean you can just go around willy nilly, blowing blunts as you strut down Victoria Row. There is some etiquette to follow here, let alone legalities. Drink your buds or take some edibles quietly and no one ever has to know. Fire up a spliff, however, and you will attract attention.

Prince Edward Island’s Cannabis Culture

Cannabis culture is specialized, much like that of whiskey or cigars. This industry is packed with all the usual suspects from the connoisseur and epicurean leaf lovers to the ones who don’t care what they smoke, as long as it’s green. Cannabis culture in Prince Edward Island is just as rich a tapestry as anywhere else, and it continues to grow in diversity.

As with the rest of Canada, PEI saw full federal legalization in 2018. Thanks to much careful planning going back to mid 2017, by the time freedoms rolled around, this province had already made quick work of putting together realistic laws, much the same as other coastal territories. Though there are not a lot of stores here, people grow a lot of green in P.E.I. Though a small percentage of the population admits to using cannabis, home cultivation records and low purchase flow from dispensaries points to there being a large underground market here. However, aside from the Atlantic Cannabis Expo and Conference, there are no listed events here. We are sure that there must be 420 celebrations happening somewhere, at some point, but as far as listings go, good luck.

This points to the culture surrounding cannabis here, a quiet one. Many people prefer to keep it to themselves, to grow privately and to maintain a sparkling persona. Unlike our cousins on the West Coast, we tend to be a little more humble about marijuana, a little more reserved and just plain discreet. 

Buy Marijuana Seeds in PE, Canada

To buy marijuana seeds in PE, Canada, trust the selection here at Weed Seeds. Shop through a collection of over 500 strains and get all you like delivered right to your door, problem free and primed to plant. Laws surrounding seed collection and cultivation are clear and, as long as you follow the rules, which will grant you more than enough for personal use, you are free to flower whatever you like.

There are no laws placing limits on the seeds you can collect. Of course, you are only allowed to have four plants going at any given time, but your hoard of herby capsules can be as large, as vast and as impressive as you so desire. We offer the best of the best, the most potent indicas, sativas and hybrids. We source the award-winning strains, early wonders, and we take great pride in supplying landrace cultivars to those who like it old school. We have pot seeds to take you back to more youthful memories, natural or unmodified marijuana seeds for breeding, and we offer the full range of medically inspired seeds so you can be free to explore a whole new world of healing.

Buying seeds online can be somewhat frustrating with seed banks who don’t know what they’re doing, who don’t care about their clients’ successes or who may be a fly by night drop shipper. With Weed Seeds Canada, you don’t ever have to wonder what kind of products you are about to receive. Our quality is consistent.

Buy Medical Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Medical cannabis has very quickly swept through the entire world, and for good reason. Though many think that CBD is the only medicinal compound in weed, there are actually many aspects of all cannabinoids and terpenes which make medicinal waves.

Medical cannabis laws in PEI are open. Patients here are allowed to choose and use all the products we believe will help us, or which have proven beneficial in some way or another. CBD, CBG, CBN, delta-8 and delta-9 THC are all part of healing, depending on what your troubles are, and the terpene profiles in your pot mean much to how those compounds operate in your system. There are a number of conditions covered by the medical cannabis laws here, though you don’t need a medical card to purchase weed and chances are you see a lot more benefit from herbs than are realistically outlined in medical laws anyway. Chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, arthritis, insomnia, cancer, AIDS/HIV, ALS find some solace from using this strain and have reported extensive benefits.

Buying your weed is easy through any number of retail outlets. There is no shortage of marijuana here for medical purposes, and those who grow their own are always free to hit the shops for something special. We do recommend having some moisture packs on hand at home though. Reinvigorating your buds is often a necessary practice after purchasing them from a dispensary.  

Prince Edward Island’s History of Cannabis Legalization

The history of cannabis legalization in Prince Edward Island is a short one. Of course, history saw nationwide prohibition back in the thirties, but that was only because of the states and Canada has been lax about weed for as far back as most citizens can remember.

Medical consumers have had albeit limited access to cannabis since 2001, and recreational legalization arrived on October 17, 2018. Any adult aged nineteen or over is allowed to purchase and carry up to 30 grams, or just over one ounce of dried flowers. Though that doesn’t sound like a lot, we bet you couldn’t smoke that in a day, and we are all allowed to purchase this amount every time we hit checkout. As of yet, there is no limit to what you are allowed to store at home, though weed degrades quickly, so we hope you aren’t too overloaded. In 2017, the government of PEI announced that it would put together preliminary laws to get ahead of the legalization that was quickly approaching.

Since 2018, there has been no shortage of cannabis here, and laws are pretty set, though we should always be prepared for things to change. Until they do, be careful with toking in public, keep your dosing on the sly and be respectful of the driving laws. Though outlaws are romanticised in movies, it’s important to respect the guidelines, so be smart and play safe.

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The Best Cannabis Seeds in Ontario 2022

If you want the best cannabis seeds you should consider a company with a true passion and dedication to the craft. Weed Seeds is where you will find the finest seeds around and our happy clients have a lot to brag about when it comes to the finished product. When growing cannabis, the end goal is healthy and robust plants. No one wants to spend weeks of their lives nurturing plants only to end up with a subpar product. When looking for marijuana seeds for sale Ontario, your search engine will present a lot of options but not all of them are in your best interest. For high-quality seeds, it’s essential to choose a seed bank that has an excellent reputation. Once you know you are in good hands, you then have to pick a seed that works for your needs. One thing to consider is the terpene profile of the strain because terpenes play a major role in the effects of cannabis. It’s also important to take into consideration if it’s a sativa or indica because what people are looking for when they consume cannabis is vastly different. One person might use cannabis for pain relief, while another is medicating for depression or anxiety. If you are looking for a strain that will be a great pain reliever, consider indica-dominant strains, not hybrids or sativas. Users who need help with more cerebral health issues should stick with uplifting sativa strains. No matter what your reason is for growing cannabis, you have to figure out what works best for you. 

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Ontario

Canada was one of the first nations in the world to legalize marijuana, and that opened up the doors to thousands of different cannabis-related projects. Once the door opened, people scrambled to establish themselves in the legal market. This led to many seed banks popping up, and while a free market is important to capitalism, it can also result in many shady companies trying to make a quick buck. To avoid being duped by a bunk seed bank you need to do a bit of reading. One of the most telling signs that a company is reputable is customer feedback. Looking at the reviews on a site can be a great first step to making sure that they are above board. Some will employ unethical tactics and leave a review themselves to try and trick potential buyers, but most savvy shoppers can see through the smoke and mirrors. There are online forums where you can get first-hand accounts of what the cultivating experience was like from that specific seed bank. Now that marijuana is no longer considered a taboo subject, you can freely discuss the topic of seed banks with friends who are growing without fear of being arrested. Another way to tell if the seed bank is up to snuff is what their payment options are like. If they only accept cryptocurrency and shy away from traditional methods of payments, this can become a red flag. If you want to save the searches, Weed Seeds Canada is one of the most trusted sources around.

Ontario’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

Even though marijuana has been legalized in Canada for a few years, you might still be wondering where to buy legal cannabis seeds in Ontario. You no longer have to buy your seeds from a friend of a friend or roll the dice with sketchy European seed banks. In-person stores still have a lot of catching up to do with online seed banks. Shopping online has become a massive part of our lives, and beyond the convenience of ordering seeds from the comfort of your own home, there are many benefits to ordering online. If you shop for seeds at a retail store, you may notice that the seeds are sitting on a shelf or under bright lights on the display counter. This is one of the worst ways to store seeds. Being exposed to these unfavourable elements can kill the seeds. Seeds are living organisms and are rather fragile. When you order seeds online from a trusted seed bank in Canada, you will find that the seeds have been kept in a temperature and light-controlled environment. This guarantees that the seeds will be exposed to as little stress as possible so that when you finally get your hands on them and pop them in the ground, they are as strong as they were when they first came off of the plant. Seeds bought in person also have historically had lower germination rates and weaker genetics than their online counterparts. Storing seeds in the proper environment makes all the difference and Weed Seed Canada is a reputable source for premium weed seeds. 

Ontario’s Best Canadian CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of numerous organically produced chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, found in the marijuana plant. CBD is non-psychoactive in contrast to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another powerful cannabinoid, which indicates it does not create mind-altering effects. Because of this property, cannabidiol is an appealing alternative for people seeking treatment for a range of health issues. CBD’s potential is related to how it reacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. The ECS is made up of these sensors, as well as freely produced cannabinoids and enzymes. Through these targets and mechanisms within the brain and body, most notably the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites, CBD exerts its effects and it has been discovered to have a wide variety of medicinal benefits. It is believed to be neuroprotective, antipsychotic, anticonvulsant, analgesic, antioxidant, antiarthritic, and anti-inflammatory. Cannabidiol has grown in prominence as a viable therapy for chronic pain caused by a variety of diseases. Cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, have been shown in research to help relieve severe pain by modifying endocannabinoid systems receptors. Clinical studies have found that cannabinoids show promise for people with serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, and nerve pain. Anxiety and depression can have serious consequences on one’s health and some experts believe that CBD oil might be an effective all-natural therapy for anxiety and depression. If you want to grow robust CBD seeds so you can be your own pharmacy, Pot Seeds Canada has got you covered.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Ontario

Some of the best innovations in cannabis have come out of Canada including Weed Seeds Canada, your one-stop-shop for the best cannabis seeds. This entrepreneurial spirit is most likely thanks to marijuana legalization. It is astounding what you can think up when you are allowed the freedom to try new things without having to worry about getting busted. There have been amazing advancements in cannabis-infused cosmetics. Some of the most famous sativa creams you can obtain today were grown with blue dream seeds Ontario. CBD skin cream has been trending in the beauty products field, along with THC bath bombs. These products are making a big splash and some of the oldest and most prestigious fashion companies are now jumping into the green scene. If you have been pampering your skin with nature’s purest and most potent elements, you have also likely dabbled in edibles. With easy access to some of the tastiest gummies on the planet, it is easy to make the medicine go down without gagging. The emerging acceptance of cannabis in all of its forms has changed the lives of millions. Being able to purchase potent vape cartridges in a city near you is huge. When you can walk into a shop and buy some top-shelf pre-rolls that you can light up without being arrested you know you are in Ontario. The province is leading the way when it comes to premium craft flowers, and seed Ontario Canada is no longer a distant cousin to seeds from Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Ontario’s Best Cannabis Accessories

Smoking a joint is a classic way to get high but with so many other ways to consume weed nowadays you do not have to be a reefer chiefer. The latest advancements for cannabis accessories have to do with ways to get you high without the need for burning cannabis. Dry herb vapes, as they have been called long before legalization, are amazing. When you don’t want to stink up a house, or you want to get the best tasting hit you can possibly imagine, you should consider vaping. Conduction and convection are the two main styles of dry herb vapes. Conduction vapourizers warm their contents by direct heat contact. As a consequence of the marijuana coming into close touch with the compartment’s walls, it turns into vapour. In comparison, convection vapourizers transmit heat by using flowing fluids such as steam. With conduction vapes, you get a much more flavourful experience as you can fine-tune the vape to your desired temperature. Your dried flowers will never burn, and you can get the full taste of terpenes. Vapourizers that utilize a 510 style battery are ideal if busting up dried flowers isn’t your favourite activity. A 510-thread vape battery is a device that is used to vape cannabis cartridges. These cannabis cartridges hold distillate extracts that have been infused with terpenes to maintain a solid flavour. While most 510 batteries do not allow for the customer to change the temperature, more are coming out onto the market with the ability to fine-tune the temperature and airflow.

Best Canadian Sativas in Ontario 2022

There are hundreds of different strains of sativas on the market today, so knowing which ones are the best will save you time and money when you are deciding to grow a cannabis strain. One of the most popular sativas right now is Durban Poison Sativa seeds. Durban Poison is a sativa-dominant strain with a distinct and enticing scent.

It has a peppery, smoky flavour with marshy overtones as well as hints of licorice, citrus, and spice. It also has anywhere from 17%-26%THC, making it a wonderful choice for intermediate smokers. Another banging sativa strain is Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds. Bruce Banner 2.0 has recently won accolades, critical praise, and a loyal following. With testing results confirming THC levels of up to 30%, High Times readers have stated that Banner is one of the single most powerful varieties of cannabis on the planet. The high from this strain will have joyful vibes coursing through your heart, brain, and spirit. However, if the stimulation goes too far, Banner will turn out the lights, making you rush to bed as fast as you can. Also receiving praise are our Orange Skunk Feminized seeds. When you see the word skunk in a name, you know it’s going to be one for the record books. Orange Skunk has quickly risen through the ranks of outstanding cannabis and in the finished dried product, you will discover that it reeks of oranges. You can find all of these strains and even more delicious options at Marijuana Seeds Canada.

Best Canadian Indicas in Ontario 2022

Weed Seeds Canada has the ultimate in cannabis genetics and new strains are being developed by breeders every day. Here are the top three indicas that are the most popular in Ontario for 2022. Our first pick is the ever-classic Afghan Kush Feminized seeds. This strain is as close as one can get to the original Afghan indica strain. This potent indica has been around for years and it just keeps getting better. With THC reaching 20 – 29%, it’s easy to see why this powerhouse has such staying power. Our Black Domina Feminized seeds are also heavy hitting. This is 95% indica, making it ideal for nighttime use. It has an average THC percentage of roughly 25% but some growers report it can reach into the mid-30s. It comes from a long line of famous strains, such as Northern Lights and Hash Plant, so if you need a dank indica in your garden, we recommend checking out Black Domina. Some of the most potent plants are grown from our Autoflowering White Widow seeds. It’s one of the most famous strains for a reason. Just one toke will leave you feeling blissed out as waves of euphoria rush over you. Autoflowers have become all the rage because they are easy to grow. If you need fast-flowering plants with trichome-covered buds, Auto White Widow won’t steer you wrong. This blanched hybrid is excellent for making extracts.  

Ontario’s Best THC Seeds

Ontario is making waves all over Canada with some of the flowers that are budding in these parts. There are a few select strains that really stand above the rest as the ultimate THC seeds in Ontario. Super Glue Feminized seeds are the newest incarnation of the famous Gorilla Glue #4. Boasting a renowned lineage of Afghan and Northern Lights this strain also has dense buds that are so frosty you might think winter came early. With a potent 28% THC count, Christmas might have just come early. Do Si Dos Feminized seeds are the cream of the crop. It is another top-notch strain that will blast even veteran users off into the heavens. This strain seemed to come out of nowhere and suddenly was winning awards all over. Do Si Dos was voted strain of the year in 2021 by Leafly. This strain is a result of breeding OGKB and Girl Scout Cookies. It has some of the most colourful buds, with purple leaves coated in bright white trichomes and electric orange hairs buzzing all over. With some reports of 30% THC, this strain is worthy of a spot in the garden. For those who like a tasty herb but still want to get floored, consider planting some Strawberry Banana Feminized seeds. This fruit explosion has THC levels of up to 26%, so beginners, you have been warned. Every toke of this delicious flower will make you happy that you purchased your high-quality seeds from Weed Seeds Canada.

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In ON, Canada

Marijuana legalization may feel like a distant memory now, and many are wondering what the fuss was about when the government frowned upon people growing their own cannabis. There are quite a few benefits to growing your own plants from seed and not very many reasons as to why you shouldn’t try it at least once. Probably one of the biggest reasons why to grow your own is how much money you will end up saving. Most seeds come in 5-packs for around $50. Even if you were to have a horrible crop, you would most certainly get more than a gram of weed off of the plant. Most of the time, depending on the strain and how it grows, you will be in for a hefty stash. Another great reason to start growing cannabis today is the selection of strains you can grow. If you only buy cannabis from shops or dealers, you will find yourself limited to the strains they have. If you start your own ganja garden, there are thousands of strains you can choose from and growing your own cannabis is loads of fun. There is something surreal about digging your hands deep into the soil. Learning about the plant, including its likes, and dislikes is like nurturing a friendship. It all ends up becoming an enjoyable and wholesome experience. You start to wake up looking forward to spending a few hours in the garden, and when harvest comes, well, nothing gets you higher than your own grow.

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Plan Your Ontario Garden or Grow Op in Advance

Growing your own plants in Ontario is a big step in the right direction, and while it might seem overwhelming for first-time cultivators, it ends up being rather simple. If you are choosing to grow outside just be warned that winter comes quickly in ON so there are several things to consider. Depending on the strain, you will want to grow your plants in areas that get a lot of sunshine throughout the day. It is crucial to note that as the season changes, the sun will change where it is in the sky, so make sure to consider that. Your water source should not be an issue if you are growing by your house but if you are growing deep in the woods to avoid detection you may have a challenge. Most people will find somewhat marshy areas, building up little piles of soil over the top of the wetlands so that the plant’s roots can travel down and get a constant flow of water. If growing indoors, there is a bit more of an initial setup, but once it’s up, you won’t have to touch it again for a few years. Space is the first and most important start of setting up an indoor grow because your plants will need places to spread their leaves. Having a large space split into two rooms will be necessary if you want to have a vegetative room and a flowering room. 

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Ontario

If you are looking to sprout your weed seeds in Ontario, it’s best to wait until spring has sprung and once there is no more frost. If you want to be like the old-school growers, then you will need to have your seeds ready to be planted on the first full moon of March. There are a few ways to sprout your seeds but the method we will describe is the most common and the one that is the hardest to screw up. When you are getting your seeds ready, be sure to handle them with care using tweezers if you can. Moisten a few sheets of paper towel but make sure that they are not dripping wet otherwise you may drown the seeds. Once you have the paper towel prepared, gently place the cannabis seeds on it one by one a few centimetres apart. Once the seeds are resting nicely on the paper towel, place the other damp paper towel over the top of the seeds, making sure that each seed is covered. Gently lift the seeds and put them in a container and place this container in a dark, cool space that won’t be disturbed. Check on them each day to see if the taproot has sprouted. If it has, then you know you are ready to plant. You might want to keep a spray bottle on hand to keep the paper towels moist. Marijuana germinates best at room temperature, in a consistently moist environment. 

Growing Cannabis in Ontario

Now that cannabis is legal many will find that growing it in Canada can be a fun and rewarding experience. For growing cannabis in Ontario, it’s highly recommended to grow indoors because the cold snaps can happen fast and will ruin crops in a blink of an eye. If you are a brave soul and you want Mother Nature to take the reins, there are some tips for making sure your crop turns out dank and delicious. Always start the growing process indoors. You will have better results after germinating your seeds inside and growing them up a bit before transferring them outdoors. If you don’t have the space, consider setting up a small greenhouse to keep them protected from the unpredictable Ontario weather. Make sure you choose a spot that has a lot of light. If you have a shaded area, choose a strain that can handle less light. Make sure the soil medium you are growing in is packed with nutrients, so you won’t have to fertilize as much. If you provide plants with proper drainage, the water won’t build up and cause something called root rot. Growing outdoors can be a more carefree approach to farming, but it does invite some nasty critters that could invade your plants. If you are finding that your plant has some uninvited guests, always try and use natural methods of pest control instead of reaching for pesticides. Using harsh chemicals can make your buds unhealthy and, in rare cases, toxic. 

Harvesting in Ontario

Once your seeds have finished their epic journey from seed to bushy giants, it’s time to say goodbye. If harvesting outdoors, the time to do this will be between late September to early October but as it gets cold in Ontario rather quickly, make sure you are keeping an eye on the weather reports. A sudden freeze can completely ruin a harvest, and heavy rain might bring mould to your fresh buds. When harvest time arrives, it’s time for you to choose how you are going to trim your flowers. There are a few ways to crop down your plants, and this will all depend on how you want to do your trimming. Wet trimming is where the plant is chopped down, the buds are pricked off of the branches and then trimmed while still fresh, all in one sitting. Dry trimming is when the plant is cut down and then hung to dry. After hanging for a week, the buds are picked off and then trimmed. Every farmer has their own take on when it’s time to harvest their cannabis plants. It will all depend on how you feel and when you have the time to do a trim. When growing outdoors, it’s very crucial that you know your local climate and can adjust accordingly. When growing indoors, plants can take anywhere from 7-11 weeks after they begin their flowering period. Just like aged wine, there is something special about well-cured cannabis. 

Preserving and Storing Flower in Ontario

Now that you have finished harvesting, there are a few things to do so that the cannabis turns out as reeking and as full-bodied as some that you would buy from the store. Drying and curing are crucial for the buds. This process will help the flavours stay strong, and the terpenes and cannabinoids pop while getting rid of the chlorophyll that is found in freshly cut down plants. Drying is letting the buds work off their moisture and become nice and crunchy. Some people choose to trim at this stage instead of while the plants are fresh. The drying process shouldn’t take too long. Most people will hang the buds in a temperature-controlled room, keeping the humidity around 60%. After the buds are dry comes the fun part. Curing is essential and often overlooked but it is vital when you want to have buds that stink up the room when you open the bag. When curing your dried flower, it should be completed in a dark room or a space with steady temperatures and humidity. To cure your cannabis, place the dried flowers into an airtight jar that is preferably amber coloured as light can degrade terpenes. Place them in the jar and keep it closed. Open it once a day for excess moisture to escape. Trapped moisture can turn your buds mouldy. If the buds are still damp, leave the lid off for a few days. The curing process will take around two to four weeks.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Cannabis in Ontario

Since 2018, Canadians have been having fun trying all the new advancements in ways to consume edibles. Almost everyone knows that you can smoke weed in joints but in a world with hundreds of strains, it makes sense that there are lots of ways to appreciate the green. Drinking cannabis-infused drinks is a great way to get a slight buzz on and fit in at a party without needing to get intoxicated on alcohol. Another tasty way of consuming cannabis is with edibles, and since we have practically broken down the science of THC, the edibles you get nowadays are a lot different than the brownies your parents ate. You can walk into a cannabis dispensary now, and it’s almost as if you are walking into a candy shop with all the different gummies and sweets at your disposal. One of the newest ways to consume cannabis on the market today is in a cup of tea. These special teabags contain THC that has been activated and bound to a fat molecule so that you can feel the effects. Old-school ganja gluttons who were into hot knifing hash will appreciate that you no longer have to heat knives on a stove to inhale burning hash. That method saw a lot of people with burnt lips and smoking hair, and it has evolved into taking what is called dabs. Smoking these highly concentrated doses of THC-rich extracts can bring on a buzz quickly. Dab rings or other tools are used, and they come in different styles. 

Ontario’s Cannabis Culture

Ontario has a rich cannabis culture dating back to when cannabis was first made illegal. Before the prohibition of marijuana, many people would go to pot parties where people would mix and mingle while enjoying the joints being passed around. After the prohibition of cannabis, many of the pot parties were forced to go underground.  Cannabis culture in Ontario has flourished since those dark days, bringing a refreshing change of pace to the scene. The secrecy that was once needed to enjoy cannabis has been replaced with a fervor for the flower. Now as you walk down Yonge Street in Toronto you can see folks vaping weed without a worry in the world. Before the pandemic, there were many events taking place all over Ontario, from 420 celebrations to weed expos and they will be returning with a vengeance. The province has been busy with the advancements of cannabis legalization and more people are heading out to enjoy the call that a fully legal Ontario has to offer. Many vape lounges now dot the streets of Toronto. Anyone over the age of 19 can pop in for a quick vape while they go shopping or before heading to a show. Most of these shops feature high-tech devices that will deliver the highest quality vapour around. Some restaurants have pivoted and now focus on cannabis cuisine. If you have heard of BYOB, you may be familiar with BYOC. Some high-class weed establishments will prepare a feast for you with cannabis that you supply.  

Buy Marijuana Seeds in ON, Canada

In 2018 when the laws on marijuana changed forever, there came with it a whole slew of new rules and regulations. Whether you are a grower or just an avid pothead, there are some important changes to take note of. You must be over the age of 19 to legally smoke cannabis in Ontario. This reflects the same rules in place for tobacco and alcohol. You can use cannabis nearly anywhere in Ontario. You can freely light up a spliff as you walk down the sidewalk, and no one can say a thing. The same rules apply to a private residence. You can also smoke in hotels and motels that have smoking rooms. There are some places where you can’t smoke. In common outdoor areas where people are working, such as long-term care homes and supportive housing it is not cool to smoke marijuana. You also can’t smoke inside common indoor areas. You can carry up to a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis on you while walking around out in public, and you can grow up to 4 plants of cannabis at your house as long as you are above the age of 19. There are limits on how strong edibles can be. If you buy them from a dispensary, there can only be up to 10mg of THC in a single package. Using cannabis at work is still considered a hazard under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. If you search marijuana seeds Ontario, you can see all of the rules.

Buy Medical Cannabis in Ontario

Medical cannabis in Ontario is regulated by the federal government and has remained so even with legalization. If you are a medical patient in Ontario, you must purchase all cannabis from federally licensed distributors. You can reach these suppliers online using their secure storefront. One of the cool aspects of being a medical patient in Ontario is that you may ask Health Canada to allow you to grow your own medicine in much bigger proportions than what recreational users can. You may also delegate a caregiver to grow for you if you are unable. When you successfully receive your form stating you can grow cannabis medically you can plant the strains that are specific to your condition. There will be a certain number of plants you can grow, these vary on a case-to-case basis, but it is decided on how many grams of weed you need each day. These pink slips were quite popular back when cannabis was first becoming legal, as growers who had these slips were able to produce mass amounts of ganja and were able to supply the black-market dispensaries. Medical patients have to follow certain rules. Sharing your cannabis with anyone under the age of 19 is illegal. Growing over your limit can land you in hot water and just because you use cannabis for medicine does not mean you can pack your bong and bring it on a vacation abroad. Your medical card is not recognized by other countries so if you are planning a trip, leave the cannabis at home. 

Ontario’s History of Cannabis Legalization

The history of cannabis in Ontario is one fraught with challenges. Cannabis was first made illegal in Canada around 1923, the same time the U.S. outlawed it. Before that, it was mainly considered a weed that had medical properties. As reefer madness stretched across the globe, it would not be long before it was demonized by those in power. For many years the laws in Ontario started the same. It wasn’t until the 1990s when a Vancouver Island cannabis club began selling cannabis over the counter, that people began to become bolder with their cannabis consumption. Most of the push for legislation started in B.C., but Ontario did begin to follow suit in 2010 with a multitude of cannabis shops opening up, even though it was still against the law. This began a cat and mouse game with the police force. As they shut down one shop, suddenly three more would take its place. This went on up to 2018 when the federal legalization of marijuana took effect. Now that cannabis shops can sell legally, there have been fewer raids but there are still some dispensary owners who say the bar to getting the legal distribution license is too high and are brazenly still selling unregulated cannabis. This has led to many fines, with some being as high as 6 million dollars. Where the future of cannabis in Ontario goes is anyone’s guess, but as more people start to grow their own, we believe the world will be a better place.

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The Best Cannabis Seeds in Nova Scotia 2022  

Most people want cannabis seeds that grow plants that are beautiful, potent, abundant in their production of buds, and easy to take care of. Accessing seeds that have been lab-tested for all of these things is easier than ever! Whether you are looking for sativas, indicas, or hybrids, you can find the perfect seed at Weed Seeds. You don’t have to search high and low for cannabis that smells incredible, tastes delicious, and produces a predictable taste and effect. All you have to do is purchase our well-bred seeds and get them in your garden.

When you search for cannabis seeds Nova Scotia, you will see a lot of options. It doesn’t matter if you grow indoors or outdoors but what does matter is that you buy seeds that have been stored in optimal conditions. It might be tempting to germinate any old seed you find in some schwag but why put the work into growing something that is low quality. When you want to grow the prima donnas of chronic, it’s important to trust the experts. Professionals store their genetics in a sterile environment with eight to ten percent ambient humidity and at a temperature between two and five degrees Celsius, or just below room temperature depending on the seed and the storage time. If you want seeds that have germination power, you need seeds that have never been touched by anything but tweezers or nitrile gloves. Our team of professionals follows strict guidelines when handling seeds because bare hands can contaminate a seed and that can affect the germination process and the growth cycle that follows.

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Nova Scotia 

A seed bank worth patronizing wants its customers to have all the knowledge they need to grow incredible plants from their amazing stock. A reputable seed bank will have a fabulous array of genetics for every growing situation. It should not matter if you are looking for the traditional unsexed regular and photoperiod seeds or going more modern with feminized and auto-flowering varieties. You should not have to be an internet sleuth to find what you need. Trustworthy seed banks are focused on helping their customers make the right choice, rather than focusing on getting a sale. Weed Seeds is a reputable seed bank with repeat customers. Nothing ensures repeat customers like an expansive, no-stress website full of information on a world of quality genetics and a variety of payment options.

Weed Seeds CA has more than five hundred varieties of seeds, each with a thorough writeup describing all the pertinent details. We carry both high THC and low THC seeds, as well as ones higher in other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN. We regularly fill orders between five and fifty thousand seeds. All of our seeds come with a ninety percent germination guarantee, and all of our feminized seeds are guaranteed to come out ninety-nine percent female. We want to support you on your journey to becoming a master cannabis gardener, not just hocking you a couple of magic beans. Our mission is to deliver top-quality seeds and that’s why our site is full of reviews from happy customers.  

Nova Scotia’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks  

A tricky thing about getting seeds from dispensaries in Nova Scotia is that most dispensaries don’t have the infrastructure to store seeds properly for more than a few weeks. Most of the time, there is no temperature or light controls, and improper storage can lead to lower germination rates as the seeds slowly decay. We take the storage of our seeds seriously. Our facilities are equipped to keep seeds in cool, low-humidity environments. Most people do not buy produce that is old so why buy stale seeds from a store?

Our website is our storefront. It is open twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and is accessible in seconds from anywhere in Canada. Why sit in traffic and wait in line when you can start your research right here? All of our information is updated regularly to keep up with the rapidly changing world of ganja. A huge variety and cutting-edge quality genetics are what we stake our business on so we get new strains in all the time. We take a wide variety of payment options including debit, credit, cryptocurrencies, Venmo, and Zelle. Our customer service team maintains both a phone number reachable during business hours as well as an email address to answer any questions or confirm any details. If you are looking for the best in top-of-the-line genetics and novelty strains, you can trust Weed Seeds Ca. We know what we are talking about so let us guide you through your seed shopping experience. 

Nova Scotia’s Best Canadian CBD Products 

CBD is all the rage right now in both wellness and recreational markets thanks to its ability to chill out consumers without getting them high. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and cannabidiol is one of the two most high-profile cannabinoids that are found within pot plants. Cannabinoids are enzymes that interact with our nervous systems to help regulate feelings of pain, pleasure, fatigue, and hunger. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it doesn’t get you high like THC. Instead, it supports your body’s own endocannabinoids, helping them to do their jobs better for longer.

CBD products are ideal for people with chronic muscle, joint, and nerve pain who don’t like the psychoactive components of high THC cannabis products. Many people prefer to ingest CBD using oils and gummies, which are widely available at NSLC stores in a variety of flavours and ingestion methods, even as canned beverages! The dank, skunky smell, and taste of many edibles are largely absent from most CBD products, though there is of course some variation between them. CBD is also considered to have zero addictive or recreational potential. High CBD plants are often quite easy to grow and generally come with an amount of THC in them. The only exception would be if you were growing strictly hemp seeds, which are engineered to grow less than 0.2% THC to fit with government regulations. The healing properties of CBD are still being discovered and as clinical studies continue, so does the hope for many who rely on cannabis for health and wellness.

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Nova Scotia  

Nova Scotians love cola flavoured, peach, and blue raspberry edibles, though the NSLC seems to carry a lot of chocolate. Gummies typically come as either CBD or THC varieties, and usually, the THC variety is divided into indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Potency ranges from ten to one thousand milligrams per gummy.

Nova Scotia banned flavoured vapes in 2019, so it’s wise to choose a vape juice based on the tastiness of a strain. Gelato and Wedding Cake are readily available and deliver a blast of sugar and fruit. A Tangie or Lemon Kush is a good alternative for those seeking more citrus-based flavours. Peanut Butter Breath and Blue Dream are wonderful options for people looking for something a little woodier or spicier.

Oils are usually sold with no affiliated strain and are packaged according to how much THC and CBD they contain. This information is shown as both a milligrams per gram amount and as a ratio. A balanced oil, also called a one-to-one, will have the same amount of THC as CBD, while a fifteen-to-one will have fifteen of one cannabinoid to every one of the other. Most oils have no flavour added to them, except for a few that are cut with a bit of peppermint. Putting a drop of oil under your tongue is one way to get medicinal relief and if you do not like the taste, try adding it to food. Nova Scotians will pay extra for a made in NS product, and the good news is that there are many local companies making oils.

Nova Scotia’s Best Cannabis Accessories 

There is technically one NSLC designated provider of accessories in Nova Scotia, and their website is expansive. You can also find all kinds of amazing alternative cannabis accessory stores in Halifax and beyond, including pot-specific smoke shops in Truro. Many of these places have been around for decades and know their stuff. Fumes is a Nova Scotia-based hemp paper company that makes high-quality rolling papers that come with tips. They can be ordered online or purchased from many local shops if you’d like to support local businesses.

Ganja grinders are helpful when rolling joints. They range from little acrylic disks or plastic tubs that come with a smell-proof storage container, to three-chamber metal devices that will collect kief for concentrate enthusiasts. The best bongs and pipes are glass. Metal pipes can get hot enough to burn you and although wooden ones are classy, they can affect the taste of your weed. Anything with plastic pieces, aside from the occasional silicon mouthpiece, is probably not worth the money. Glass pipes and bongs are also helpful because it’s very obvious when they need to be cleaned. Soaking your pipe in rubbing alcohol or isopropyl for a few hours and then scrubbing or flushing it out will typically get rid of any built-up resin. Dirty pipes can affect the taste of your cannabis, and can eventually become too clogged to use. It’s best to clean them at least once every six months if you are a regular smoker. 

Best Canadian Sativas in Nova Scotia 2022 

If you are looking for a truly classic strain with mental health supporting attributes and reggae appeal, you’ll want to get your hands on some Lamb’s Bread Sativa Seeds. Lamb’s Bread has between sixteen and twenty-one percent THC and less than one percent CBD. Its energizing and uplifting high helped Bob Marley create his oeuvre! LB is slightly harder to grow because it needs a lot of room to spread out but the result is a sativa tree that can yield up to five hundred grams per square metre!

For an edgier strain, related to the world-famous Girl Scout Cookies, try some Zombie Death Fuck Seeds. With up to twenty-five percent THC, it is used for everything from arthritis to depression, and it delivers a euphoric high in a dank and spicy package. This one loves growing indoors but does even better outdoors where it can net up to six hundred grams per plant!

Those populating an indoor grow table might jump at the chance to get a hold of some of our Tangie Feminized Seeds. This delicious and active strain comes with a serenity boost and the vibrant taste of citrus. With a THC content of twenty percent and a yield of up to six hundred grams per plant when grown outdoors, this is one sativa monster that likes to spread out. Tangie is less active than a lot of other sativas, with a strong sedative streak that makes it perfect for focusing on tasks or getting some rest. 

Best Canadian Indicas in Nova Scotia 2022  

Indicas are typically shorter, bushier, plants that are used for their relaxing, sedative highs. Here are some of our favourites for NS!

Do Si Dos Feminized Seeds are perfect for those who want a potent and popular strain that’s also easy to grow! It’s fabulous for chronic pain and insomnia. With a THC content of up to twenty-eight percent, this heavy hitter can net novice growers more than a pound in as little as two months! Maybe keep this one indoors in Nova Scotia, where it can be protected from humidity.

A potent strain that hits like a freight train, Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds grow plants that hold up to twenty-four percent THC. They can grow over a pound indoors or up to six hundred grams per plant outdoors in eight to ten weeks. AGG is used to increase hunger and decrease pain. This is a plant that needs very minimal care to get those huge yields! Just a little bit of fertilizer and selective pruning at the start, plus some strong light and it’s good to go!

A rare and classic strain, Autoflowering Acapulco Gold Seeds are the easiest way to cultivate this psychedelic legend. This strain is perfect for people suffering from mental health conditions that make them anxious and poorly motivated. With twenty-three percent THC, its taste is one of caramelized sugar, just like the top of creme brule. It may not give a massive yield in its three-month cycle, but it’s a flex just to grow it.

Nova Scotia’s Best THC Seeds 

THC seeds are the big dogs of the psychoactive cannabinoid world. We’ve got more than a few that Nova Scotians will enjoy!

Green Crack Fast Feminized Seeds grow buds with an antidepressant and motivational high. These plants have beautiful lemon-lime appearances and aromas. Incredibly easy to cultivate and packing a whopping twenty-five percent THC, the harvest will be ready in seven to nine weeks and might be in the neighbourhood of two pounds if you can support this outdoor plant’s true height and carrying capacity.

Grandaddy Bruce Regular Seeds combine the stress-destroying magic of Grandaddy Purple with the creative focus of Bruce Banner. At up to twenty-eight percent THC, the females that grow from these unsexed seeds can grow anywhere from five hundred to six hundred and fifty grams per square metre or per plant in eight to ten weeks. Battling everything from anxiety to nausea, its potent smoke tastes like vanilla and grapes. These small plants do best indoors in Nova Scotia, where they can be protected from humidity.

Kosher Tangie Regular Seeds are for connoisseurs who require both male and female plants. With twenty-four to twenty-six percent THC, KT is used for both mental and physical ailments. Its calming, happy high matches the pleasure of growing up to five hundred and fifty grams per square metre when grown indoors. Its smoke has twangs of citrus and skunk thanks to its Tangie genes, with the earthy musk of Kosher Kush. This is a niche crossover that is not to be missed!

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In NS, Canada 

Clones are popular but seeds are where the true quality is. To grow those towering sativas to their full height, it takes seeds that can develop strong root systems. More specifically, to get the kind of yields that only a taproot can provide, seeds are the only way to go. If experimenting with making your own strains is what you’re looking to do, unsexed regular seeds are necessary. Clones can quickly populate a grow table with bud colas, but seed crops are always larger, tastier, and more vibrant than even the best clones.

Beyond the benefits of strictly growing seeds, growing your own cannabis is an incredibly rewarding hobby that can provide a lot of satisfaction. Learning new things while growing something that can be used as a recreational substance is the dream of a lot of baby gardeners who are sick of just growing hothouse tomatoes. If you are a chronic pain sufferer, there’s the added benefit of being able to be somewhat self-sufficient in your medicinal choices for pain management. If you are growing from seed, you can cross-pollinate your two, or even three favourite strains to produce a personalized crop specifically for your personal health regimen. Why fuss with expensive clones that might be tainted by pesticides and genetic impurities when you can buy high-quality seeds right here? The trade off of an extra few weeks of germinating and vegetating is worth it when you have massive crops of amazing weed that taste delicious.

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Plan Your Nova Scotia Garden or Grow Op in Advance 

Before ordering your seeds, it’s wise to make some choices about your future. Do you want to grow indoors or outdoors? Indoors, you’ll have more control over the environment, can grow year-round, and can better protect your plants from spider mites, thieves, and humidity. Outdoors, the sun, and summer weather do most of the work. Your crops will also benefit from the richer, deeper bouquet that soil and thick root bulbs can help to provide.

When prepping an indoor space, it’s important to think about things like power sources, proper ventilation, lighting rigs, possibly hydroponic setups, timers, and most importantly, securing the room. Before anything moves in, it’s important to inspect the room for cracks and gaps that hungry insects might come in through. Pests can destroy a grow room once they get in, and an ounce of prevention is worth an entire ton of cure in this regard. Sealing up all of the gaps will both help to centralize airflow and keep your space secure. When considering airflow, make sure you’ve got both an intake and an outgoing fan, interfaced each time with filters to kill off airborne pests like fungus and to tamp down on smells when venting outside. Outdoor you’ll want to consider the path of the sun on your growing plot. Prep the soil a few weeks in advance and let it heat up to the ambient temperature before transplanting seedlings. You’ll also need to secure the plants with a fence. Beware of local bylaws when growing outdoors.

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a continental climate with cold winters and warm, humid summers. For this reason, it’s wise to wait until at least two weeks after the last frost to plant outdoors. Mid-May is usually alright but Mother Nature is unpredictable. If you are growing indoors, you can start your seeds whenever you want. If you are planning to transfer the plants outdoors, it’s best to start your seeds two to four weeks beforehand, depending on what strain they are.

There are many ways to germinate seeds, some better than others. Weed Seeds swears by the paper towel method. To use this method, you’ll need some seeds, two ceramic plates or similar flat waterproof surfaces, fresh paper towels, sterilized distilled water, a warm dry, and dark place, tweezers, and some patience. Wet the paper towels with the water. Place them on one of the plates, making sure that the towel is thoroughly wet but isn’t causing water to pool. Arrange the seeds on the first towel using the tweezers. Cover them with the second towel, and then cover the whole thing with the other plate. Make sure to tuck all the corners of the paper towel in to prevent drying out. Keep this plate sandwich in a warm, dry, dark space for one to six days, checking on them at least once a day to make sure the paper towels are still damp. Once the seeds crack open and begin to grow a sprout at least a centimetre long, they are ready to be placed in pots.

Growing Weed in Nova Scotia 

If you are growing outdoors in Nova Scotia, chances are you’ll want auto-flowering seeds that can handle an occasional downpour or a frigid September day. These plants also have the added benefit of being mold and pest resistant. Many outdoor growers also swear by companion planting, which cuts down on the number of fertilizers and pesticides you’ll have to use. Cannabis does well when planted with a host of other aromatic herbs and common vegetables. Tomato plants are often used to mask both the smell and appearance of marijuana. Corn, squash, and beans can provide ample coverage for ganja plants while also helping the soil around them to fix nitrogen more quickly and protect them from herbivores. Lavender, marigold, sage, mint, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and chives are also considered suitable plants for both helping to mask smells of the plants as well as protecting them from pests. It might also be a good idea to install some kind of motion sensor triggered light and camera combo. The worst pests for cannabis plants are other humans who come in the night to steal your plants.

The best way to protect your plants from the elements is probably a greenhouse, where you can even add a few LED lights to boost your plants’ yield. It’s generally wise to pick strains that can handle humidity, so look for tropical and temperate strains. It is important to get most plants indoors by mid-October before the first frost can touch them.

Harvesting in Nova Scotia 

It can vary depending on the strain and personal taste, but it’s generally time to harvest once the pistil hairs become curly and turn orange, or the trichomes have gone from being either clear to milky or milky to golden. Going milky to golden for many strains will lower its THC content but will potentially boost CBN content. The standard, however, is to harvest when trichomes go from clear to white.

Before you begin to harvest, decide whether you are doing a wet trim or a dry trim. Wet trimming happens before drying, while dry trimming happens after. Dry trimming can produce richer flavour in crops, whereas a wet trim can tamp down on the time it takes to dry the crop. If you are dry trimming, manicure large branches until you are left with a bouquet of long-stemmed bud colas with all their fan leaves gone but sugar leaves barely touched. Hang the branches upside down on a clothesline in indirect light and fifty percent relative humidity for up to ten days. If you are wet trimming, go ahead and cut the buds off of the plants, manicuring them as you go, and laying them on drying racks. Leave them in the conditions described above for two to five days, turning the buds over every so often to ensure even drying. Your buds will be ready to move to the next step when their smaller twigs snap instead of breaking. Drying racks are best for humid harvests that need to dry quickly to avoid rotting.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Nova Scotia 

Drying buds is a delicate balancing act between going too slow and too fast. If it is done too fast the crop will degrade. If it is too slow, the buds might get mold. Once small twigs snap easily, it’s time to cure the harvest. Put the entire crop in wide-mouth mason jars with a quarter to a third air space left. Don’t pack buds in! Put a hygrometer, a relative humidity measurer in each jar. Keep these jars between fifty-eight and sixty-five percent RH at room temperature.

For one to three weeks, open the jars every day and check on the progress. If the humidity is above seventy percent, take the flowers out of the jar for an hour or two. If the humidity is between sixty-five and seventy, leave the lid off of the jar for two to four hours. When buds are between sixty and sixty-five percent relative humidity, they’re in the sweet spot and should be left alone. If your humidity is below fifty-five percent, add a re-humidifying pack. If your buds ever start smelling like ammonia, transfer them to a drying rack quickly to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. Jars should smell more like stereotypical jars of weed every time you open them. Buds can then be kept in these jars for up to six months so long as the seals are airtight. For longer storage, it’s best to vacuum seal them. Curing and storage is an underrated part of Mary Jane growing that can make or break a crop.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Weed in Nova Scotia 

With innovations in the legal market, it’s now safer than ever to use pot thanks in part to alternative methods of ingestion like edibles, vapes, and even beverages.

For those who are just looking to relax and be a little stoned, we recommend getting some ten-milligram gummies. Sativas are ideal for daytime, while indica candies will knock you out. A ten-milligram candy is enough to be felt by even very seasoned stoners, while a one thousand milligram dose is likely to make even chronics a little sick. For quicker acting and more potent results, eat one just before a meal that is high in fat.

When it comes to vapes, you have options. If you want a precise dose, consider a dosist cartridge that delivers symptom-based blends in more measured doses than traditional vapes. The flavours of each strain change dramatically based on what temperature they’re vaped at! Getting a hand-held vapourizer with an adjustable temperature can be a few hundred dollars, but worth the investment.

Folks who want to control their dosages without having to fiddle with vapes or pills might try a cannabis beverage. These canned drinks often contain ten milligrams of THC and any amount of CBD depending on the blend, since there’s no legal limit to that part. These are perfect for folks out for a walk-in public spaces where smoking ganja is not permitted. Effects can take up to four hours to be completely felt though, so don’t crack another one until you are sure the last one has kicked in. 

Nova Scotia’s Cannabis Culture 

Nova Scotia has the highest rate of marijuana use per capita in Canada, with nearly sixteen percent of people using it at least once a year. A Cannabis Cup was held in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia a year after legalization started, in November of 2019. It was hosted by The Red Knight pub and Lifestyle 420, which is an internet hub of ganja activity for Nova Scotian stoners. They provide chat rooms and marketplaces for equipment and edibles recipe trading. Be warned that their main website plays music on arrival, so be ready with the mute button if you are not into it. Harvest Fest is a once-a-year festival in Riversdale with music, food, and vendors focused on medicinal cannabis products.

Nobody in Canada under sixty will think of Nova Scotia and chronic without also thinking about the Trailer Park Boys, the internationally acclaimed mockumentary comedy series about a group of weed-growing hosers based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The show was created by writer-director Mike Clattenburg, who grew up in the area. The three main actors are all locals and have expanded the original characters to a host of offshoot projects including podcasting, live shows, and appearances, and a brand of pot called Trailer Park Buds. Unfortunately, due to strict Canadian advertising laws that forbid the use of enticing tie-ins when promoting marijuana products, the brand had to undergo some serious runaround to get it back on shelves, but they’re back now in strains like Itodaso Indica and Two Birds Sativa.

Buy Weed Seeds in NS, Canada 

Medical weed and CBD oils have been legal in Nova Scotia since 2001. Since October 2019 it’s been legal in Nova Scotia, and all across Canada for any person over the age of nineteen to buy, possess, use, and grow cannabis. Edibles, vape juice, and concentrates became available in Nova Scotia in 2019. Any adult in the province is legally allowed to have up to thirty grams on their person in public, with no limit to what they can possess on private property. Landlords are allowed to make their own rules about pot use on their properties. It’s still illegal to drive while under the influence, and all marijuana in cars needs to be out of reach and in the trunk. Public smoking is permitted where tobacco smoking is. All cannabis and associated products are sold by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

Households can grow up to four plants each. Each separate dwelling within a multi-unit building counts as a separate household. Nova Scotians are currently only able to grow weed seeds from registered NSLC stores and online seed banks. It is illegal to grow pot in a visible place in Nova Scotia and if your neighbours can see your ganja garden it could get you into some hot water with the authorities. A lot of people use grow tents to get around this. It’s also highly recommended that all outdoor dank is grown under lock and key with a fence around it, to prevent children, animals, and thieves from getting at it. Individuals are allowed to bake their own edibles, but selling them is illegal. 

Buy Medical Weed in Nova Scotia

Roughly sixteen thousand Nova Scotians have access to medical cannabis but the amount of people who rely on the recreational market to treat their symptoms is much larger. This can be dangerous due to possible drug interactions between ganja and prescriptions. People accessing medical weed in Nova Scotia don’t need a referral from their doctor but instead can book assessments with physicians at a specialized medical pot clinic called Cannaway that does province-wide intake with customized care plans and prescriptions. Once a prescription has been issued, medicinal users in Nova Scotia can order medical pot from Health Canada’s licensed producers. Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with Health Canada to make filling marijuana prescriptions easier. They even offer consultation and connection to physicians themselves, if you’re having trouble with Cannaway.

Almost all of Canada’s medical chronic laws are federally determined and fall under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), which were updated during the transition to legalization. Medical users are permitted to travel domestically in Canada with their prescription but can’t travel with it outside of the country. Conditions that are frequently treated with medical weed include PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleep issues like insomnia, night terrors, migraines, spinal injuries, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. Depending on what condition the prescription is for, some weed is covered by health care insurance. Other registered patients who receive their healing herbs through Health Canada can write off the expense on their taxes. 

Nova Scotia’s History of Weed Legalization 

Weed first landed in the colonies that would make up modern Canada in 1606 with botanist Louis Hebert who grew hemp and cannabis in Nova Scotia of all places! Hemp was an important staple crop in the colonial Americas. It was used in ropes and textiles among other things. Marijuana was used as a medicine for centuries in Canada, well into the Victorian era where it was used by physicians in Nova Scotia to treat a host of ailments including nervousness, headaches, nausea, and depression. In 1923, ganja became a controlled substance in Canada and stopped being prescribed for medical use after a League of Nations meeting where there was talk of controlling marijuana as a crop and as a trade item internationally. The authorities in Canada only began seizing crops of cannabis in the late 1930s.

The twentieth century was a dark time for pot users, with most growers retreating to the safety of covert outdoor operations or well-ventilated basement rooms. The tenacity of those genetic stewards who hid seeds away and kept weed proliferating during prohibition are the ones we have to thank for the modern market of advanced genetics and plentiful hybrids. Medicinal chronic was legalized in Nova Scotia and across Canada in 2001. Recreational use followed seventeen years later in October of 2018 after decades of advocacy and study by compassionate dispensaries. Today, Nova Scotia has the dankest consumers per capita in Canada, with around fifteen percent of its population consuming weed somehow at least once a year.

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Other Location Pages

The Best Cannabis Seeds in Newfoundland and Labrador 2022

From west to the east, cannabis is thriving in Canada, and the maritime province of Newfoundland and Labrador is no exception. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to quality cannabis seeds, you can find them here. High THC strains are all the rage, with some strains containing more than 30% of the psychoactive ingredient. Most dank cannabis 20 years ago didn’t go much higher than 20% TCH! The legalization of cannabis has resulted in the creation of some potent strains, but it is not just the strength that has changed the cannabis landscape. Breeders have also discovered how to produce strains that are packed with flavours. It is the terpenes that are hidden within the small brownish wonder seeds that bring the scents and tastes, and as we learn more about the properties of terpenes, even more doors to wellness open. Many users have begun to shy away from super potent cannabis strains and instead are now focusing on the flavours. The medicinal effects of cannabis have also been thoroughly studied. Clinical trials back up claims that terpenes play a role in relieving a myriad of health issues. If it wasn’t for the relaxing of outdated marijuana laws these therapeutic benefits would likely still be the world’s best-kept secret. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to cannabis, and it is easy to find a specific strain for whatever ails you. Some strains have the potential to stop panic attacks in their tracks while others have full-bodied aromas that can help with depression. 

Buying From Reputable Seed Banks Newfoundland and Labrador

Opportunities for growing your own marijuana have been popping up in Newfoundland and Labrador for a long time but if you are new to the cannabis scene, you need to avoid any chance of being ripped off. Far too many seed banks are masquerading as well-known and established companies. New growers have to be careful when buying seeds online for the first time because it’s not a level playing field. One of the best ways to avoid getting snared is to communicate with other growers in your area. If you are a lone renegade farmer, it doesn’t hurt to seek out a Canadian growing forum online. You can ask all the burning questions including if anyone has experience growing seeds from the seed bank you are thinking of purchasing from. Most reputable seed banks have a long history of happy customers, who will say they have had nothing but positive experiences with the company. Reading reviews on a seed bank’s website is not always the best way to know if a site is trustworthy or not because those reviews can be misleading. Scoping out a potential seed bank’s customer service is a surefire way to find out if the company is trustworthy. The first step is to find a seed bank that offers returns for non-germinated seeds and has actual people you can speak with. Lucky for you, Weed Seeds Canada does all that and more. Our mission is to deliver top-quality seeds and customer satisfaction.

Newfoundland’s Best Online Canadian Seed Banks Vs In-store Seed Banks

Who doesn’t love online shopping! The convenience of having your purchase delivered to your porch is priceless. When it comes to ordering seeds online, you can safely get your hands on excellent genetics. Online seed banks generally take much better care of their seeds than the imposters. Since all seeds are living organisms, they can perish if they are not taken care of properly. When you buy seeds in person, almost 100% of the time, the seeds will be out on display, under lights, and exposed to harmful environmental conditions. All of these factors can hurt the strength of the seed and can cause mutations while plants are growing. The worst-case scenario is that the seeds will be dead and will not germinate. Most in-person seed banks also won’t refund you if the seeds do not pop. The reason the seeds might not germinate is likely due to how they were stored. Storing seeds is vital to ensuring that the seeds maintain their potency. Established online seed banks will almost always keep their seeds in a temperate controlled environment. These strict storage measures help retain the strength of the seed and allow producers to receive a seed that is as strong as the day it was harvested. When you order from Pot Seeds Canada, you will almost certainly have a much better germination rate thanks to how much care was put into taking care of the seeds. Online seed banks also have a much better selection of flowers, so you can dive into your wildest green fantasies. 

Newfoundland’s Best Canadian CBD Products

CBD oil is a substance made from cannabidiol. CBD is one of the numerous elements of the cannabis sativa plant, generally referred to as pot or weed. Considering its problematic origins, CBD oil lacks the characteristics that produce the adverse effects commonly linked with cannabis intake. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical molecule of the marijuana plant that has psychoactive effects. CBD, like THC, occurs organically, however, unlike THC, CBD is not classified as a psychoactive substance because it does not impair one’s capacity to do critical jobs or everyday duties. CBD is also safe for regular users because it has no adverse effects for the majority of people. Cannabidiol works on cerebral pathways that reduce stress and overcome pain signals. By ingesting CBD, you may find relief from persistent discomfort, and a reduction in inflammation in the body caused by mental stress at the cellular level. CBD has the capacity to interact with hundreds of brain pathways without the negative side effects that many pharmaceutical medicines on the market today have. CBD works in a relatively similar way that anti-anxiety and antidepressant prescription drugs do by specifically targeting serotonergic receptor sites in the frontal lobe. Because it is plant-based and all-natural, CBD comes without the undesirable side effects of prescription medications used to treat anxiety and depression. Cannabidiol is known to have a soothing impact on the body, in addition to its capacity to interact with numerous receptors in the brain. If you want to grow the most potent and tasty CBD flowers, Weed Seeds Canada has your seeds. 

The Best Gummies, Vapes And Oils in Newfoundland

Canada is the world’s leading producer of cannabis, whether it be the dank buds grown on plants or the high-quality extracts that come from them. When growing from seed, it’s important to source your seeds from a premium seed bank. If you type cannabis seeds Newfoundland and Weed Seeds Canada appears in your search you are in good hands. For terpenes that explode into your nostrils as soon as you open the bag, or gummies that will knock your friends off of their feet, you need to start with stellar genetics. Weed Seeds Canada has well over 500 different strains, each one with premium genes. You can grow supreme cannabis and have fun while you extract all the tastiest oils. If you are choosing to do an oil extraction via butane, having plants with robust genetics will be vital to getting top-notch oil that has a flavourful taste. Terpenes have been overlooked for far too long, but they are getting the spotlight now as cannabis researchers begin to unlock their applications. If you are making your own oil from your plants, you are in control. If you buy oil from a dispensary, know that some oils on the market are not full-spectrum and instead terpenes have been added after the extraction of the distillate. This can lead to an unwanted chemical taste or terpenes that are so powerful that you are unable to breathe in a good-sized toke. If you want to produce edibles and oils that will impress, it all starts with the seeds you choose, so choose Marijuana Seeds Canada. 

Newfoundland’s Best Cannabis Accessories

If you put a 60-year-old pothead in a room with a 20-year-old stoner, chances are the two would speak the same language. Now that marijuana is legal, folks who have been partaking in cannabis underground for years are free to share their experiences and their passion for the flower. When you find your people, it is comfortable to ramble on about Mary Jane and all of the methods of consumption. A bong and a vapourizer have merits and determining the best cannabis accessories depends on what the end-user prefers and what their budget is. For people who might be returning to cannabis after many years of abstinence, a joint will still be their preferred method of consumption. Rolling papers have come a long way and some of the cheaper, well-known brands that were using harsh chemicals in the glue of the paper have cleaned up their act. Now there are healthier alternatives, such as rice and hemp paper, or clear papers that are made of vegetable cellulose. Vapourizers have become a massively popular way to get high and there are many different products on the market today. Portable vaporizers have quickly become one of the ultimate cannabis accessories you can purchase. They are easy to load, discrete, barely create any smell, and, in many opinions, are the pinnacle in tasting the pure cannabis flavours. If you are interested in trying out vaping, you can pick up an inexpensive 510 battery and a THC or CBD cartridge. 

Best Canadian Sativas in Newfoundland 2022

For smokers who like to get up early and burn a spliff while they drink their coffee, some premium sativa will go well with your ethically sourced Arabica coffee beans. Some of the most sublime cannabis is circulating around Newfoundland including Chocolope Sativa Seeds. This energetic sativa isn’t messing around, and when you have a morning puff of this potent plant, you might not even need that morning coffee. With THC being in the mid-20s, this is a strain that should be used by experienced users because it can leave even the most high-flying reefer chiefer a touch jittery. If you feel like it’s time to use the force, then Skywalker Seeds will have you living out your wildest Jedi dreams. As you puff on this strain, the cerebral effects will begin to manifest, and waves of euphoric bliss will wash over you. This strain is a cross between Masar and Blueberry, and as one would expect, the fragrance is out of this world with blasts of berry fusion as it mixes with woody undertones. It has a THC content of roughly 18%, making it a perfect all-day smoke. Some of the best cannabis strains have a long history. Skunk Feminized Seeds is a strain that has been around for years and even slipped its way into pop culture as a word to describe the smell of cannabis. This sativa has remained around for a reason, and after just one smell of the bag, you will know why. 

Best Canadian Indicas in Newfoundland 2022

When you want the best indica seeds in Canada, look no further than Pot Seeds Canada. Our online seed bank has resources so you can learn more about the differences between the various types of cannabis seeds and there have been some big drops this year when it comes to strains. Larry OG Feminized Seeds is one of our most requested strains. This strain is a potent cross of the famous OG Kush and SFV OG. This strain has a fantastic THC content of roughly 24% but there have been reports of it reaching 30% when grown in optimal conditions. Another strain that is on our list of highly recommended seeds is Blueberry Badazz OG Feminized Seeds. This one is hot off the press and is a cross between the ever-loved Blueberry and the beloved OG Kush. This strain is heavily indica-dominant and has THC levels of anywhere between 20%-25% making it a great strain for those who need a nighttime strain that won’t keep them up pondering the questions of the universe. The name says it all, as the main flavour will be a rich blueberry taste and aroma with slight kushy undertones. If you are looking to try something new in your garden, then make sure you eye up our Autoflowering Granddaddy Purple Seeds. Auto-flowering cannabis is the greatest invention to rock the world of weed because all you need to do is pop the seed, plant it, and let nature take its course. With Granddaddy Purps, you are bound to receive potent nugs that will calm and relax you. 

Newfoundland’s Best THC Seeds

You can find Newfoundland’s best THC seeds at Weed Seeds Canada. We have an ample selection of premium seeds that are sure to satisfy the needs of any gardener. If you are looking for high THC seeds, then make sure to add a few of our hard hitters to your list. Peanut Butter Breath Feminized Seeds are potent. This hybrid strain is well known for its relaxing effects. This strain has been crossbred with Do-Si-Do and Mendo Breath, which are two of the most used strains on the market today. It has a rich nutty, and wood-like terpene profile that adds to calming effects. If you are looking for something a bit more energizing, Jack Herer Cookies Feminized Seeds should be right up your alley. With this beautiful plant being a cross of the fan-favourite strain, Jack Herer, and one of the most contemporary and well-known strains, Girl Scout Cookies, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will wow veterans and newbies alike. It has upwards of 28% THC, so if you are new to smoking you might want to make sure you have a trusted friend with you. When you have such a pleasing name like our Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Seeds, you can guarantee that you will be getting messed up. This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies and it can reach upwards of 30% THC, which will tickle the fancy of long-term users. 

Why Grow Your Own Seeds In Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland legalized marijuana in 2018 but the price of dried flowers is still on the high end. Some folks can’t afford the cost of dispensary buds and securing affordable medicine can be out of reach. Growing your own weed can secure your medicine supply and save you money in the long run. In all of Canada, adults are permitted to grow up to four plants at a time. Cultivating cannabis from seed is rich and rewarding and brings joy to many people’s lives. The act of gardening is therapeutic, and a harvest of dank buds is sure to put a smile on your face. Most marijuana plants that are grown in average conditions can produce upwards of a pound at a time which is much more than most people can smoke in a year. Not only will you be swimming in dank homegrown but it will be weed catered to your desires. Our seed bank preserves heritage seeds which means you can try out strains that you might have missed when the growing laws were not in your favour. For medical patients, this can be beneficial because strains go in and out of fashion, and some turn into unicorns. If a medical user finds a perfect strain for their symptoms, chances are it might be gone from the local shop in a few weeks, never to be seen again. Growing from seed has many advantages and if you can legally grow four plants that will bring you health and wellness, there is every reason to grow a garden of earthy delights.

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Plan Your Newfoundland Garden or Grow Op in Advance

When you first start growing cannabis, it can seem like a daunting task. Once you understand the ropes, though, it becomes as simple as watering your tomatoes. The first thing you have to figure out is if you are growing outdoors or indoors, and they both have their pros and cons. With outdoor setups, you will need to locate a spot that has the sun shining on it for most of the day. Having a water source is also important and it is not recommended to grow outdoors unless you have easy access to water. Some outdoor cultivators grow their plants in a marsh. You can build up the soil over the top of the marsh and plant the cannabis on top of the mound. This will let the roots of the plant get water constantly. When growing indoors, the most important aspect to consider is how much space your plants require. Plants will grow and grow, and if you have too small of a flowering room, the light will not be able to reach all of the plants. This will cause plants to underproduce as they battle each other for light. If you want to have a perpetual year-round harvest when growing indoors, you will need to have enough space for two separate rooms. Some growers utilize multiple grow tents or closets. A vegetative room and the flowering room ensures there are always plants in both the flowering stage and in the vegetative stage. 

When To Sprout Weed Seeds in Newfoundland

With Newfoundland being on the coast, the weather can be somewhat harsh. The best time to sprout weed seeds in N.L. is after the last frost of the year. Most growers plant in early spring after they have successfully germinated their seeds indoors. Germination is the process of sprouting the seed before planting it in the soil. To begin the germination process, cultivators will need a few sheets of paper towel, preferably an amber-coloured glass jar, and a dark space to leave the seeds in once they have completed the process. Moisten the paper towel but do not drench it and then place the seeds a few centimetres apart on the damp paper towel. Make sure to handle the seeds with care. You can use tweezers if you have them on hand because the oil in your hands might damage the seeds. Once they are in place, secure another damp paper towel and place it over top of the seeds making sure each seed is covered. Then take the paper towel and place it on a plate or into a glass jar and move the incubator into a dark space. The germination process will be complete when you notice a taproot has popped out of the seeds. It should only take a few days before you see a tail poking out of the seed. Do not forget to check on the seeds and be sure to keep a spray bottle close by just in case the paper towel dries out and it needs to be re-hydrated. 

Growing Cannabis in Newfoundland

Growing cannabis on the east coast outdoors comes with challenges. Exposure to strong ocean winds can cause plants to topple over and, in extreme cases, be ripped out of the ground. While growing outdoors in N.L., it is best if you choose a spot that has a good amount of sun but isn’t exposed to harmful ocean winds. You might be able to get away with an exposed grow inland but if you are close to the ocean, make sure your garden has a good barrier. One way to combat the rough winds is to use a greenhouse. Even though your plants will be warm and cozy in a greenhouse it is important to check on how the soil is doing. Many novice growers overlook the quality of the soil and this can cause plants that are underfed. These plants will have very small buds forming, or they might not even enter the flowering phase at all. Any soil medium you choose needs to have the nutrients that the plants will need. If you give your cannabis the basic nutrients needed to grow, you don’t need to do much more. If you ensure your plants are growing in a perfect environment, you will achieve incredible results. Basic nutrients, without any special supplements, will do the trick. Growing your own in Newfoundland is rewarding and when you start with seeds from Weed Seeds, at harvest time you will reap what you sow. 

Harvesting in Newfoundland

As your plants reach the end of their flowering period, you will now have to figure out when the best time to harvest your plants will be. Most cultivars will chop down their plants between September to November. Many factors play a role in choosing the right time. If you want to be super scientific, you can get a jewellery magnifying glass and zoom in on the trichomes. If they have developed a deep amber haze to them, that means they have fully matured. White trichomes indicate that the plant will need a few more weeks. If you don’t have a glass on hand, touching and feeling how plump the buds are is another indicator. If the buds are pulling down the branches it might be time to chop them down. The best way to know for sure is to pay attention to your plants. Some factors out of your control will force you to crop down early. If there is a large rain storm in the forecast, you may want to harvest your plants. If there is a period of steady rain, it’s best to err on the side of caution, even if it’s a bit early to harvest your plants. A lot of rain can cause mould to form on your plants and no one wants bud rot. It is worth it to choose a particular strain that best fits your growing environment. Choosing the appropriate strain will save you some work in the long run and deciding when to chop gives you a lot of power over the final effects.

Preserving and Storing Flower in Newfoundland

Once the deed is done and you have cropped all of your plants down, you will be left with, hopefully, buckets filled with fresh dank smelling cannabis. Even though you might want to dive into the fresh buds right away and roll up a spliff, it probably won’t burn very well. Fresh weed needs to be dried and preferably cured before you can partake in the wonderful plant you just grew. A well-cured bud will cause your plant’s terpenes to really pop, making your drying room smell even more intense than the fresh growing plants. Setting up a drying room can be as intensive as you need it to be. Most get by with hanging branches in a shed with a heater, but you can get as fancy as you want. Professional growers will have a dedicated room in their house that is temperature-controlled and has good ventilation to control the humidity. Drying your buds shouldn’t take longer than two to seven days. Once they have finished drying, you can move on to the finishing touches with curing. Curing cannabis will make the terpenes become almost alive and will make the bag appeal of the flowers on par with the licensed producers. Curing is even easier than drying. All you need are some glass jars. If you choose jars with dark glass, it will stop the light from degrading the terpene. Simply stuff your buds in the jar, and keep it closed, only opening the jar once a day to let excess moisture escape.

Smoking, Eating And Drinking Cannabis in Newfoundland

There are countless ways to consume cannabis nowadays, and it seems like every week, some new device comes out. The classic methods of smoking dried flower will never go out of style. Lighting up a joint or hitting a glass bong, are wonderful ways to enjoy cannabis with some friends but as we move into the future, even more methods are being revealed. New advancements in heating technology allow us to pack a bowl into a dry herb vapourizer and puff away without ever using combustion. Many people who enjoy vaping report that it is a much cleaner high because there is no harsh plant matter. If you find a vape that allows you to control the temperature, you can even minimize terpenes being burnt, allowing you to taste the full flavour of whatever flower you are smoking. Some other new inventions to check out are weed pens. These devices are incredibly handy and by far one of the easiest inhalation methods to utilize in your day-to-day life. The only thing that is required is a 510 battery. These are very inexpensive compared to the dry herb vapes, which can run into the thousands for a top-of-the-line model. There has been an explosion of different ways to ingest cannabis and consumers can now chew on a gummy, sip a beverage, or pop gel cap loaded with nature’s purest and most potent elements. Consider tinctures if you are not a fan of smoking or vaping. Healing tinctures have been around for centuries, and it was only within the last decade that they became a popular way to take THC or CBD.

Newfoundland’s Cannabis Culture

When the national Cannabis Act went into force in 2018, cannabis in Newfoundland and Labrador became legal. This quaint little island is known for its rocky beaches, unique language, and fun traditions surrounding the kissing of cod, but it is slowly climbing the ranks for its cannabis-focused activities. While there are still regulations surrounding cannabis consumption in N.L. and the rest of Canada, that hasn’t stopped some crafty entrepreneurs from trying out new forms of business that are distinct to the east coast. A few weed adventures are being offered, such as going on a fishing trip while getting high. You won’t be driving the boat while you are stoned but you may land an Atlantic salmon. If you reel in a cod you should be prepared to recite a limerick, drink some screech rum, and plant a kiss on those fishy lips! This ritual has been going on for years and is one way to become an honorary Newfoundlander. The Maritime region has been somewhat reluctant to adopt a thriving cannabis culture compared to the West Coast but times are changing. If you happen to be around St. Johns, you might get lucky and catch a ganja-themed show happening at one of the bars. There might not be that much cannabis culture happening in N.L. but there have been some amazing license producers coming out of this small province. Most of these LPs produce exotic strains that are unique to Newfoundland. 

Buy Marijuana Seeds in NL, Canada

Laws around cannabis in Newfoundland mirror that of the rest of Canada with a few tweaks here and there. You must be over the age of 19 to be able to purchase, consume, or carry cannabis. If you are under the legal age and get caught with weed, it will be taken away, and you will receive a fine much like you would for possessing alcohol. If you think you can get away with blazing a joint as you skip down a street, you might want to think again. Cannabis is only allowed to be consumed in private dwellings or yards attached to those dwellings. If you do need to be high while out and about, it’s probably best you stick to edibles. You cannot smoke or consume cannabis in any vehicle, even if it’s parked. There is an exception to this rule, though, and that’s if you drive an RV and it is being used as a dwelling. It must be parked at that time, though, and if you are using an RV at a campground, it will fall under the rules set by the owner of the campground. You can carry with you 30 grams of cannabis per person while out in public spaces. If you are in a car, you must store the cannabis in a sealed container away from the driver and passengers. You can grow up to four plants and have as much cannabis as you want in your own dwelling. 

Buy Medical Cannabis in Newfoundland

The current medical laws for Newfoundland have some very big differences for users. If you are using cannabis and carry a medical license for medical marijuana, you can light up wherever people would smoke tobacco or use vape products. If you are using medical cannabis and need to drive, this is where you must use your best discretion and not be impaired, much like any prescription medicine. If you are a novice driver under the age of 22, or if you drive commercially for a living, you cannot be under the influence of cannabis. Medical users will also need to purchase their cannabis from their chosen licensed producer. You can place an order with them using their website or over the phone. Medical users may also, if they wish, apply for a license to grow their own cannabis or to delegate an associate to grow it for them. It’s a little known fact but this is one reason why many grey market shops were able to operate pre-legalization. Grey market cannabis dispensaries would purchase their flower from medically licensed growers. These growers would sometimes cheat the system and bunch a large number of permits together to create massive grow ops. While this practice has all but died down in recent years, as the legal market continues to dominate the illicit cannabis industry, faint traces of it remain. As legislation became more of an option, many of these growers applied for a growing license or sold their equipment to large corporations. 

Newfoundland’s History of Cannabis Legalization

The history of legalization in the province is closely tied to what is occurring federally. Cannabis was made illegal in the 1920s and remained so until 2001 when medical cannabis was first made legal. The process was long, and it was challenging to find a doctor to prescribe your medicine. As the years went on and people started to see what an incredible medicine weed can be, more and more users started to push harder for legalization. In the 2010s, many compassion clubs opened up that worked under the guise of needing to provide proof of an ailment to be able to access their cannabis. This would continue for many months all over Canada, with a few even popping up in Newfoundland. Sadly, N.L. was not as open to the idea of allowing compassion clubs, and they would be swiftly raided. This chapter of defiance against the government would carry on for many years, until 2018, when the Government of Canada decided to finally and officially legalize cannabis for recreational use. This led the government of N.L. to broker a deal with a newly formed licensed producer to be able to create a giant commercial grow operation within the province. This company opened up retail storefronts right away, while many mom and pop shops were forced to wait many months to see if they were approved. Now that legal shops are sprinkled throughout this fine maritime province Newfoundlanders can enjoy cannabis freely.

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